It’s been 30 days since I’ve blogged! And I know some of you have been wondering WTH TRACY WHERE ARE YOU.

Well, it’s like this: LIFE. It happens. I like the happens, even if it means a sprained wrist which makes typing furiously on a computer impossible. #IblameBurpees #heyIamTryingMan 

But today, my wrist feels not too bad AND I’ve just eaten a box of 20 Timbits for dinner WITH a glass of wine #AdultingHere so, let’s get back to BIZNESS. 

So, I’ve been sitting and sitting on blogging about these Charlotte Tilbury Quick ‘N’ Easy 5 Minute Instant Makeup Kits I was sent at the beginning of January.

 photo SAM_5437.jpg

I showed them on my Instagram Story feed and when I was swatching them I honestly was thinking these are great! What a great idea! Little packets of Charlotte Tilbury Goodness to create easy, no fuss makeup looks! I think it was the whole 5 minute makeup easy look part that had me sold-that and her makeup swatches well too and can easily FOOL you.


 photo SAM_5448.jpg

Most of these kits come with a sample of her Wonder Glow.

 photo SAM_5450.jpg

Yeah, it’s nothing but a moisturizer with loads of glitter. Pass.

Some kits come with a sample of her Legendary Lashes Mascara.

 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 57.jpg

It was promising! Very lengthening! Not so much volume. But…it smudges to high heaven. And most people agree with me.

Some kits come with her Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencils, which I thought cool, I love me easy eye looks.

 photo SAM_5461.jpg
That’s the Amber Haze Chameleon Pencil from the Naturally Glowing Kit and it’s the better of the two I got to try in these kits.

 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 59.jpg

I mean, it sets so DARN FAST that blending is nearly impossible! And, if you have oily oily lids like I do, you’ll still need a primer because they will crease. I’ll show you proof later.

Even the Beach Stick in this Kit, I did not like:

 photo SAM_5473.jpg

Looks nice hey?

 photo SAM_5462.jpg
Swatches not half bad.

Ends up patch on the cheeks. I mean, it looks like I have blush on one cheek only. ONE.

 photo IMG_3720.jpg

SIGH. And it’s not good on the lips either because it feels powdery.

The Red Carpet Glam Kit? Swatches awesome, but again it’s really nothing special?

 photo SAM_5494.jpg

I mean, it’s a lip liner, a lipstick, and an eyeliner? For $95. WHY so much?

 photo IMG_3750.jpg

I don’t get it. It’s a red lipstick. YAY??!!!

The Smokey Eye look kit was the one I was MOST excited to try, I mean look at that swatch of the Black Diamonds Chameleon Eye Pencil. IT’S SO GLITTERY and PRETTY!

 photo SAM_5508.jpg

And you guys loved my eye look in other posts that I was wearing that pencil!

 photo IMG_3788.jpg

It looks so good, ya? Things are never quite what they seem!


 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 78.jpg

Not so much, hey? Wow this one creases like crazy you guys, even with primer and the glitter keeps falling all over the place-jumping even. It’s glitter with legs cause I found some even in my brows, my lips, on my shirt. Nope. NOPE. I’m too old for that man, just way too old.

I can’t tell you to buy these kits?!! I mean, CHRIST. I’d have to go to confession and say like 500 hundred Our Fathers and 1000 Hail Marys and even then my conscience wouldn’t feel clean.

If you want to try some Charlotte Tilbury makeup? Get a lipstick. Preferably the matte ones. The lipsticks in these kits are the only thing that I consistently liked-she makes a good lippie that woman, yes she does. The rest of the makeup in these kits? Overpriced. Not. Good. Don’t. Waste. Your. Money. On. Them.


