Short Pixie Cut

Short pixie haircuts are the best way to show off your facial features and keeping your hair out of your face while looking stylish at the same time. Pixie hairstyles offer a perfect blend of boyishness, bold, and effeminate appeal, and here are the best low maintenance pixie cuts you should try – They last longer and do not require so much dedication to keep them looking good.

1 Messy Bed head Pixie Haircut

If you are rocking an extra-short pixie cut, tousle up the locks to get that sexy bedhead finish. This stylish pixie haircut also features sides that have been cropped short (not buzzed) to shape the look and also to put more emphasis on the choppy locks on top.

2 Spiky Blonde Easy Pixie

A great idea for a unique pixie hairstyle would be to keep the locks short and give them a choppy cut to make them look spiky and wild. In this example, the top carries slightly more length and texture while the sides have been tapered slightly at the temples and just above the ears. Opting for this kind of fade gives you more hair to work with while retaining the boyish appeal of the pixie cut.

3 Undercut Pixie Cut

If you are going for something a little crisper, try buzzing the sides short instead of just shortening them slightly. The short, boyish cut is great for softly shaped feminine faces and also helps you show off your best features.

4 Platinum Short Pixie Cut

Use color to bring out your eyes and to complement your skin tone. This icy pixie cut takes on a unique platinum hue with a dark under layer to give it more depth and dimensions. The sides have only been shortened slightly, leaving the top full of short, fuzzy locks that look very appealing and convenient.

5 Short Pixie Cut With Layers

Keep your pixie cut a bit longer if you want to give it a layered finish. This is great for texture and also helps to create a sort of shattered fringe that stylishly drapes over the forehead. Pixie cuts such as these are great if you are looking to rock a slightly less boyish style and they are easy to maintain.

6 Blonde Faux Hawk

Mohawk hairdos take on numerous variations, one of which can be styled from a pixie. You can shorten or style the sides flat to create a more distinct finish. The blonde locks on the top have been given a bit of tousling to add more texture and also the right volume and height.

7 Simple and Sultry Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

You don’t need wild textures or bold colors to rock a unique pixie haircut. Try a fairly regular variation with an even cut and slightly tousled texture to give you a tame yet seductive look. This is one of the easiest pixie haircuts to maintain as leaving it long enough only makes it better by giving give it some height and a soft frame at the sides and back.

8 Peach Pixie with Undercut

Combine different textures by using an undercut to embellish your pixie hairdo. The short, spiky locks on top have been gently swooped to one side to expose the smooth, pale blonde under shave. These two sections create stylish textural contrast. Keeping the sides and the back that short also gives you a crisper, more classic playful pixie haircut.

9 Swooped Golden Pixie

This style of short pixie cut has been worn by a good number of famous celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, and even Chris Jenner. To achieve this, you can spice up any regular pixie hairdo by simply brushing it to one side. The radiant, golden locks in this example create a wonderful asymmetrical appeal when softly swooped to one side. This creates a softer, more effeminate frame for the delicate shape of the face and also lets you show off your features.

10 Choppy and Lively Pixie

Settle for a hairstyle with random cuts and wild textures to give you a fun, boyish look. This choppy pixie cut features a short, spiky fringe and textured ebony locks that create wild textures and also complement the olive skin tone wonderfully. The longer the locks in your choppy pixie cut, the wilder the look will be.

11 Boyish Pixie Cut

To pull off this look, keep the top long enough to style into wild messy curls and trim the sides and the back short to give it a boyish frame. Tousling the locks infuses the pixie cut with a stylishly outlandish edge which is further enhanced by the silvery hue of the hair and the slight side part which separates the thick curls on top with the short sides.

12 Long-Fringed Side-Swept Pixie Cut

If crisp is not your style, go for this effortlessly effeminate pixie cut with a slight asymmetrical appeal and a stylish side-swept fringe. Give the look lots of natural texture by wearing the locks tousled and leaving a long bang at the front to sweep diagonally across the face for a sexier finish. You can also use color to get the right balance between radiance and depth.

Here Are Types of Low Maintenance Short Pixie Cuts:

  • Messy Bed head Pixie Haircut
  • Spiky Blonde Pixie
  • Undercut Pixie
  • Platinum Short Pixie Cut
  • Short Pixie Cut With Layers
  • Blonde Faux Hawk
  • Simple and Sultry Low Maintenance Pixie Cut
  • Peach Pixie With Undercut
  • Swooped Golden Pixie
  • Choppy and Lively Pixie
  • Boyish Pixie Cut
  • Long-Fringed Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Other Questions You May Have About Short Pixie Cuts

A short pixie cut suits a good number of face shapes however, oval, round, and heart face shapes usually seem to be the most suitable.

In some instances, pixie cuts can make you look older but those are mostly in cases where the bangs are not well-styled to distract from signs of aging such as the fine lines, forehead wrinkles, and skin discoloration.

A pixie cut is a type of women’s short hairstyle known to be generally short on the sides and back and slightly longer on the top with short bangs that are usually styled to the side.

The pixie cut is also known as pixie crop, or pixie do. It is a variant of short women’s haircut that is usually around half an inch to 3-inches in length with a longer top and short side-swept bangs.