Soooo….did I tell you in the summer I noticed I had a VERTICAL wrinkle? VERTICAL you guys-like this ——– just above my left cheek bone. And that was the moment I really understood that: I. Am. Getting. OLD.

I really am….  🙁

My skin as you know, is very sensitive and so I haven’t really been able to use anything that most normal people do like glyoclics or retinols to smooth out any kind of wrinkles that appear. Every time I’d try one of those kinds of products BOOM I’d break out. Sigh. But Mr. Vertical Wrinkle SCARED ME. I needed to do something!

And then, lo and behold, one of my favourite gentle skincare brands came out with something that gives aging sensitive skin hope!

Avène PhysioLift Skincare line



The Avène PhysioLift Skincare line is made for people like me who want to do something about wrinkles, but have sensitive skin. The products firm the skin and reduce the appearance of pronounced wrinkles. AND best part is that they are gentle enough for persnickety aging skin like mine! And yours!


Not only does it replenish skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid, it protects it from free-radicals as well. What I love the most about this cream is that it’s enriched with anti-fatigue and anti-grayness micro pearlescent agents that act as a soft-focus blurring, kind of making those wrinkles disappear. Well, not disappear, but my skin instantly LOOKS better and less wrinkly when I use it, whether I wear makeup or not.


Magical stuff! Seriously, you’ll notice a difference in one night I promise. This has a magic ingredient called Hesperidine methyl chalcone. Hesperidine methyl chalcone works to improve skin tone and reduce redness by calming inflammation and decreasing capillary permeability. Meaning, it strengthens the capillary wall and prevents blood from leaking out, which can cause redness in the skin. One night of using this and you’ll wake up to firmer, less wrinkled looking and luminous skin. The Retinaldehyde is what smooths out wrinkles and my skin can tolerate it, so yay!



This is my new favourite eye cream, especially when I want to wear makeup. It fills wrinkles and tightens the skin around the eye contour, plus it reduces puffiness and dark circles. It’s so smoothing and lifting and makes a perfect base for concealer. But, it does contain silicone though, which is why it’s so smoothing.

Let’s talk about silicones

In fact, all of these products do contain a bit of silicone, just in different amounts. The eye cream in fact, has the least amount. But the day cream feels the least siliconey-in fact I don’t even really feel that silicone feel when I use it. Yet, I counted silicone THREE TIMES in the ingredient list?!! Usually as you know, my skin doesn’t do well with silicones, but I don’t know man-I think the addition of Avène Thermal Spring Water magically makes it easier to tolerate? Avène DID test out the entire range on people with sensitive skin and it was well tolerated, so that’s what I guess I’ve experienced as well.

But…BUT…I do wish Avène wouldn’t have put silicones in every product?! I know they’re there to optically help blur and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, but seriously, they could have kept it out of the night balm at least, as I don’t see the point of them being in there. Who needs to blur their wrinkles to go to bed hey? Even though I love what the night balm does for my skin, I don’t use it every night because I really don’t like using silicones in my night skincare. Anyways, silicones in makeup and skincare have been deemed safe here in Canada, and you can read more about that HERE. In the end, like I always say: it’s up to YOU to know your skin and what it likes and does not like and what it can tolerate. 



I love seeing a pretty innovative delivery system like this! It has a pen-type applicator that you push down on the bottom to release the product. It’s kind of a foam texture that expands and fills in those deep wrinkles so that they get all the highly concentrated ingredients and stay there. I put it where I have really visible wrinkles like where I have the 11’s between my brows starting to appear, and that damn Mr. Vertical Wrinkle above my cheekbone. Again, I only use this during the day, as my preference is to not use silicones at night. But hey, if you can-you go girl!

Mr. Vertical is slowly getting better from using the Avène PhysioLift Skincare line-hopefully someday he’ll disappear!

What is your favourite anti-wrinkle skincare product? And if you have any that are silicone-free, I’d appreciate it!