Caryl Baker Visage

The first time I encountered cosmetics by Caryl Baker Visage was on a trip quite a few years ago-probably 19 years ago to be exact. Anyways, I remember thinking how great the products were, and I bought a few things and used them all up. Those were the days I actually used up my makeup – the good ole’ days!

Caryl Baker is an amazing Canadian woman who developed her own makeup line because she found the products of the cosmetics company that she worked for inferior at the time. After developing her own line, she then opened a tiny walk-up face-spa over a restaurant on Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto, Ontario and Visage Cosmetics was born.

Caryl Baker Visage

Because of her popularity, Caryl spent the next 5 years, training 300 young women as makeup artists to sell and demonstrate Visage Cosmetics and Skin Care at cosmetic parties. The Hudson Bay Company heard of her success and offered her space in its Bloor Street downtown mall and their first face-spa was officially open for business, offering for the first time anywhere free skin analysis and makeup demonstrations. Caryl then started the “Caryl Baker Beauty Club”, which offered, skincare treatments, gifts, discounts to every member. Caryl also created and established the Visage School of Cosmetics. Today, with 29 franchised face-spas, Caryl is still very active in the day-to-day operations of the company. Currently, Caryl Baker Visage has 285 employees, and she is proud to celebrate over 40 years in the Canadian beauty business.

Imagine my glee when Caryl Baker Visage Spring Welcome To Paradise Colour Collection in Tahitian Tease showed up on my doorstep! Being almost 18 years since last using Caryl Baker Visage Products, I was super excited to be able to try them again and they did not disappoint!

Tahitian Tease consists of a soft coral palette, which I love because a touch of coral will compliment any skin tone by brightening up lips, eyes and cheeks!

Let’s start with the Shadow Trio with the shades Mystic-al, Dream On and Coo Loco:

The shadows have a slight shimmer/sheen to them and blend beautifully. They go on the eye sheer but are quite buildable.

Wowee Maui blush is AMAZING. I need more Caryl Baker Visage blushes in my life!

It’s a gorgeous coral blush with a hint of gold sheen and is actually quite pigmented. It goes on beautifully and blends really nicely to give a really pretty healthy flush.

Bali is a limited edition Spring Sparkler-it’s a peachy coral with gold shimmer. It’s the little pot on the bottom there with the shaker top. I’ve been using it to highlight the tops of my cheekbones. It can be used on the eyes as well and adds a gorgeous shimmer, or use it wet and it’s the prettiest glowy eyeliner you’ve ever seen.

Caryl Baker Visage swatches

The Coral Crush lipstick is a really great coral shade with just a hint of brown in it, which makes it a really great neutral shade.

The lipstick formula is really nice-pigmented, opaque and goes on smoothly. I found it just a tad drying after three hours(which is how long it lasted), but I find most lipsticks drying and a good lip balm underneath solves that issue anyways.

To say I’m enjoying Caryl Baker Visage Tahitian Tease Collection is an understatement! I’ve been wearing the collection all week and love everything.

The Caryl Baker Visage Welcome To Paradise Collection includes a blush, a lipstick, lipservice lip gloss, and two eyeshadows. If the coral palette of Tahitian Tease isn’t your cup of tea, you may like Fiji Flirt which has some pretty purples, or Polynesian Princess which has some teals and blues.