With Marky home for just a couple of more weeks, I’ve been shopping a bit more than usual. More so for her as I like to stock her up(and maybe spoil her) as much as I can before she heads back to California. If we can get something here that she uses or needs, it’s by all means better for my wallet because of the lousy exchange rate. But of course, a few things slip into my shopping basket that are for ME hahaha!

 photo IMG_0673.jpg

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502 Lines and Last Night($57)

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502 Lines and Last Night.jpg

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502 Lines and Last Night

Man, I love this New Marc Jacobs Air Blush! I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it. The colour is a perfect peachy pink and the texture is sublime. It’s a powder that just melts into the skin and blends so easily and perfectly onto cheeks. There’s just the right amount of glow and it lasts all day. I’d love to get another, but seriously this is HUGE and how many more blushes does this blush fiend need? Don’t answer that question  😛

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502 Lines and Last Night.jpg

RMS Unpowder, Clinique Chubby In The Nude, MAC Velvetease, Marc Jacobs Air Blush

The RMS Unpowder is something I’ve been using a lot this summer. This is the tinted version in 01, but it’s the same powder as the untinted one. It’s so fine and virtually invisible on the skin, but boy does it ever minimize pores and does a great job at setting foundation and keeping my t-zone shine free. Plus I love that it’s talc free, silicone free, perfume free and paraben free.

Clinique Chubby In The Nude($29) was a why not I’ll try it kind of purchase, and I actually really like it a lot. This is the lightest shade 02 Abundant Alabaster which isn’t very alabaster at all. If you are paler than me which at the moment I am NC20 in MAC talk, then unfortunately you won’t find a shade to match. It’s creamy, blends easily with fingers and looks natural on the skin. It’s not full coverage, but is buildable to medium coverage I’d say. And that’s why I like it because it’s NOT full coverage like most foundation sticks. Like have you swatched that new Hourglass one? HOOWEE loads of mask-like pigment baby! Not for me at all! I like using this Chubby Stick to just even out my skin tone a bit and cover up redness, and it does that perfectly for me. I do like setting it with a bit of the RMS Unpowder though, and it lasts for the day. Fast and easy!

MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in the shade Anything Goes is AMAZING. If you can still find this in stores then grab it. Matte, comfy, so easy to apply, lasts FOREVER without drying my lips-I’ve ordered a back up already. It’s the perfect pinky red shade!

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502.jpg

Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502, Clinique Chubby In The Nude Abundant Alabaster, RMS Unpowder, MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil Anything Goes

See how the Marc Jacobs Air Blush just blends into the skin seamlessly? You have to try one.

Wearing Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502,.jpg

Wearing Marc Jacobs Air Blush #502, Clinique Chubby In The Nude Abundant Alabaster, MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil Anything Goes

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector Light Bisque 2
 photo IMG_0680.jpg

This is a great dark circle corrector that’s creamy, which is perfect for my aging eyes.

 photo Unknown.jpg

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector Light Bisque 2

You don’t need a lot, so be careful when you dab it on because the doe foot pulls a LOT of product out. And I am NOT one of those crazies that puts a ton of concealer under my eyes. Personally, I just use two dots just on my darkness, and then blend with either my fingers or the tiny tip of my beauty blender and that’s it. The peachy shade does a great job at brightening up my eyes which lately I need as for some reason I haven’t been sleeping all that well.

 photo IMG_0679.jpg

I repurchased the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist($58). What can I say, I like it. A lot! I love using this especially when I shower in the evening but it’s still too early to put my nighttime skincare on. I spray this on my face and it soothes my dry skin just enough that I don’t feel the need to put any serums or creams on until I go to bed a couple of hours later. It works for me.

 photo IMG_0681.jpg
The Hylamide C25 Stabilized Vitamin C Booster($38) is a staple in my skincare routine, and now in Marky’s as well as she loves it and stole mine. It’s a great, affordable Vitamin C serum that works pretty well at lightening up spots and acne marks. This is a new bottle for me, plus I got another for Marky to take with her to college.

 photo IMG_0683.jpg

And lastly, the Murad Clarifying Wipes($22) I repurchased to take with me on The College Road Trip #2. Yeah, we are driving Marky back to California. Again haha. You see, she’s moving into a new apartment September 1 and we are helping her AGAIN. But we’re also suckers for road trips and loved the last college road trip, so it was a unanimous decision to do it again. Although, we are going a different route this time on the way there, so that’ll be fun. I think. Is Utah fun? You tell me LOL! Anyways, I like having these wipes in my backpack to refresh my face in hot sweaty weather. Terry likes them too and will use one when I offer him one, so that’s something. And I find wiping my face when it’s hot and sweaty really makes a difference in breakouts appearing. Plus, it’s a good way to make sure you reapply sunscreen again!

