One of my #beautygoals this year is to incorporate more green and natural products into my skincare and makeup. So far, it’s been quite fun discovering new products! And some of these new products are proudly made in Canada, like Bella Aura Skincare. This is a luxurious, natural, and highly effective skincare line that I’ve fallen head over heels for.

Bella Aura Skincare

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Bella Aura Skincare

The founder and creator of Bella Aura Skincare, Yasmine Jones, had serious skin problems while under stress during her mother’s battle with Leukaemia. After a trip to Morocco, natural oils were starting to help her skin recover, but not as effectively as she wanted them to. She decided to combine these natural oils of Argan, Cactus, Neroli, and Nigella-a proprietary blend she calls Kamilah which means complete in Arabic -with advanced active ingredients. And that’s how Bella Aura Skincare came to be! Bella Aura means beautiful aura. All living things apparently give off a coloured aura that represents personality traits and energy. DO you know anybody that sees auras? I do! Marky actually can see colours around people and I think it’s neat.

What makes Bella Aura Skincare different? Bella Aura Skincare is emulsion-based. Emulsions are created when a water based moisturizer is combined with botanical oils. They are lightweight and quickly absorb into the deepest layers of your skin, leaving no greasy residue at all. An emulsion has the ability to maintain hydration levels and prevent moisture loss from your skin’s surface. All skin types benefit from emulsions, as they are hydrating and don’t clog pores at all. Each Bella Aura Skincare product contains the Kamilah blend of four natural botanical extracts of Argan, Cactus, Neroli, and Nigella infused with Peptides, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids. Bella Aura Skincare is a complete anti-aging, high performance, natural skin care line.

Gentle Purifying Cleanser

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Gentle Purifying Cleanser($42)

The Bella Aura Skincare Gentle Purifying Cleanser logo is blue, which symbolizes calmness. Blue projects tranquility and inner peace, and isn’t that what a cleanser should feel like? And this is such a lovely, calming cleanser! It’s creamy, and foams a tiny bit without any soap or harsh detergents. It smells INCREDIBLE. Actually, each product in the line smells so good thanks to the Neroli Oil, which is of the highest quality. The cleanser has a vitamin B complex to help exfoliate, replenish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. It leaves skin soft, smooth, and ready for the next steps.

Antioxidant Booster

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Antioxidant Booster($148)

The Bella Aura Skincare Antioxidant Booster logo is orange which symbolizes a burst of energy and creativity. It infuses skin with peptides, vitamins C-E-A-B complex-D-F-k, minerals, and omega3-6-9 fatty acids. This is one of the best Antioxidant Boosters I’ve ever tried. It helps reduce the look of dark spots, discolouration, blotchiness and redness, while protecting it from damaging free radicals. It instantly absorbs, leaving skin soft and glowing. LOVE.

Daily Repair Moisturizer

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Daily Repair Moisturizer($128)

The Bella Aura Skincare Daily Repair Moisturizer logo is green which means renewal. The colour Green projects healing, rejuvenation and a sense of nature. This is a bit thicker in texture than the Antioxidant Booster, and oh so hydrating! One of the extra ingredients in here that is really interesting is Black Oats. Black Oats are a water-retaining substance, that help the skin’s own natural ability to retain moisture. After a couple of days of using it, my skin was so perfectly hydrated I couldn’t believe it. This is one serious moisturizer that really WORKS.

Lifting Eye Contour

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Lifting Eye Contour($128)

The Bella Aura Skincare Instant Eye Lifting Contour logo is indigo, which represents spirituality and intuition. Indigo projects a heightened sense of awareness.
I think this is my FAVOURITE product from Bella Aura Skincare. The texture is a thin, liquid emulsion that instantly brightens and moisturizes my eye area. It feels nice and cooling as it is absorbed, and doesn’t’ interfere with concealers at all. There are so many good for skin ingredients in this eye cream that will help support the skin’s natural collagen and reveal a younger, more lifted look to the eye area. I do notice a slight lift from this one! It’s so GOOD.

Night Cellular Renewal

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Night Cellular Renewal($148)

The Bella Aura Skincare Night Cellular Renewal logo is pink, which evokes compassion, beauty and love. It projects warmth and passion. Along with the Kamilah blend of four natural botanical extracts, this contains Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is called the immortality herb in China. Overnight, this delivers nutrition and hydration to your skin. It increases firmness, elasticity and smoothness. The neroli scent is so soothing and it makes me look forward to using this at night. I wake up with radiant, rested, more youthful looking skin.

