Also known as Mark Sinclair, Vin Diesel is best known for his unparalleled talent in more than a handful of blockbusters that he has starred in. He’s not just a producer and director, but also a well-known influencer, screenwriter, and actor. More notably, Vin is known for his epic portrayal of Richard B. Riddick (The Chronicles of Riddick), Dominic Toretto (The Fast and Furious Franchise) and Xander Cage (XXX Series). But, contrary to what most people think, Vin Diesel wasn’t always the movie sequel genius that he is today. For an entire decade, Vin worked as a club bouncer at Tunnel Night Bar and other popular nightlife joints in the US. This was way before Hollywood shut its doors on his face prompting him to seek out other avenues of making it to the big screens.

Vin Diesel’s Unique Sense of Fashion

There’s really no denying that the 50-year-old American screen darling is quite an attractive man. And not just that, Vin Diesel is known to compliment his dashing looks with an even more impressive fashion outlook. The current movie blockbuster hero and former bouncer’s style is a creative combination of both convention and outlandish fashion language. He’s naturally endowed with ‘filled out’ brawny look, so Vin Diesel will outrightly look good in any muscle T-shirt or fitting shirt that he lands.

Vin Diesel

Speaking of which, Vin Diesel is a big fan of Tom Ford shirts, especially when matched with Made to Measure executive tuxedos. Not to mention, of course, his rather snazzy shoes.

A Look Back At When Vin Diesel Had Hair

Being one of the most recognizable Hollywood personalities, Mark Sinclair – a.k.a Vin Diesel – is largely associated with almost one haircut with little to no variation, and this has scintillated between a closely-cropped look and a complete bald ensemble. However, Vin Diesel hasn’t always been bald/hairless.

Young Vin Diesel With Hair

In his earlier years – just after landing his major acting role – Diesel often spotted a head full of neatly-combed hair. In fact, several decades ago, Vin Diesel spotted a head full of tight afro curls. However, the onset of premature baldness forced the ‘Multi-Facial’ actor to bag the reputation of being America’s ( and also the world’s ) movie Olive Garden emoji.

Vin Diesel Hair

Despite all these, it has not stopped Diesel from sporting hilarious looking wigs and dreads in a few occasion comedy clips that he’s helped bring to life. A good example is in the 2004 ‘The People vs. O.J Simpson’ script.

Vin Diesel With Short Hair

Vin Diesel’s Height, Weight And Body Physique

Vin Diesel is already over 50 years but he hardly looks his age. In fact, he admits that he hasn’t been in a better physical form in his illustrious career than he is today. The 6-foot heavily built movie superstar and action superhero weighs just over 100kg ( at 102kg or 225 pounds) most of which folds into a ripped, powerful body build and if you are wondering how tall Vin Diesel is? He currently stands 1.82 meters (182cm) tall. The New York native has successfully managed to stay in his peak physical prime thanks to his meticulous workout routine and disciplined dieting.

According to the award-winning actor, the journey to a healthy lifestyle and body starts with what one eats. As a public personality, Vin Diesel knows that his main job is to look shredded and built on the screen. And unlike other actors who would go on a dieting spree for a movie role and then backtrack to their regular schedule after shooting is wrapped up, Diesel has found a way of integrating working out and regular dieting into his daily lifestyle. His diet mostly encompasses a couple lean proteins, plenty of veggies and, not forgetting, a horde of complex carbs, fruits, and water.

“It’s more than just watching what I eat,” he explained, ” I eat not just to maintain a certain physique but also feel a particular way.”

He Temporarily Let Go And Became Fat

Vin has demonstrated an unusual ability – almost uncanny – of adapting seamlessly to various personalities of some of the movie characters that he has helped bring to life. For instance, he sported a ‘dad bod’ coupled with a fat/pudgy appearance soon after he finished filming the sequel ‘xXx, Return of Xander Cage’ late last year. Diesel, however, has since re-acquired his famous rock-hard abs and trim physique.

Vin Diesel’s tattoo and dad bod appearance

The ‘Fast and the Furious’ main protagonist is not just your run-of-the-mill actor. And he demonstrates this in several ways. For instance, Vin Diesel does not have any tattoo unlike most of his compatriots who are heavily inked. Instead, Diesel chooses to keep his skin a clean slate for reasons best known to him and only putting on temporary tattoos for movie roles.

Having said that, the family man is married to Paloma Jimenez and a proud dad to three kids.