Jungkook Jeon Bio

In the last few years, Jeon Jungkook has developed into a global star and currently boasts of a significant number of fans not only in Korea but in the Asian continent at large. Jungkook Jeon was born on the 1st of September, 1997, in Busan, South Korea. This implies that regardless of the fame and money which now surrounds him, he is young. It should be noted that his original name is Jung Jeon Kook. Jeon studied at Yang Baek middle School before attending the Seoul School of Arts and graduated in February 2017.

Apart from being a celebrated singer, Jungkook is also a talented dancer, songwriter, Korean model, and a producer. Since the year 2013, Jeon has been a member and the main vocalist of the popular Korean band group BTS, which is also known as Bangtan Boys. Even though not much is known regarding his family, it is widely believed that Jeon is single and still resides with his mother, father, and older brother, Hyun Jung.

Jeon Jungkook’s cute and sexy fashion style

Fashion has always remained a huge part of the hip-hop lexicon and the current generation of hip-hop stars is taking the style and fashion to a whole new level. Music and fashion go hand in hand and this is the reason every artist out there strives to have a unique style that distinguishes them from others. From custom-made shirts to designer shoes, each artist flaunts his/her own brand. Despite his tender age, Jungkook has developed a unique way of dressing. Typically, Jeon’s outfits are always cool, casual and chic. His sense of fashion and style cannot be considered anything less than perfection.

Jungkook Jeon

For instance, his most popular fashion style usually features a light, fantastic, simplistic white top. Time and again, you’ll see Jeon Jungkook putting on a broad range of white tops. He occasionally mixes things up with a covered shirt which instantly creates a whole new look.

It is necessary to mention that a hoodie is another Jeon classic, especially a black one. What’s more, he is known to be a fan of beanies and is quite common to find him wearing adorable ones. He loves simple, cozy, and eye-catching beanies that are equally compatible with virtually every outfit. He usually pairs it with a black top and jeans, an outfit that gives him a timeless look.

As you may have seen, Jeon Jungkook, fashion, and style are somewhat quite distinguishable and timeless. What’s more, his style is unique and equally impressive.

Jeon Jungkook’s height

Jeon Jungkook is relatively tall and stands at 1.78m. He weighs 67kgs and is one of the tallest members of their Hip-Hop group.

His Abs and muscles

Jungkook’s popularity is increasing year by year and a number of established pop stars have equally agreed that he is extremely skilled. However, in a world where muscles, abs, and good looks are revered, talent alone is never enough to take any aspiring artist to the next level. Jeon seemed to have understood this narrative and has continued to hit the gym so as to impress his fans. After all, it is through the so-called energetic, fabulous and incredible dance moves and performances that an artist can capture the minds of his/her fans.

Never wanting to disappoint his fans, Jungkook Jeon has always continued to practice, hit the gym and maintain his overall health. Jeon often shows off his incredible abs during his live performances, making his fans to go crazy. Besides his cute face and incredible abs, Jeon also boasts some eye-catching muscles. Regarding his muscles, Jungkook is well known for his robust, strong-looking arms and bulging biceps. In fact, most fans of the band believe that Jeon has the best abs and muscles. What’s more, he is perceived as the strongest among the others. Simply put, Jungkook has all the impressive features you would want from a global star!

He’s got the looks and cute smile

Being a global personality is not an easy feat, you must have the talent, good vocals, and good looks as well. You might have realized that almost every musical band or group has its own unique style and way of doing things. Indeed, it’s always about the perfect look! To get the attention of many people, every artist must do lots of things just to preserve his/her global idol image. Jean Jungkook has an iconic bunny smile, well-toned thighs, a relatively younger face, and nose with a round slope. Many fans of the group believe that Jungkook is the most handsome guy in BTS. He is not only extremely talented, but attractive as well.