And so, it begins!

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick.jpg

It’s starting to snow here and there around #YEG and all over Alberta frankly, and YES I say…bring it on…I’m so glad it’s getting cold again. I love winter. I know, I’m a freak. And I love being one as you know… 😛

Since I AM the self-declared SNOW QUEEN of the Beauty Blogging World…just decided right there and then now-if anybody wants to fight me for it lemme know-but beware I’m NOT tiny hahaha and HAVE punched a dude before-not kidding-Tracy has LOADS of stories about the past if you’d like to hear some 😉
What was I talking about???!! Oh right….Snow Queen needs Snow Ballz, right?  I ordered mine from The Bay in case you were wondering. I give up on getting LE Guerlain from the counters-they get like three and unless you’re there at the right time, you’re SOL. What the HECK are these even called, I can’t remember…Perles de Neige? I think that’s it? SNOW BALLZ is better.


 photo IMG_3062.jpg

 photo IMG_3061.jpg

 photo IMG_3060.jpg


 photo IMG_3059.jpg

DANG so pretty….although the stars confuse people and me…like Guerlain dudes…have you even SEEN REAL SNOWFLAKES???!! They’re not star shaped? NOPE. I haven’t tried them yet but I know I will likey. I only have one other Gueralin Meteorites in my collection, the Pucci Ballz and use them all the time. So these won’t go to waste.

Snow and colder weather means it’s soup time again!

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstickjpg

Pumpkin soup! I just cut up my pumpkin, some turnips and onions and threw them in a pan and roasted them in the oven until soft. Dumped them in a pot with some veggie broth and pureed it, added some salt and pepper and YUMMMM….. SOUP. My dad was the soup king. He could make the most delicious soup from whatever was in his fridge. I hope I make him proud.  😀

Speaking of pumpkins, Halloween was cute. I love handing out candy to kids. One kid was dressed as SPOCK and yelled SPOCK OR TREAT…that kid got TWO HANDFULS of candy yes he did. #favekidever
But whilst sitting in my front room(because it’s closer to the door and just easier when handing out candy) on my computer, checking for free Halloween items from the Money Tree on Neopets(only time I go back on that site hahahaha and it makes Marky so jealous because she can’t remember her password BUT I CAN HAHAHA), I noticed these two Dior Glosses sitting there!

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick.jpg

MAN. I forgot about these two glosses from the Dior Holiday 2015 Collection-what’s it called again? State of Gold? Something like that, right? #badbeautyblogger Anyways, here’s some swatches of #613 Cygne Noir and #322 Sparkle for anyone who cares. No lips sorry….too lazy!

 photo IMG_3114.jpg

Dior State Of Gold Glosses: #322 Sparkle, #613 Cygne Noir

Dior Glosses are really nice! I like them a lot. I’m just not a gloss person, so I’ll be passing them along to a good friend that LOVES them a lot for Christmas. #youknowwhoyouare

I got a new lipstick! HAHAHA like that’s so surprising!

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick.jpg

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick

It’s Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick which is LE. All of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to The Movember Foundation—the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. It’s a great cause, and I had to support it. I love beauty that benefits. Especially when it’s 100% of the proceeds.

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick

It’s such a perfectly beautiful and wearable purple lipstick. Get one.

I really like this chocolate milk. And the glass bottle too.

 photo IMG_3074.jpg

I’m finally getting excited for this movie, because Eddie Redmayne…DANG DUDE.

Bite Beauty Mauvember Luminous Creme Lipstick.jpg

And finally, the Sephora VIB Sale is about to start and everyone and their dog is posting their WHAT’S ON MY WISH LIST.

And, then there’s ME:

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Yeah, I couldn’t even get in to the party that was at my Sephora last night. Thing is my Sephora recently moved to a bigger spot in the mall and it’s HUGE…so either there’s a TON of VIB ROUGES in Edmonton, or they’re being STUPID. I’m going with STUPID. I’m just so DONE and DONE with Sephora. If you’ve noticed I don’t even get any swag from them anymore like I used to…you get ignored when you vocally criticize a company a lot like I do…cowards I say. Too scared of little bitty me? GOOD. YOU SHOULD BE MOTHER EFFERS.

Honestly, I don’t actually see the point of Sephora all that much lately? And I think a lot of companies know how dissatisfied Canadians are with Sephora, because they’re starting to give us our OWN online shopping stores. Urban Decay now has a site for Canadians to shop online and they have great perks all the time that are FREE you guys.  Caudalie too has a Canadian site and has sales all the time and freebies as well.

 photo IMG_3118.jpg

So, I don’t think I’m going to order anything during this Sephora Sale, unless my hubby wants some kind of fragrance. Otherwise, I don’t really wear a ton of makeup anymore and there’s pretty much nothing from the holiday offerings I want, so…I think I’ll be skipping it this year. I KNOW.  If it wasn’t for BITE Beauty and a few other brands only offered at Sephora, I’d probably really not shop there at all anymore. It will be less and less for sure as time goes by. So long JERKS I say.

How you guys DOIN’?? I hope well!

What’s happening with you? Is it getting colder where you are too? What’s been giving you joy lately? For me it’s always the sky… every time I look at it I see something incredible lately. Like this portal to another universe…maybe makeup and skincare is FREE THERE hahahaha! #wishes