Medium Haircuts

Many people struggle with Medium haircuts for round faces. And after searching years for the perfect hairstyle, they only get disappointed time and again. This could particularly be difficult if you happen to have that unique round shaped face. You will be pleased to know that the answer to all worries of medium length hairstyle for round faces is right here.

Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Here are best medium length hairstyles for round faces that you will find easy and interesting to style your own hair. These article on medium length hairstyle is assured to bring out the beauty of those with round faces

1.Side-Swept Bangs for round faces

Medium Haircuts

Do not feel intimidated by the thought of bangs; they don’t always stress around face. The longest bit of the bang will hit the mid lip, but when you blow it dry and over, it will graze the cheekbones and make your face appear thinner. However, side-swept bangs need maintenance to have them look their best. You will need to trim your hair after every two to four weeks.

2. Messed-Up medium length haircut for round faces

Medium Haircuts

This style adds more hair volume to the crown area which creates an illusion of a longer face. Use one and a half inch curling iron to curl the front area of the hair then backcomb the rest of it. Twist your hair at the back and use a bobby pin to secure it. Finally, pull some few strands out around the hairline.

3. Medium length voluminous bob

Medium HaircutsThe fullest part of a round face is normally the cheeks, so keeping more weight at the end of the strands enhances angles along the jaw line. Hairstyles for medium length voluminous bob has a gorgeous retro feel; however, you need to be careful not to over style. Use hot rollers to set hair. Then brush through the curls and allow them to take their shape.

4. Medium haircuts for round faces:  Peek-a-Boo

Medium HaircutsAre you looking for a hairstyle that you can spice up its hair color while still maintaining its healthy shine? Well, peek-a-boo hairstyle is your answer. With this hair style, you can add some color to your hair without the need for previous all over bleach. It is also one of the best styles for people with medium hair and a round face. The hair is cut long in the front side and angles up to the neck. What breaks and balances the round face shape are the soft layers.

5. Medium Haircuts for Round Faces

Medium HaircutsThis is another great styling option for people with a round face. It adds weight to the overall look making the face appear more elongated. To style it, start with damp hair, use a blow dryer to push the hair up and back your face and once it is dry, use a strong pomade gel to style the hair to a Mohawk look.

6. Pull back medium length hairstyles

Medium HaircutsA round face can look more beautiful when hair is pulled back revealing all your beauty. This Medium length hairstyle pulls most of the hair off your face highlighting all the features on your face in the best way.

7. Pompadour hairstyles for round faces

Medium HaircutsNothing can be much simpler as the pony, but to make your face appear less oval, you can choose to go for a pompadour. All that you need to do is lift your hair a little bit above your forehead which is exactly what is required to balance your face.

8. Curly medium haircuts for round faces

Medium Haircuts

Curly hair is one of the perfect styles for people with a round face and medium length hair. There are some curly hair styles that can bring out your beauty without necessarily drawing attention to the shape of your face. If you prefer wearing tighter curls, you can go for volume-off the sculpt and outwards somewhat with a little bit of gel or mousse to scrunch the hair after you’ve combed it.If you are looking for a softer look, you can opt for larger curls and allow them to lie gently on the shoulders.

9. Cute braided hairstyle for round faces

Medium HaircutsYou can also customize your hair with braids by creating an elegant braid, and then pull them back to make it seem like a messy bun.

10. Medium length symmetric bob

Medium Haircuts

You can customize your hairstyle with bob haircut for your round face. The chin length bob haircut will hide the chubby chunks of your face and make it appear less oval.

11. Trendy low knot with a side parting

Medium HaircutsThis is one of the trendiest hairstyles this year. If you have a round face and would like to maintain medium length hair, this is the hairstyle you should be looking out for. A deep side parting and wearing long earrings will help make your face look more refined.

12. Center Parted hairstyle for round faces

Medium HaircutsThis haircut features round faces that appear to be super soft. You can also enhance your hair by adding some vibrant color to bring out its look.