What are some of your recent shopping loves? Or Repurchases? And have you any ideas about things to do and see in Salt Lake City? 

I’m sure you’ve all seen the whole POWER OF MAKEUP videos all over the internets….I know, they’re a few months old, and I’m a bit late to this little GAME… 😛  it’s all just a game, you realize that by now I hope? Yes.

And of course, I support the whole makeup makes me feel better movement…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… BUT.


Must we REALLY wear SO MUCH of it to make ourselves feel better?

I know I don’t have to. And I’m gong to show you that neither do YOU. Because for CRIPES sake you guys… I am 49.5 years old…if you are anywhere’s UNDER that number? You really DON’T need to wear a ton of makeup.

Me. NO MAKEUP. NONE. Going to Zumba in the morning like I do pretty much every day.

I like my face without makeup, and if you know me, I often go out and about without anything on my face. In fact, I met one of my readers for the first time and who has become a good friend btw without a STITCH of makeup on my face…ok lie…I was wearing a bright pink matte lipstick that I shared with her….but still…nothing else was on my face. That’s how comfy I am in my own skin. It’s MY skin…and I take damn good care of it! I am never scared to leave the house without any makeup on my face. #OwnIt

BUT, heck… I am a beauty blogger. I like makeup! And just a TINY bit of makeup? Makes just that much of difference for me.


All I’m wearing is a bit of foundation-Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup in case you are wondering, and I LOVE it….if you want a full review let me know in the comments and I shall obey. Also mascara-I find mascara really makes me look wide awake. Also BLUSH. Hey, once a blush fiend, always a blush fiend! I do have a natural rosy cheek, but if I wear foundation, I really do like adding back that colour to my cheeks…it just makes me look younger, right? NO CONTOUR. NO HIGHLIGHT. NO COLOUR CORRECTOR. None of that crap is what I use in my every day makeup.

Also, just a bit of lip balm…most days that’s all I wear when I’m out. Although lately, I really have been enjoying a lot of lipsticks and wearing them, because I just don’t wear eyeshadows anymore. I give up man. I don’t care anymore about new releases, I don’t want to care, and I don’t buy them or any palettes anymore. DONE. Like a good steak dinner I am done. I just don’t see the point of them now. With my aging, hooded eyes, you won’t see any eyeshadow, right? So WHY bother? Yeah, that’s my view now. Waste of time and money for me. But hey-you do YOU and I’ll do ME, right? It’s just makeup, and it’s all fun in the end.

So, there you go…what just a LITTLE bit of makeup can do for you. And I don’t mean to dis the whole LOADS of makeup movement…wait…maybe I do HAHAHA. I am really, REALLY tired of all the LOADS of makeup I see on such young and pretty faces these days. It’s alarming! And I don’t understand it at all?! If someone can enlighten me and explain it all, please do so??!!  I’m a true GEN-X, and if you are like me, then you also don’t get the whole I WANNA BE LIKE so and so that’s going on these days. My generation was all all about being an individual and doing YOU and not listening to THE MAN…hahaha I guess now I’m talking about the makeup man! Why does everyone want to conform so badly and look the same? What is driving this insanity? Why aren’t girls happy with their faces? IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH.

I’d really like to know what you think. I have my own thinks, but I want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let’s chat about makeup these days and what’s going on. Maybe you have some thoughts that I haven’t thunk! SHARE.

As a blogger, I take a LOT of pictures of my face. It’s almost sickening to be honest, and it’s really the weirdest thing ever to have to keep looking at your face on your computer all the time. And it’s even weirder I tell ya’, because sometimes I take a pic and think-THAT does not look like me at all… WTF. Like this one:

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Backtalk

I don’t know, but that pic doesn’t look or feel like me at all. I look snotty, aloof. And if you’ve ever met me? You know I’m neither of those things.