I’ve enjoyed using the Bella Aura Skincare line these past weeks! If I had to pick, my faves are the Cleanser and the Lifting Eye Contour. But I do love everything! All the products are very moisturizing, so I do think that drier skin types would benefit the most from them. Every product feels so luxurious, and smells incredible. It’s not an overpowering scent though in case that scares you. It’s a gentle and soothing scent. If you love Neroli like I do, then you’ll really enjoy using these products. I highly recommend checking out the line. You can order from the website,

How have you all been? What’s new? It feels like ages since I’ve posted and it probably has haha! I’ve been so busy and apologize for not posting more often. But most of the things I have to review at the moment happens to be skincare, and that takes time for me to test out. I don’t like telling you about skincare that I’ve only used once or twice, because what’s the point of that, right? Right! I do have some awesome lipsticks to share soon! So many new lipsticks I’ve been collecting-I think I’ve turned into a serious lipstick fiend you guys!

Have you been trying to use more green and natural beauty products too? 

Here’s a great Father’s Day Gift Idea!

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Schaf Skin Care For Men

Schaf Skin Care For Men is Canada’s first organic men’s skincare brand. Peter Schafrick is the Founder and CEO. He wanted to create a skin care line for men that was uncomplicated, safe and SIMPLE. Schaf products are nearly 100% naturally derived.

All Schaf products have no fragrance added, so as not to compete with cologne. Personally, I think all skin care should be fragrance-free, unless it’s natural fragrances form ingredients. Everything is toxin-free, colour-free, paraben-free, no sodium laureate sulfate, and no artificial colours. What you DO get are natural, botanical extracts designed to improve skin. Naturally!

The first thing that’s pretty amazing about Schaf Skincare for Men, is that each product has an airless pump delivery system. You gotta love that! All skincare should come like that if you ask me. I always wonder how long my skincare that’s just packaged in jars is really actually effective. I doubt the ingredients stay potent for longer than a couple of months when they’re constantly exposed to air.

The second thing I love is that it’s a simple, four-step system (Shave, Hydrate, Cleanse, Scrub) that every guy will find easy to use.

Schaf Cleanse($22)is a gentle cleanser with a soothing toner as well. It has a mild foaming action that comes from plant extracts of corn, coconut, and sugar beets emulsified to give a creamy consistency. My hubby says it leaves his skin feeling clean and refreshed, and that would be the chamomile, aloe, cucumber and Japanese Green Tea doing that for him! So many good ingredients in a cleanser! I tried it as well, and he’s right! Really refreshing!

Schaf Scrub($25) is a mild, foaming gel packed with white lava particles and ground apricot seed. The lava is from the Auvergne region of France that’s famous for healing spas and bottled water. The ground apricot seed is organic of course. The scrub is meant to be used every few days to buff and exfoliate skin cells and clear out pores. Smoother, clearer skin is the result and that means a closer and better shave. Every guy should use a scrub I think. It’s such a necessary step that a lot of them don’t do, but I understand why they don’t want to use one. I mean shaving your face every day is already making it sensitive, so the last thing you want to do is scrub away at it. Which is why I told my hubby to use it at night a couple of times a week. Now, he loves it and has noticed that his skin doesn’t break out as much.

Schaf Hydrate($35)is made with organic shea and aloe to moisturize. There’s also avocado, organic coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seed oils to improve skin texture. There’s cucumber and mallow extract to reduce skin irritation. Vitamin E, comfrey and elder extract are in there as well to help soothe and calm skin. And if all of that wasn’t enough for ya’, there’s even Matrixyl 3000, the anti-aging peptide us girls all know and love. My hubby loves that it absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave his skin feeling greasy after. He has oily, rosacea-prone skin, but this has really calmed down the redness.

Schaf Shave Cream($20) is packed with naturally derived vegetable and coconut lubricants which soften the beard and provide optimum slip for a close, comfortable shave. It protects the skin from shaving irritation, razor burn and razor bumps too. What amazed my hubby is that you need very little water when using the shave cream, just a wet face. The thick cream is really moisturizing and sticks to the skin so that the shaving blade doesn’t skip and nick the face. A smooth, moisturized face is the result! Really good stuff!

