Jamie Foxx

He was born more than 50 years ago as Eric Marlon Bishop, but Jamie Foxx looks anything else than half a century old. The super talented singer, record producer, film expert, comedian, and actor has bagged a myriad of awards in his more than 27 years of active filmography. Such include the BAFTA Award for the Best Male Actor and the Golden Globe Award for the Top Male Artist. Speaking of film, Jamie is widely known for his epic portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 movie entitled ‘Ray’. Other than that, Jamie Foxx has claimed a prestigious Grammy award for his four albums produced between 2005 and 2015.

Jamie Foxx Height and How He Maintains His Toned Physique

For a super celebrity of his status, Jamie Foxx’s height is rather average – he stands a little over 1.75M or 5ft 9. And having born on 13 Dec 1969, Jamie Foxx is squarely in the realm of his early fifties. But Jamie Foxx, just as any movie expert and actor of his caliber, barely looks 50. In fact, one would easily mistake him for a young man in his late 30s. This is largely due to the combination of a superior diet, plenty of exercises, and of course, a fabulous/moneyed lifestyle. Weighing just over 85kg ( or 186 pounds ), Jamie Foxx is surprisingly fit and quite toned for his age.

Further, the renowned R&B singer who was born in rural Terrell, Texas, is said to have been raised solely by his grandparents before catapulting to local celebrity stardom. And this was before Jamie could boast of his debut celebrity TV show. Now considering that Jamie Foxx has largely pedestalized strong-bodied, fit athletes and Hollywood personalities, it is not surprising therefore that Foxx puts a lot of emphasis on regular dieting and working out, all of this bolstered by a disciplined mindset. The result of this is the chiseled and well-sculpted silhouette that the Texas-born oscar-winning personality is known for. It seems as if the ripped core, ultra-big biceps and leg triceps all add up at the end of the day.

In 2010, Jamie Foxx appeared in the list of 20 Most Handsome Men on the planet. In the aftermath of this, Foxx gave credit to his nutritional and fitness enthusiast who made sure that he did not do less than 100 squats per week. According to the highly decorated artiste, staying fit and strong has always been his mantra.

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Jamie’s Tattoos and Hairline

Being a celebrated personality, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Jamie Foxx sports a couple of unique tattoos. The first on the list is his controversial head tattoo that comes to life in one of the most popular movies that he has starred in – Django Unchained. According to Jamie, the decision to get his tribal head tattoo was largely influenced by his celebratory mood as he was turning 40 years. Think of it as a little present to himself for having braced life’s storms for over 4 decades. That being said, his remarks on the tattoo has not stopped his critics from speculating that the popular actor’s decision was prompted by the need to cover any evidence of a past hair transplant, given the fact that his hairline hasn’t receeded much for his age. Either way, the tribal-style tattoo that runs almost from ear-to-ear just under his crown is nothing short of spectacular.

His Love for Sunglasses

Jamie Foxx

Let’s face it – Jamie Foxx is a mega celeb and famed public personality. One of the things that people of his character have in common is the predisposition of expressing themselves via a selected fashion language. For Jamie Foxx, this language consists of the thousands of designer sunglasses that he has owned over the past two decades. According to people.com, Jamie Foxx affinity to sunglasses has been mainly attributed to the fact that he is the current ambassador for Prive’ Revaux Eyewear. Having said that, Jamie is also one of the profiting partners of more than a dozen luxury sunglasses companies. And just in case you’re wondering, Jamie shops for his signature shades in exclusive outlets such as Zara, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Overall, Jamie Foxx describes his iconic fashion style as ‘grown’, ‘fresh’, ‘neat’, and ‘simple’

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Is Jamie Foxx Married, Gay or Straight?

Over the past decade alone, there have been numerous reports, rumors, and allegations that apparently Jamie Foxx is gay. However, although some of them have originated from his close acquaintances and fellow celebrities, they are largely unsubstantiated. As far as official records go, Jamie is unmarried but with two daughters from different past relationships. The most recent being a 5-year romance with Katie Holmes which recently came to an end following trust issues.