Unison Skin Therapy Masks have been a cult aniti-aging favourite out east for years now, and finally those of us out west can get our hands on these highly-prized anti-aging masks too! Let me tell you about these little miracles!

Unison Skin Therapy believes that having clear, smooth and hydrated skin is something every person should have, so they created a natural, deeply effective, quick and easy-to-use skin therapy system. Masks! Masks are the fastest way to get mega-doses of good-for-your-skin ingredients. I’ve been masking A LOT lately, and I can really tell the difference in my skin.

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Unison Skin Therapy Masks

As we age, you all know that our skin loses its ability to remain hydrated and produce what it needs to repair itself, which is why we get fine lines, wrinkles and loss of fullness and elasticity. BOO. But, Unison Skin Therapy Masks are here to help us out!

Unison Skin Therapy Masks are HydroGel Masks for the face, eyes, lips and neck and they infuse three of the most effective and powerful skin rejuvenating ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen improves the skin’s elasticity and softness
  • Hyyaluronic Acid is a glucose in our skin, that acts like a sponge to naturally retain hydration and adds volume to skin cells to minimize fine lines and soften wrinkles.
  • y-PGA (Gama Poly Glutamic Acid), an extract derived from soybean, a well known antioxidant, protein and firming agent to further renew the skin’s appearance.

The Unison Skin Therapy Masks are actually made of natural plant collagen, so they are more effective than the typical paper mask treatments because they are more soluble and can hold more ingredients. They warm up to your body temperature and form to your face, letting the all natural ingredients penetrate 10 times faster than paper sheet masks. Cool, hey?

You can get Unison Skin Therapy Masks for the Face, Eyes, Lip and Neck, and each mask is soaked in a formula designed to treat that specific area with added antioxidants that repair and renew.

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Unison Skin Therapy Masks

Here’s what the face mask looks like so you get a better idea of what I’m talking about:

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Unison Skin Therapy Face Mask

They feel like jelly and are all wobbly! You have to be careful, as they can tear if you man handle them too much. Once you place them on your face, there’s an instant AHHHH feeling of coolness. These are a lie-down mask, so take a breather for 20-3o minutes and you’ll be rewarded with smooth, soft skin!

Here are the Unison Eye and Lip masks:

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Unison Skin Therapy Eye and Lip Masks

These come in a two-pack which is great! They would be amazing to have before a special occasion when you want to look your best. The Unison Eye Renewal masks are my favourite of the bunch-they really make a difference to your under eye area! Eyes look rested, dark circles appear brighter, and fine lines are lessened. LOVE!  [emoji revolving hearts]

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Unison Skin Therapy Eye and Lip Masks

You can buy Unison Skin Therapy Masks here and they now ship across Canada! Try them!

Have you been lucky enough to have tried Unison Skin Therapy Masks before? Have you ever used a gel mask like this? It’s quite the experience!

*product sent by the lovely Brenda from Unison! THANK YOU!  [emoji heart decoration]