Did you know that 74% of Canadian women have dark spots and uneven skin tone? It’s a curse I tell ya. I think a lot of us up north get lazy with sunscreen use, especially in the winter. And then when spring and summer hit [emoji sun with face] , we’re just SO DARN EXCITED about the warmth and the light, that we spend as much time as possible outdoors to enjoy it! And I bet most of us don’t reapply sunscreen when we’re out for long periods of time. I know, it’s a pain to have to re-apply.

BUT the thing is, one day…say in your 40s… you’ll wake up and see a spot that wasn’t there the day before. Swear to god that’s what happens. And then that one spot will all of a sudden have a buddy a month later. And then another…you get the idea. SIGH.

But fear not my spotty fellow Canadian friends! And any other spotty friends from other countries, because I realize that we aren’t the only cursed ones! Vichy ProEVEN is here to help you fade those pesky spots, discolourations, dark circles and get back your smooth, even skin!

Vichy ProEven .jpg

Vichy ProEven

The first step(and my favourite!) is the Vichy ProEven Brightening Cleansing Foam.

Vichy ProEven Brightening Cleansing Foam.jpg

Vichy ProEven Brightening Cleansing Foam

It’s a gentle yet effective triple-action foaming cleanser. It gently exfoliates, purifies and brightens the skin tone. It’s the perfect way to start your ProEven routine, because it exfoliates ever so gently with LHA. There’s no scrubby beads that can irritate sensitive skin. With Ceramide Bright and Vitamin C, skin gets brighter and smoother every day. You need like a pin drop amount of it I swear, because WOW does it ever foam up! And it’s a nice, creamy foam-just the way I like my cleansers. I know, I should use a cream cleaser since I have drier skin, but I kind of hate them. I prefer foamy cleansers-sue me. Vichy ProEven Brightening Cleansing Foam works really well with your Clarisonic too. It’s never, ever drying or moisture stripping either, and I’ve been using it pretty much all winter when my skin is extra parched. It’s my favourite cleanser right now and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even used up 1/3 of it haha! It smells good too!

Vichy ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector Dark Circles and Spots is the first treatment by Vichy that targets every cause of dark circles you can think of. Like ALL of them. Age, lack of sleep, and even anemia like me!

Vichy ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector Dark Circles and Spots .jpg

Vichy ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector Dark Circles and Spots

It also has Ceramide Bright, caffeine to help depuff, and Vitamin B3 that helps to brighten dark circles and spots. Right after you apply it, you’ll notice your under eye area will look brighter and fresher. But after 4 weeks, Vichy says you’ll notice that dark circles and spots will be lighter. For me it took longer than that-pretty much 8 weeks before I noticed a tiny bit of lightening. I’m still using it and hoping things will keep getting brighter! It’s nicely moisturizing and I like that at least. No dreaded under eye milia too, so that’s a bonus for me.

Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector is also enriched with their Ceramide Bright and this is the last step.

Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector.jpg

Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector

There’s exfoliating LHA and Vitamin C in there as well. Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector works on ALL the surface layers of the skin to lighten skin discolourations. Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that my skin tone is more even and brighter! I really enjoy this cream, as you can combine it with other serums as well. Personally, I like to use the Vichy LiftActiv Serum and a hydrating serum cocktail first, then the Vichy ProEVEN Dark Spot Corrector, and then another moisturizer to seal in all the goodness. No breakouts at all, and my skin loves the gentle LHA exfoliation. This is a good cream to try if your skin doesn’t get along with glycolic acid or retinols like mine.

Twice a day is best for optimal results with the Vichy ProEVEN products, Highly recommend the cleanser! The eye cream is ok, but I haven’t noticed anything spectacular while using it to be honest. I personally, really need an eye cream to target crow’s feet at this point in my life-but that’s me. It may work wonders for you, especially if you’re younger than I am(and let’s be real-EVERYONE is younger than I am haha). The Dark Spot Corrector works really well with other products, so for someone like me that’s a skincare junkie, I appreciate that a lot. I can use other products in my skincare arsenal at the same time without worrying. Do you really need all three products? No, not really. But if you’re serious about doing something about fading those pesky spots, then why not? What have you got to lose? THEM PESKY SPOTS IS WHAT.

Oh, and by the way? DON’T FORGET TO USE SUNSCREEN when you’re using Vichy ProEVEN! You need to protect your skin from getting any more spots and not hinder the evening and brightening process, right? RIGHT.

You can find the Vichy ProEVEN products wherever Vichy is sold in Canada, like Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall Drugs, and London Drugs too!

*products sent by the lovely PR, but as always, thoughts are mine because SERIOUSLY. My crazy is MINE and why would I let someone else ruin it?  [emoji white smiling face]