james Harden

Over the years, the NBA has evolved from a classic to a modernized sport and one that features some of the most recognizable and respected athletes on the global stage such as James Harden. The sport continues to drive its audience off their seats, thanks to the types of players who continue to grace the basketball courts. The current crop of NBA players is highly competitive, and surprisingly, fashion is part of the way they compete! If you didn’t know, we now have a game of one-upping each other. Of course, there are players who love to play it low-key, then there are those individual players who always strive to take fashion and style to a whole new level.

Apparently, Houston Rocket’s James Harden is among the few NBA players who are always pushing boundaries of what fashion is. A significant number of sports personalities have an inmate fear for fashion, and to have super players like Harden make bold fashion and style presentation is impressive and impactful as well. Harden is currently considered as the kingpin of NBA style. He often shows up well-dressed, blending in elements of sneaker culture along with other signature outfits.

On the court, James continues to prove he is one of the most skilled and electric players in the entire league. And hoop skills aside, Harden has proven time and again that he is equally at the top of his outfit game. Weird and funky is how James, born and raised in Los Angeles, boldly describes his fashion style. Typically, his signature off-field look is a mix of kid and high fashion. It is common to find him putting on made-to-measure gray Thom Browne suits, leather brogue boots or his signature Adidas sneakers, cashmere cardigans, and aviator glasses. Being a huge fan of casual outfits, Harden equally loves trying out some crazy wear, especially when he is having fun. He loves shorts too, and one of his favorites is the Dries Van Noten printed shorts. Simply put, fashion is a huge component of James Harden’s life.

James Harden’s face and appearance without a beard

Admittedly, it is hard to imagine what Harden would look like without his trademark lumbersexual look. It is imperative to note that Harden merely got lazy enough to stop shaving, in 2009, and this led to his overgrown beard. Talk to James today and he can never remember the last time he shaved his long and full-grown beard. Ranking only behind the legendary LeBron James in scoring, Harden is virtually impossible to mistake on the court. He boasts a cult following who always put on their fake beards to the games and every time his loyal fan base continues to grow. His social media accounts are about his beard and it would be impossible for this super player to shave off his beard.

James Harden Without Beard

Of course, there were days when Harden was without the long beard and it is probably during his high school days. He wore a youthful look, ranging from a trimmed beard, pencil mustache connected with a small Goatee clean shave to light stubble and moderate mustache. With or without the beard, James Harden is always handsome, whose presence in the beautiful game of basketball will always be felt.

His Teeth

Despite his skillful moves on the basketball court, James has always made the cut for the top NBA players with bad teeth until he decided to have them fixed in 2016. To be more precise, his teeth were misaligned, both upper and lower. And thank God for his dramatic beard, people’s attention has always moved away from his bad teeth. Of course, he has fixed them and they are now more or less perfect.

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James Harden height, weight, and other body measurements

In spite of his perceived athletic limitations, James Harden has always remained a terrific finisher around the basket on a consistent basis. His excellent skill-level coupled with extreme intelligence will always show in his ability to score in transition. He is an all-around player and is very effective defensively as well.

James Harden was born on 26th August 1989, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He went to Artesia High School in Lakewood, California. Later, he proceeded to Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. He is relatively tall and stands at 6 ft 5 inches or 1.96m. He weighs approximately 220.5 pounds or 100 kgs. Other key measurements include:

  • Chest – 112 cm.
  • Biceps/ Arms – 41 cm.
  • Waist – 88 cm.
  • Shoe size – 15 (US), 14.5 (UK), 49.5 (Europe).