Dyeing Burgundy Red Hair

When it comes to embracing different hair colors, it would not be right to go without mentioning the beautiful, tried, and tested dark reds, dark purples, and browns. Most women resort to these hair colors for their stylish low profile appeal. Others simply want something different and colorful at the same time. Regardless of your reasons, herein are 15 beautiful burgundy hair color ideas you should consider.

1. Dark Red Burgundy Hair With Highlights

Instead of dyeing all your hair red, you can go for subtle red highlights to create the impression that you have lustrous dark red locks. The beautifully dyed hair color is played up by the pale complexion which works very well for the look.

2. Burgundy Red Hair With Lustrous Locks

These glossy red locks are fairly easy to replicate. The styling is a bit intricate but it works amazingly with the radiant red hair. Despite the shortness of the hairdo, it still looks amazing thanks to the natural textures and colors it has been given.

3. Straight Red Hair

No matter the textures you’re working with, dark red hair color is easy to rock. Straight hair looks just as enticing when given a rich, dark red hue that leaves it radiant at the edges and boldly seductive towards the roots and the middle of the hair, especially when they get really long.


4. Burgundy Ombre

Brunettes can create fantastic color combinations by pairing their dark hair with a smooth but vibrant shade of red. Using the ombre technique for this results in a wonderful color gradient that leaves the hair looking nothing but stunning.

5. Brown Hair Color Balayage

With the sort of color combination techniques available today, brown hair is never boring. This look magically combines the darker roots with dark brown edges to create a gorgeously two-toned balayage hairstyle that looks positively radiant.

6. Glossy Dark Brown Bob

The smooth, glossy finish in this example is what makes the dark brown bob worth a second look. It enhances the body of the short hair despite having the straight texture and gives it a very appealing radiance.

7. Dark Brown Balayage Locks

This seductively short and curly bob is not only amazingly textured and tousled, but it also features a delicate blend of pitch black and brown colors that have been expertly combined using the balayage dyeing technique.

8. Rich Purple

This is a flirty shade of dark purple that is low profile but attractive enough to set you apart from the crowd. It is perfect for brunettes who are looking to do something a bit more interesting with their hair.

9. Gothic Purple

For those with a taste for dark things, this dark purple straight-edged bob is solid yet flamboyant enough to get you noticed. It goes especially well with pale skin tones and it features darker streaks of color which add some more detail to the look.

10. Bubblegum Purple

For playful curls and tresses, purple is a great color option since it is unique and very attractive. The curls look even more stunning in purple, which is also more pronounced thanks to the pale complexion.

11. Exquisite Straight Violet Hair

Here is an amazing way to style your long hair using a rich shade of dark purple. A single layer of uniform color with random bright patches and dark spots makes the stunning hairstyle look flawless and enticing.

12. Maroon Ombre

Simple yet stylish, maroon is a great color to go for when trying out ombre for darker hair colors. It blends well with brunettes and complements the darker roots by giving the hairstyle a bit of flair towards the ends.

13. Flashy Maroon Ombre Hairstyle

This sultry maroon hairstyle makes full use of ombre to stylishly touch the curly edges of the hair with some vibrant colors while the roots remain dark. The resulting color transition is gorgeous and suitable for the long flowing locks.

14. Messy Maroon Pixie Cut

Short hair looks great with vibrant colors. Spice up your boyish pixie cut by giving it a maroon dye job to add some flair to the look. Throwing in some stylish details such as lighter and darker patches will make it look even more attractive.

15. Solid Maroon Locks

For a low profile look that is just as gorgeous, go for this shade of maroon. Bordering between red and brown, it is solid enough to look natural but still, has enough flair to allow you to express your personal sense of style.