Dear Younger Me,

Today is our 50th Birthday. I know you think you probably won’t make it this far, but here we are. So, if I could tell you a few things that I have learned so far, maybe things would/could be a tad easier for you. So let’s start.

 photo 94261-Live-Your-Life.jpg

  1. Relax…a lot. It’s really not that big a deal whatever is bugging you at the moment. It’ll pass.
  2. Keep on wearing that cobalt blue eyeshadow. It really does look good on you.
  3. TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF before you go to sleep for Pete’s sake.
  4. DON’T GET A PERM. Believe it or not, you have wavy/curly hair, but you just don’t know it because you’re always blow drying it straight! LOOK AT THAT BABY PICTURE on the fireplace mantle! See the curls? THEY ARE YOURS. Perms will just frizz up your hair and ruin it every time.
  5. Buy extra hairspray. That little brother of yours keeps using it and that’s why you’re always running out so quickly.
  6. Keep on playing piano. Don’t quit before you finish your grade 10.
  7. In fact, start learning to play other instruments. I know you play the guitar, but start the violin earlier than me which was in my late 30s. You’ll love it I promise. Learn to play the cello too. And while your at it, the oboe as well.
  8. Keep dancing! Keep singing! Just keep being musical. It’s part of you and you need it to survive.
  9. Don’t stop drawing or painting either. You’ll miss it.
  10. Don’t stop taking French.
  11. When you get that letter in University inviting you into the English Honours program, DO IT. Don’t just laugh it off and throw it away.
  12. Spend more time with mama…she won’t be with you for much longer and you will miss her every day when she’s gone.
  13. Keep gardening.
  14. Don’t bother dyeing your hair once the grey starts to really show. Just let it go. You’ll love it and will realize it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. And wow, you’ll save SO MUCH MONEY not dyeing it every 8 weeks.
  15. Please wear your hair in a high ponytail for your wedding.
  16. Get the epidural when you’re in labour with Marky. Don’t be a hero for once in your life.
  17. Don’t go to that first Weight Watchers meeting where the leader told you that you didn’t need to lose weight and that you were fine. Because you are. Listen to her. Because it’s that moment you started fucking around with your weight that ruins it for the rest for your life.
  18. Wear lipstick all the time.
  19. Learn to swim stupid.
  20. Have the fries once in awhile.
  21. Stay out of the sun. Seriously. You don’t tan. Accept it.
  22. Get a telescope. Look at the stars.
  23. Go to bed earlier.
  24. Pull Marky out of school more often and go for holidays. Or just let her have a home day every once in awhile. Ease up on school. She hates it. And so do you.
  25. And while we’re on that subject, don’t make her take MATH20. She won’t need it. It’ll save you a lot of headaches trying to teach her all that algebra every night.
  26. Don’t bother with contacts, you’ll end up hating them. Plus glasses are gonna get way cooler-just wait.
  27. Don’t give away your leather motorcycle jacket because it was too big for you at the time.
  28. Step away from buying the blush…you don’t need ALL of them. I promise.
  29. Read more.
  30. When you build your bungalow, let the builders finish the basement. Don’t let Terry say he’ll do it, because he’ll never have the time to.
  31. Get an SUV earlier. It’s just so much easier to go places with it. And you love road trips. You really do.
  32. See more of Canada with that SUV too. It’s a big, beautiful country.
  33. Salmon isn’t that bad. Eat more of it.
  34. Make more soups.
  35. Give up on heels, you really hate them. And so do your feet.
  36. Wear hats all the time.
  37. Don’t stop riding your bike after you get diagnosed with MS.
  38. Don’t try to keep some family members in your life just because they’re family. Toxic people no matter who they are do not deserve you and will just suck any joy from your life. Let them go.
  39. I know you’re a good listener. But you also need someone to listen to YOU every once in awhile.
  40. Take that Zumba class a lot sooner. It’ll save you in more ways than you can ever realize, and you’ll find so many souls that are just like you.
  41. Don’t be afraid of being in pictures.
  42. It’s ok to have a messy house when people are over. Nobody is perfect.
  43. Invite friends over for dinner more often.
  44. Watch more sunsets.
  45. Be outside as much as you can. It really does feed your soul.
  46. Go to the mountains as often as you can.
  47. Keep taking pictures. Take MORE.
  48. One kid really is enough.
  49. Write down things you want to remember. I know it’s hard to believe right now because your memory is a beast to behold, but there will come a day when you won’t remember some things that happened to you.
  50. Stop feeling guilty about everything. You’re gonna be ok. I promise.

