Kristen Stewart

Almost everyone today can pick out Kristen Stewart from a crowd. Well, if not everyone, then, at least anyone who has a Netflix account and is a huge fan of fantasy-drama films. Kristen, who catapulted to overnight stardom in the aftermath of the widely popular ‘The Twilight Saga’ sequel, is among the most decorated and highest-paid film professionals in the world. In addition to her role in ‘Twilight’, she has repeatedly taken centerfold in a variety of mega-budget TV shows and romance films such as ‘Snow White and Huntsman’ and ‘Camp X-ray’. And it is not surprising, therefore, that Kristen commands such an impressive and gargantuan social media and real-life following. Let’s take a look at her relationships, but first, how she matches up her exploding career with some of the hottest and sexiest hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyles – From Cute and Conventional to Outlandish, Liberal, and Sexy

Truth be told, Kristen Stewart has predominantly played the ‘nice and good girl’ role in almost all the popular films that she has featured in. She seems to naturally project a character who movie directors typically pick for their innocent/angelic looks that would easily fit the facade of a princess, loyal girlfriend, the daughter of a baron etc. For this reason, a majority of Kristen Steward fans have grown accustomed to her sporting conservative, every day, almost regular hairstyles. At some point, if it weren’t for her famously ravishing beauty, you would easily mistake her for the ordinary girl next door.

Therefore, it came as such a pleasant surprise when Kristen decided to rock the boat a bit by going all short hair and sexy. Stewart was literally rejecting some of the perceived and stereotypically beauty standards that the world ( even most of her fans ) is known to pedestalize – although in a very creative fashion. It is no secret that a majority of people tend to hold the notion that the longer the hair, the prettier the girl. But as Kristen Stewart has sometimes demonstrated, there exists more than a single dimension of the ultimate female beauty definition.

kristen Stewart Short Hair

The Hair Evolution – How it all Started

In case you’re wondering, Kristen, did not just wake up one morning, grabbed some clippers and shaved her head clean. Of course not, she is a massively popular public figure. Instead, Kristen morphed gradually from the conservative-cute-girl-next door look to what is now considered a gorgeously-devilish-almost-masculine buzz cut. The first signs of Kristen’s ‘rebellion’ against conservative hairstyles were spotted more than two years before she finally decided to shear off her head. Back then, she had just trimmed her otherwise famously long mane by almost half. She would then blatantly state that it was because she would look ‘sexy’ regardless of her hairstyle.

“I felt that my long hair was becoming such an annoying clutch,” Kristen said in an exclusive TV interview, ” And besides, I feel that I would be attractive no matter what I wear or how I do my hair. In fact, I have never felt as confident as I do now”

She was right.

kristen Stewart Low Cut

Kristen Stewart was not just rejecting a long-held beauty standard that had been perpetuated throughout the ages, but also setting the stage for a new era of ‘short hair can be hot and sexy too‘. She would then further accelerate the trimmed look by cropping it down to a near boyish crew cut. She finished off the look with a bleached platinum/bronze blonde deep dye that seemed to accentuate her long-hidden seductive tom-boy look. At this juncture, Stewart was almost unrecognizable although she pulled off an absolutely breathtaking makeover.

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Is Kristen Stewart a Closeted Lesbian or an Open Bisexual?

Speaking of her recently acquired tom-boyish looks, the new haircut set off tongues wagging about the presumed sexual-orientation of the beautiful actress. Maybe it was because Kristen demonstrated an unbridled prowess in turning what is otherwise considered a manly hairstyle into a feminine object of awe with a hint of classy sexiness. I mean, it is not every day that a regular-role, introverted actress shaves off her hair and coincidentally ends up looking smoking hot in the process. Who else knows what this means further down the line?

To quell the swelling rumors, Stewart came out as a lesbian in an explosive Saturday Night Live interview. At the same time, she also admitted having dated both men and women in the past although she does not think of herself as being ‘confused’ as far as sexual preferences go.