It has become harder and harder to keep up with what’s new. The era of the millennial carries with it far much more creativity and experimentation than ever before. With new and different hairstyles coming out and old ones being revived you could do with a handy list of the latest hairdos.

Haircuts for Men

Let’s start off with the men. They have previously been known to gravitate more to the subtle haircuts. All you needed to do was give a man something he could maintain with ease and he would take it. Not today though, there is a lot more that goes into men’s hairstyles nowadays and everyone is going all out to get the best.

1. Modern Caesar men’s haircut

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It is a buzz cut that you will spot a lot of men with. The reason it’s so popular is because it is short. The length of the hair and the fact that it is not just a plain cut makes it easy to maintain. You can easily spike it up and it will stay as you want for the whole day.

2. Angular Fringe haircut

New Hairstyles

The angular fringe emerged in 2014 with male fashion models wearing it. Critics were skeptical about it becoming a popular trend even though it has kept gaining ground since then. The top layer of hair stays long with tapered sides. The top part of the hair is cut to fall on one side. It goes well with all heads although it looks better on men with round head.

3. Simple short hairstyle for men

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This hairstyle keeps the hair short although there is a bit of length in the middle. The sides and back are short but there is not much of a distinction from the top. The best thing about this particular hairdo is that you can switch it up very easily. a little bit of hair jell and you get spikes for the party.

4. Crew cut men’s hairstyle

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Still another hairstyle that you keep the middle part longer. However, this hairstyle is done when you need a defined and sharp look. The hair is cut to taper to a point at the front. It’s edgy but does not scream out for attention.

5. Undercut hairstyle for men

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The possibilities are virtually endless. You can do just as much with the sides as you can with the top. The fades and disconnections can be used to come up with something unique.

Hairstyles for Women

The ladies have given a new lease of life to short hair. There is a lot more you can do with short hair now than you could two years ago. That is how fast the trends change. Long hair on the other hand still remain to give hair professionals a field day too. Explore some of the various hairstyles that stand out which you should really try this year below:

6. Texturized bob

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It chopped, shaggy and shoulder length. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Adele have been spotted rocking it. Its trendy, chicy and needs no special attention to maintain. It looks better when the ends look choppier. Its says ‘Yeah I woke up like this,’ but still looks pretty good because that is the style.

7. Petite-Coif hairstyle

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It comes out right when the hair around the perimeter of the face is short. It’s a pixie cut or a variation of the same. The top can stay long with a trim around the ears to give it the shape it should take.

8. Shag haircut

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It’s a hot cut with long shaggy fringes. The areas around the face have medium layers. The longer parts need to be long enough to form a pony tail yet short enough to fall on the front. There is a delicate balance to strike there.

9. Curly bob hairstyle

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It features long hair at the back with piecy fringes that connect it to the front. The playful bob can look even better when you have curls of varying lengths for the front. With varying length the curls at the front frame your face.

10. Curly afro hairstyle with bangs

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It has layers of volume at the top and dry cut bangs. You know you’re wearing it right when your hair seems to be towering above you. The curls look bouncy and the bangs short.

11. Trapezoid afro hairstyle

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The hairstyle has a tapering bottom with more hair at the top. After everything is done on the afro it looks like a heart or diamond. You can vary it by changing up the look from down the middle to the side.

12. Champagne Blonde side fringe

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The thing that makes this hairdo stand out is its color and the extended fringe swept to one side. It’s essentially a crop with an undercut. The fringe sweeps across the front of the face covering one side while the other side highlights other details of the short cut.

13. Chestnut flip hairstyle

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It also has an elongated fringe but on this particular hairdo it flips up like a feather on one end. This is the kind of look to wear in the office and still go out without having to switch anything up.

14. Choppy layers hairdo

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This look has visible layers that fall to the shoulders. The layers are slightly twisted and this is the beauty of it. The layers have rough cut ends to complete the look.

15. Full bangs hairstyle

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The full bangs hairstyle features fringes from the 1970s. A blunt bang gives it an edgy finish while a softer fringe transforms it to a classic. The short fringe goes with shorter layers that have a little bit more texturing.