Love,  Fifty-Year Old You

 photo Top-30-Best-Daily-Short-Quotes-quote.jpg

Yeah, so wow I’ve been gone for awhile, hey? After New Year’s we went back to California to take Marky to Disneyland before she started her second semester of college. Even though she lives about 1.5 hours away from The Happiest Place On Earth, believe it or not she rarely gets to go-she just doesn’t have the time. And since this semester will be even busier for her since she’ll be working on her second year film, we thought we’d give her a little happy happy joy joy before school started.

It rained pretty much every day we were at Disneyland this time though! And not just a little drizzle, we’re talking WOW it’s POURING rain! And that was ok with us since California desperately needs it.

But, boy all that rain sure made Disneyland rather spooky looking!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


All these crows descended on the park one afternoon during a rain break-at least a couple of hundred I’d say. Disneyland was still in Christmas/Holiday mode, but it sure felt like Halloween when that happened!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


My first Moscow Mule ever! It was raining so hard on Wednesday that we decided to duck into the Paradise Cove Bar for a drink and some Lobster Nachos for a rain break. I wasn’t fast enough to take a pic of the nachos as they got demolished pretty quickly! We even ordered a second order they were that good!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


Even though it was raining, we had a really nice time together as a family at Disneyland. In fact, Christmas was pretty cozy and amazing as well. Marky seems so much more grown-up this year, and more relaxed and confident. She even cut her hair shorter to just above her shoulder! Surprised me because her massive long red hair was her signature, but like I said, she’s really changed and had grown tired of the upkeep. I love her hair shorter! She looks more…professional! And part of me wants to cut all of mine off again now since I am growing tired of it as well. We shall see! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to my hair salon YIKES, so it’s time for a trim at least!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

My Makeup These Days

The makeup I took with me was pretty minimal. My makeup routine is pretty minimal these days anyways. I love the Algenist Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer SPF30 for travel since it has some sunscreen in it. It’s light in coverage, but makes skin look brighter and better and has a nice glow without feeling heavy or tacky at all. I always set my makeup with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light, so that came with me. I really hate heavy under-eye concealers, so lately I only use a bit of Giorgio Armani Correcting Concealer #2 over the dark spots under my eyes. It brightens them up and is so thin that it’s pretty undetectable and I never have to worry about creasing. I don’t get all the heavy under eye concealing that’s the trend these days?! It’s scares me! And then they bake all that concealer with powder so it doesn’t crease?!! WHY. How about not put on so much dang concealer and then it won’t crease on you?!! Newsflash: Not having any shadow or a bit of colour under your eyes looks WEIRD and unnatural-like a doll-we are real people and that’s how we’re supposed to look. Ok, Tracy mini-rant over now 😛   The Clinique Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse is easy for brows, and I like easy. Benefit They’re Real Mascara isn’t my fave, but it stays put without budging so it’s my mascara of choice for travelling. And since I’m still a blush fiend, I like wearing Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera and layering Tom Ford Blush in Frantic Pink so that my blush lasts all day long. To be honest though, on the days it was pouring rain I didn’t wear ANY makeup because why waste my time.

The sun did come out for a bit and what’s better than pretty sunsets and palm trees!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peekjpg


Maybe yummy burgers from Umami Burgers in Pasadena are haha!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Umami Burger

We came home this past Sunday night, but I knew something was wrong on the taxi ride home from the airport. I wasn’t feeling right at all. I’m so lucky the vomiting and diarrhea didn’t start earlier on the plane because WOW what a nightmare that would have been. Yup, I got food poisoning either in the Air Canada lounge, or from the Air Canada Business Class meal-WHY. ME. I’ve been sick ever since and today is the first day I feel normal. Still sore all over, but at least I can walk and function like a human now. I’m itching for a Zumba class, but I don’t think I should go until the aches are gone.

