Van Dyke Beard

If you find the Van Dyke Beard styles impressive, then you would be glad to learn that there are varieties of techniques to try out. Most of these contemporary styles come as an inspiration of the original Van Dyke is after the much celebrated Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck. Often referred to as the “Musketeer” or “Charlie,” the style is primarily a goatee and a moustache with no definite rules on the length and thickness requirements. Therefore, you should be aware of the several available suitable styles that would meet your preference. Let’s learn more about this famous style.

What Is A Van Dyke Beard Style?

There has always been a great debate about the Van Dyke style being a beard or a moustache as there is noticeable hair underneath the mouth. Therefore, could this mean that it’s a beard? However, there is no definite answer as the hair on the chin usually partly conceals the button giving you a T-shaped hairstyle. And with the rest of the face having a clean shave, it shows a focus on a moustache. As a result, the Van Dyke styles can be said to be more of a beard.

The beard style is also known as a “Charlie” named after England’s King Charles the First after he was painted with this type of beard by van Dyck. The beard style is also less commonly known as “Pike-devant” or “pickedevant”.

How To Grow A Van Dyke Facial Hair

First of all, before you decide on this journey, you have to get a considerable length of hair around the mouth. There is also no definite growth period as it entirely varies from individual to individual. Consequently, you might pull a weird look more so in the early stages of growth as the hair seems unstylish. The easiest to achieve this is by growing a full beard, and once you gain a satisfactory length, you can now shave off the unwanted growth. However, if you don’t want to go the full beard way, you can grow a goatee beard, which could be likes of Balbo, Circle or even anchor beard without trimming.

The Different Types Of Van Dyke Beard Styles

Congratulations on having facial hair growth. Now you can try out some of these styles to pull off the look you have been eyeing for a while now.

Amateur Van Dyke

Van Dyke Facial Hair

This Van Dyke beard look involves a grown moustache with a rough finish. It lacks the well-shaped and groomed around the chin. The style is suitable for individuals who can’t seem to attain a long hair growth or don’t like the feel of long beard growth at the chin area. Here the wearer gets an anchor goatee ruffled trim complete with an unprofessional look. So if you are looking for a youthful, casual style, then this could be for you.

Mature Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard Style

This look is excellent for mature men with the urge to look good. However, for this look, you would require a thick beard hair as its primary focus is on the strength and attributes of the moustache finishing. Therefore, it has to be full of excellent shape. On this look, the goatee is usually around the chin with a gathering beneath the lower lip.

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Scanty Van Dyke

Scanty Van Dyke Beard

Whereas it’s often ideal to have a thick Van Dyke, it might be impossible due to some daily commitments such as work. Hence, if you happen to face such, you can opt for a scanty look that doesn’t require a too thick or long beard hair. Al you need is the symmetrical triangular trim patches on your lower lip complete with a moustache growth connection. Consequently, you can have a detachment of the goatee and the moustache. Remember to keep the length of the beard and moustache consistent at all times with regular trims.

Classic Van Dyke

Classic Facial Hair

This look is meant for adults as it gives a mature look. The moustache is usually long and thick with a stylish goatee curving.

Other types of Van Dyke beard include:

  • Van Dyke beard with curled moustache vs non-curled moustache
  • Van Dyke beard with a Soul Patch vs non-soul patch.

What Face Shape Is Suitable for a Van Dyke Beard Style?

Although the Van Dyke style possesses particular characteristics, it is versatile, hence, easy to adjust according to various face shapes. Thus, you should look out for a finishing that would highlight your face structure while keeping the charm and wit. There is no limit as to what you can achieve as the above examples are just but samples, there are so many other styles to try.