Here’s where you can buy Schaf Products in store, but you can order online as well at

Heck, Schaf Skin Care For Men really impressed me! The ingredients are pretty amazing, and I’ve been sneaking some of the products into my routine haha! I really like them! Except for the shaving cream-I don’t shave my face. Yet.  😀 😀

What does your hubby, boyfriend, significant other use for skin care? If they’re still using soap on their poor faces, do them a favour and get them some Schaf skin care. Please! I think they’ll love it!

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine and my hubby Terry’s as well!

Green & Pure Organic Beauty is more than a beauty boutique. It’s a way of quality living and a concept of ideal life attitude. The people behind Green & Pure actually studied a wide range of personal care products and were shocked by the amount of toxic ingredients used in most brands. Even the ones that are labeled as “natural” or “organic” weren’t what they claimed to be. With minimal regulations and guidelines, they realized that a lot of us are duped a lot of the time! They decided to bring a REAL natural and organic experience to consumers. All of the brands Green & Pure carry are safe, natural and effective, and each natural ingredient is presented in its purest state for maximum benefit. Green & Pure carries brands like Earth Mama Angel Baby, Éminence, ILIA, Green Beaver, Tata Harper, kaia, and more!

 photo IMG_3723.jpg

Evie Bare Basics Kit from Green & Pure Organic Beauty

I was extremely lucky to be sent some natural and organic products from the brand Evie to try. Evie originates in Hong Kong, and the products are made in Australia/Germany/Bulgaria. Green & Pure is the Exclusive retailer in North America of Evie products. The Evie Bare Basics Kit($129) contains three of the brands most loved products, and I can see why they are loved so much!

Evie Amazingly Soothing Makeup Remover($49) has natural jojoba, grape seed and sweet almond oils combined with certified organic essential oils from Bulgaria, England, Italy and France. Made in Australia, it’s 100% natural and unlike some oil cleansers out there, it has NO MINERAL OIL in it at all. It’s also free of parabens, fragrances, SLS, and surfactants too. It’s so silky smooth feeling! It’s lighter than say the Shu Oil Cleansers, because there’s no mineral oils in it. And because of that, I find that it emulsifies easier when you add water. It takes off all of my makeup-even eye makeup and mascara too! And folks, this costs almost HALF the price of the Shu ones. HALF.  I like it. A lot! Let’s just say my Shu cleanser isn’t sitting on my bathroom counter anymore…;)


Evie Amazingly Soothing Makeup Remover and Evie Lovingly Pure Toning Rose Water form Green & Pure Organic Beauty

Evie Lovingly Pure Toning Rose Water($39) is an all natural-toning rose water made with rose oil extracted from ECOCERT certified Bulgarian Damask Rose. No alcohol, or artificial fragrances of colours, it’s moisturizing and feels so fresh on the skin! Rose Water also has anti-bacterial, oil-balancing and regenerative properties as well. I love rose toners, and find that my skin really glows when I use one. This one is the best one I’ve ever tried! It’s a spray bottle, so you can wet a cotton pad with the rose water and then pat onto your skin, but I just spray 2 pumps onto my face with my eyes closed and then pat it in. I also love using it as a makeup setting spray as well. LOVE.

Evie Miracle Oil.jpg

Evie Miracle Oil form Green & Pure Organic Beauty

Evie Miracle Oil($69) combines the benefits of Rose Otto and Rose Hip with Vitamin E. It’s a lovely, luxurious feeling face oil that moisturizes and repairs skin. It has a dropper for application, and I use 2 drops at night. In the day, I’ll add a drop to my moisturizer of choice and mix it in and apply. I don’t use it every day though, because I still really like my Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Elixar. But this comes a close second! I think using both of them has made an amazing difference in my skin.

I’m so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful and amazing brand! I want to try more! There’s a Lavender Night Repair Lip Mask that’s calling my name next!

You can order Evie Products online at . Up to 3 free product samples are offered to customers along with each order. Just type in the “Order Notes” box on the right of the screen the 3 products that you are interested in, and samples will be included in your shipment. Free expedited shipping within Canada on orders over $50! And if you’re lucky in enough to be in the area, you can shop in person! The store is open 7 days a week from 11:30 am to 7pm. Tell them I sent ya! 🙂

Green & Pure Organic Beauty
Address: Unit 2165, Aberdeen Square, 4000 No.3 Road, Richmond, BC
Phone: 604.273.8988
Online Store:

Oh, how I love organic and natural skincare! And this line is pretty incredible. What new organic and natural skincare brands have you discovered lately?

*products sent by the lovely PR, thoughts are mine as always!