But this amazing package from Tatcha Beauty came the other day and boy it perked up my day for sure! Here’s my little Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek

It’s only been two days of using the products, but it’s pretty much LOVE I can tell you. Food poisoning sucked every bit of moisture outta my body, and I swear my new Tatcha regimen fixed that in one use, especially THIS:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist-Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek

If you have dry skin, just GET IT. Tatcha Beauty Luminous Dewey Mist is AMAZING and yeah I’m addicted in just two days now. I’ll get into more detail about ingredients and stuff once I finish testing everything out and post my review, but for me this one is a must have in the line and I can see why everyone loves it!

I bought a new cookbook! On my Kindle though-I hate actual cook books these days. I’d rather look at a recipe on my iPAD now.

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

I saw it at Chapter’s Indigo today and it looked really good! And since having food poisoning kickstarted my New Year’s Diet anyways, I thought I’d continue the detox-just in a yummier way LOL.

Although DUDES, this was the cheapest price I could find for a head of cauliflower today:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


HOLY. WOW. Guess broccoli is it from now on, hey? Let’s hope the El Niño rain hitting California helps out the drought so that things like cauliflower can start to grow abundantly again.

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Good ‘Ol Edmonton Sunset I’ve missed you!

And that’s pretty much why I haven’t been around! I apologize for not posting, but we were having such a good time and it was nice to not worry about blogging for once. I’ll get back into some kind of schedule in a couple of days now that I’m home and able to keep food down 😛 Also, I need to give my new buddy some love:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

New Camera! Samsung NX 300M

I bought this Samsung NX 300M Camera before the New Year but haven’t had time to play with it yet, so I plan on getting better acquainted with it this weekend!

How are you all! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in ages! Hope you are doing well and having a great January so far! What’s new? What have I missed? What fun have you been up to?

Sing them a song you feel deep in your heart
Sing it with everything that you are
Sing ‘til your voice echoes all through the room
Pick a good one but whatever you do
Sing brave                 
~Brandon Heath

I love the whole story behind this song-how Brandon’s mom tells him to just sing for show and tell when he couldn’t find anything cool in his room to bring to show his class. Do they still do show and tell in preschool? I remember Marky did! One of my fave memories about her also involves show and tell, and her bringing a picture of GLORIA ESTEFAN for show & tell one week. Yeah…you read that right. What can I say…she liked her music back then too…  😀   And as an adult, my first instinct was to say no no NO must not bring a picture of Gloria Estefan…you’ll look… WEIRD.

But? I didn’t listen to my inner adult voice… I think it’s because I have a hard time BEING an adult to be honest, even now. I tend to ignore that inner adult voice most of the time. So… I let her do it. She brought Gloria. AND?! All of her little friends were intrigued actually. A lot of them went home and asked their parents to listen to some Gloria Estefan that night…Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga…I know you can’t control yourself any longer  😛

I let her be brave…be herself! And? It ended up being awesome.

Being brave is HARD. Really hard. Especially as you grow up. Most of us are taught from an early age to muffle that inner US. And I’m sorry, but that always makes you second guess who you are- your WHOLE DANG LIFE. I know it did for me. My mama, bless her lovely soul, was really good at quieting creative Tracy, unless it was about piano. That was ok for her for some reason?! Although, it was a strict, Royal Conservatory Piano…exams and only classical music…nothing was all that FUN and creative about it for me to be honest, especially as I got up there to grade 10. I ended up quitting before finishing my grade 10. The biggest reason why I quit? Was that if I told her that I wanted to be a music teacher, or something musical for a career, wasn’t gonna cut it for her. I had to do something SCIENCE to get a good job in her eyes and make her proud, even though she loved me playing the piano. There was no way in hell I was gonna be able to make a life out of that I was told every day.  🙁  And don’t get me wrong, as I love science and chemistry…but you know, I sometimes wonder IF I COULD HAVE DONE MUSIC INSTEAD.  🙁

So, That Gloria Estefan Incident made me NEVER stop my kid from doing something she wanted to do…to stop her from being herself…from being brave and… CREATIVE. I didn’t want her to also wonder at age 48- WHAT IF.

And she never WILL. ‘Cause she’s doing it at Mickey’s College, being brave every day, creating what she sees in her head. And I think that’s amazing. She’s wanted to do this since she was about 8 years old! I remember parents from her elementary school telling us that her dream of working in cartoons and for Disney was a pipe dream and that we shouldn’t encourage her. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. #winning


A layout design


Life drawing-



Character Designs

And you know what?  In my old age and as my New Year’s Resolution for 2016,  I am going to try to be brave, and do stuff that’s out of my comfort zone, like write about the stuff I think about, because I don’t think it’s too late for me…for anyone…to grow creatively, and be a better person.

SING BRAVE. You can be brave how ever you choose to! Maybe you want to take up running! Or maybe you’ve been too shy to take a Zumba class? Don’t be! I was scared for the longest time, but once I finally did try it, I haven’t looked back! Or maybe you want to learn how to build a chair? I know I do! Maybe you just want to talk to someone that you’ve lost touch with. Or maybe it’s just about going to the dentist, hey Gaelle?  😉  Maybe it’s wearing a bright red lipstick while you’re out and about getting groceries! Or maybe wearing a purple eyeshadow is brave for you! Or maybe you’re fighting a serious illness… the bravest fight. KEEP BEING BRAVE AND FIGHT MY FRIEND. You can do it. 

All I’m trying to say is…since the New Year is coming fast upon us, and a lot of us start thinking about making changes in our lives… BE BRAVE… in whatever you do…or have to do. And don’t let anyone hold you back. Ever. Be YOU. The bravest, bestest you! Because that? Is what BEING REALLY BRAVE is all about.

SING BRAVE my friends.


My New Year’s Resolution is to be brave as much as possible from now on. To try and do something I’m a little scared of, or don’t want to do, or just too tired to try. When I do something brave, I will post it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #singbrave  so JOIN ME! I’ve decided to do this in honour of my friend Noella Joy Eve, who lost her brave battle against breast cancer. She never gave up and was brave, right to the end. I can only hope to be as brave as she was.
Rest in peace lovely. 

What brave thing are you going to do today? Share it please!

“Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same.” ~Charles Bukowski

Now, I don’t drink a lot. I can’t. If I could, I’d like to think I’d be like Bukowski and Kerouac-drunk 24/7 yet an amazing writer. But, I have ulcers-have had them since I was 17. It’s a familial problem, courtesy of my dad who passed on his sensitive gut to some of us. So, when I do imbibe, I like to make it count and WRITE A BLOG POST. Because apparently when I drink, WordPress(bless their sober hearts) tells me that my writing scores near 90% in the ease of understanding category(this one scores 88.4% so far). Yeah, WordPress has ALL kinds of tools like that. Helpful? Maybe. But, now I know why Sir John A. Macdonald(Canada’s 1st Prime Minister) was drunk in Canadian Parliament most days: “I get sick … not because of drink [but because] I am forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent.” During the election of 1863, Sir John A. Macdonald threw up during a campaign speech and when his opponent pointed this out, Macdonald shot back with this answer. I read that to Marky and she said: he sounds like you-no word of a lie. So yeah, I sometimes feel that WordPress ENCOURAGES my wine-ranting posts…  not that I really MIND….  😛

So where am I going with this talk of booze and writing? Well, I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you this: I’M REALLY HATING BEAUTY BLOGGING. AGAIN. YUP.

When I started this blog, it was just me. And my money. And my silly little thoughts on what I bought. I’ve come a LONG way since then. I”m not the same timid Tracy that’s for sure. Like most beauty bloggers, it took some time to feel comfortable with this hobby and feel like it was OK to be myself online. Once you overcome that self-imposed obstacle, this gig does get better. And FUN. Because you finally get to be you! And some of the internet LIKES loud, snarky YOU! YAY!!

Then, PR brands start to notice you! WAHOO. That’s what we all want, right? Not to have to spend money all the time! We now have free stuff to blog about! We can blog about beauty and makeup and skincare and haircare till the freakin’ cows come home!


Well, with SOME brands. Not ALL are like that. And I don’t get it. Some brands demand NOTHING from you as a blogger. It’s like this: Take our product FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. If you like it-tell us! Whatever. It’s all cool. We like you, so, if you like us then feel free to blog about this lotion. No pressure. We just love you and your writing, wine-induced or not.

Those brands I LIKE. LOTS. What some PR don’t understand is that for most of us-including me-blogging is a HOBBY. Not a job. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FREE MAKEUP/SKINCARE DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS YO’.

PR is getting increasingly harder to deal with. And I’m at a loss as to why. Some of my friends have had brands pitch to them, and then after the blogger has said sure-they say stuff like: We want your unedited pictures so we can use them nilly-willy. Hope that’s ok with you!

It’s NOT. 

Or I’ve had this happen: HI! We like your blog and would like you to review blah blah blah product. It’s blah blah blah cool and does this blah blah blah stuff. Interested? SURE I SAY. Oh, but then we’ll need a weekly post to update your progress, and then one final big post to show your results, OK?

NO. IT’S NOT OK. TAKE YOUR PAPERS AND PEDDLE THEM ELSEWHERE I SAY. (I may be aging myself with that saying there, because seriously, does ANYBODY actually buy a newspaper these days?)Like I have time to devote FIVE freakin’ blog posts to your one bag o’ STUPID? Nope. Not even if I was a prestige enough blogger to get-I don’t know-every freakin Guerlain and Chanel product ever made! And,I’m just pulling out brand names out of my wine glass there, because I could really care less about Guerlain and Chanel if I’m being honest…any brand for that matter. I hold no allegiance to any brand. Every one of them has hits AND MISSES. And I’m not about to sell my tortured makeup soul to get free BULL CRAP from anybody anymore.

Oh, and the LIES lately. Like this week! Perusing my Instagram feed and finding out that there was an event by…ahhh…who gives a crap…BEAUTY UNITED this week in Toronto, of which I am/WAS a member since it’s conception. And then seeing all of my friends flown in for the event and wondering, hey—-how come I didn’t get an invite? And then discovering that others didn’t get invited…even those who live 3 hours away. YET the excuse given was that only NEW Beauty United Members were invited, and those who lived in the GTA-Greater TORONTO area as well. RIGHT…. that’s what I see people from Montreal, BC, AND MY CITY EDMONTON there….

And then when I call you out Ms. PR-you say oh, can we talk over the phone? SURE. I’ll let you speak. BUT all the stammering, and stuttering…and then finally getting you to say you MISSPOKE…well, in my world that’s called LYING. BYE BYE. I don’t work with liars. Take your free Covergirl and shove it up your…. you know what. You say you value everyone equally, yet your actions speak otherwise…. LIES…..all of it. I’m so SICK of this kind of crap. SICK.

And so, three glasses of wine later has made me make THIS DECISION: I AM TAKING BACK MY BLOG.


And that means things are gonna change around here A LOT…brands like Aveeno,Vichy, Avene, Avon, Deciem…I trust and LOVE working with. They treat me like a valued writer. And I appreciate that! Here’s an example of a brand that rocks: Coppertone,to speak of a PR that I’ve recently dealt with. We had different opinions, yet were able to resolve them with no hurt feelings! And a great post on sunscreen was born because of that! I love that! Because I’m not a blogger that just takes PR material and rewrites it. I research the ingredients, try to make sure the science is all COOL before I post. I’m not a beauty drone. I have a brain and I like learning about ingredients and how products work. I’m not just some machine that spouts off HEY LOOK AT THIS SHIZZZ SO BUY IT HEY. Plus Coppertone dealt with me as a JOURNALIST… I almost died when that PR called me a journalist…ME? TRAKEE?? A JOURNALIST? And she said yes, you ARE one. THANK you so much. You made my YEAR. A PR who values bloggers….RARE.

But if you’re a brand trying to pitch me…and demand stuff….or LIE to me… GO AWAY. Go stalk some poor innocent, new blogger out there that’s DYING to try your product and bend over backwards to prove their worth five times over. I DON’T HAVE TO ANYMORE. SO F$$K off. Like YOU L’Oreal. SO DONE WITH YOU I CAN’T EVEN SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH ON HERE. I’VE TRIED AND TRIED TO PLEASE YOU BUT NO MORE, I AM DONE AND DONE.I HOPE YOU CAN TELL I’M YELLING AT YOU. BECAUSE I AM.

BEAUTY REFLECTIONS IS MINE. ALL OF IT.  If you can’t handle the truth???!! Go elsewhere. Lies are easily bought these days in the beauty blogging world. And if you are a fellow blogger? Don’t come here and comment on my post telling me your PROS about PR…Get BENT. I’ll just delete your comment…and I don’t CARE if I call you friend. Blogging for the brand is NOT blogging…that’s why we started blogging…to say what WE thought, not to please a brand. That argument won’t fly here with me. I don’t care WHO you are. Go away. I don’t need to deal with anymore CRAP this week thank YOU VERY MUCH. My life is hard enough as it is and I’m near menopause…so DON’T even try me. I’ll rip you a new one without even breaking a sweat…I PROMISE.

So, what does this mean if you’re a regular reader? Well, I don’t know right now to be honest. You’ll see more of what I buy I guess, which will become less and less because to be honest? I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore. SKINCARE is where it’s at people. Oh, and posts from brands I LIKE dealing with. It’ll probably mean less regular posts, but HEY THEY’LL BE SO WORTH IT, RIGHT? RIGHT. Stick with me folks…we’ll change the beauty blogging WORLD. Maybe… 😛 And in the end, I honestly don’t care anymore what anybody thinks or wants… I’ll keep plugging away at what I am doing and if you like it? YAY I LOVE YOU. You know I do.

Have any PR Horror stories to share? HERE’S THE PLACE DUDE. SHARE AWAY.

Elwood Blues: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.
Jake Blues: Hit it!

Yup. I’m hitting it folks. FULL SPEED.


I bet you’ve never read a blog post like this, but HERE GOES NOTHING.

I’ve had a couple of glasses of pinot grigio and TWO count ’em, TWO Matzo crackers. No butter mind you, but STILL. And I’m listening to the free sampling of the new ACDC Album. YEAH. You heard me. ACDC. ROCK OR BUST DUDES. Marky doesn’t like them either, but I don’t care. I LIKE THEM so SCREW IT. This has been a long time coming, and if you’ve been a good friend of mine this post isn’t a surprise to you.I’ve been talking smack for a good year about doing this…

I just CAN’T anymore. What? Do this. Something’s gotta give, and I just have to be honest with you all, because if there’s anything I’ve ever tried to be in my blogging life is HONEST. And CRAP. If you blog? You know how hard that is to do.

But this time of year is the WORST. I’ve been hit from all sides and have just too much to blog about, but NOTHING. I repeat NOTHING is that inspiring at the moment. I have an ASS full of skincare at the moment and I could just regurgitate what the press releases say, but THAT AIN’T ME. Read a magazine if that’s what you’re looking for. I ain’t a magazine, hey? I like to try stuff. Give my honest opinion. And truth be told? IT’S DANG HARD TO DO these days. Some PR companies HOUND me every other day, and I give UP. Yeah, magazines go to print with their LIES easily, but I can’t. I CAN’T. Blogging isn’t that. And some big name bloggers have succumbed to the whole magazine style. And WIN AWARDS YET. And sorry, I just think that’s WRONG. Putting out gift guides about the best 10 gifts to buy your BFF????  ISN’T BLOGGING ANYMORE. That’s a magazine. And I don’t care if I hurt anybody’s FEELINGS. I mean, why should I? This is all a bunch of nonsense anyways. And I don’t want to be a part of that/this. So screw it. I give up. I CRY UNCLE. I don’t want to turn into THAT. I don’t want to do any LOOK-HERE-BUY-THIS Christmas Blog posts. It’s not my style. If I like it? And get a chance to try it? I’ll tell ya. Promise.

What does this matzo-wine-ridden rant all mean then? Break time for Tracy. Sorry all. But bloggging isn’t all that and a steak(yeah, I changed that saying because I LIKE STEAK OK-everything is better with steak anyways-ALBERTA BEEF RULES). I’ll be on Instagram still if you miss me and my snark. And I might just get inspired over there to blog again, but for now? I need an honest break just like my good friend Paris @MyWomenStuff. I’ve never taken one in FIVE YEARS. IT IS TIME. Like my amazing friend Maggie @MaggiesMakeup I need to step back. Re-evaluate this blogging thing. And when I’ve figured that out, I’ll let you know. 


But that sounds so final. And I don’t think it is?? I’ll be back. Soon. When I’ve eaten enough matzos… 😛 And thinked about all this stuff some more and where I want to go with this…GEEZ.

*nothing to disclaim or shouldn’t it be CLAIM here really? Cause that’s what this little blurb is all about. MAN I’m sorry if this is all too much? Maybe this menopausal gal is getting her final period because WOW my boobs hurt while on the treadmill today LOL. And I bet that’s something you didn’t need to know AHAHAHA.