BTW, I’m wearing Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk in that snotty pic. It’s the perfect pinky mauve lipstick. I bought three of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in California, and wow I love them all. Get one of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in the Comfort Matte formula you guys-so comfy, and not drying at all! And lasts forever and a day on your lips too with a nice fade.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.jpg

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticsk: Weirdo(cream, Criminal(comfort matte) and Backtalk(comfort matte)

But the pics I take of my face as a warm up? Yeah, see that’s something us bloggers-or at least some of us-or maybe just weirdo me do! I take “warm up pics” to get into the whole “MOOD” of taking face pics. Smizing takes some practice!

This is usually what my warm up face pics look like:

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

YUP. DAT is ME. The REAL Tracy.

What’s the point of all this? I think I’m trying to show you that what you see on blogs, instagram, twitter-ain’t always real. A lot of pics are doctored to heck. I personally, don’t doctor or fix my pics to look perfect -I don’t care enough to do that HAHA. Seriously, that’s really the main reason. And the other reason is- that I’m just too LAZY. Editing pictures is one of the most time consuming parts of blogging that I detest. DE-TEST. I hate it. LOTS. Can you tell? 😛 So, I try not to do it so much. I try not to do much of anything that’s not all that fun. Someone once told me that once something you love doing isn’t fun anymore then it’s time to stop doing it and try something else. I kind of agree. Life is too short to keep doing things that aren’t fun, right?

But every so often, I somehow take a picture that looks like ME-like REALLY ME.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Chubby cheeks, wrinkles around the eyes and upper cheeks, smiley bright eyes-this is ME. This is what I look like in real life. At least I think so? And it’s a more realistic picture of me. But a lot of the time, this true version of me doesn’t come across in pictures for some reason.

Why? Well, I think a lot of it has to so with the amount of makeup I’m wearing. Compared to that first photo(and honestly it’s not a huge difference, but just enough) I’m wearing minimal makeup. Like very little. I’m wearing Sappho Organics Foundation, which is amazing and probably the most skin-like foundation I’ve ever tried. If ya’d like a more in-depth review, let me know and I will oblige. The brighter lip shade makes a HUGE diff too, don’t ya’ think? As I get older, I notice a brighter lipstick makes a HUGE difference on me. Less bronzer too. Less of EVERYTHING looks better I think. And warmer shades of makeup- everything on my face is just warmer toned in general in that pic.Even the lighting is warmer. Cooler tones and shades seem to age me these days.

And the other thing that makes a difference too? Is how much sleep and exercise I get. I need lots of sleep to be able to function-more than the average person I’ve come to realize. It’s probably because of my MS that I require more rest, but I need at LEAST 8 hours-more like 9 or 10 hours to feel and look my best. And, the more rest I get, the younger I look in pictures, which I assume translates into real life as well.

Less makeup, a pop of bright lipstick, exercise, and sleep! These are the things that make a difference in how I look and feel. And those are the things I’m going to make sure I keep on doing from now on.

What are the things that make YOU look and feel your best? And have you tried the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks yet? I want about 5 more GEEZ.

I guess I still have some Dior Summer 2016 products to show you, hey? Let’s take a look at the Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder, the Diorrskin Nude Air Glow Powders, and the Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liners.

Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder $68

 photo IMG_8558.jpg

Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder 002 Fresh Light 001 Fresh Tan

Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder 002 Fresh Light  and 001 Fresh Tan are gorgeous bronzers? Is that what they are? Because I don’t think so? I think I’d call them more of a bronzer blush, or BLONZER, because I like them on my cheeks, but not on the rest of my face. If I use them like a regular bronzer I tend to look a little too peachy and orange instead of bronzed. I love the formula though! They blend into the skin like a dream and do kind of give a subtle glow to the cheeks. Whether you believe the hooey that these contain a pollution-fighting formula that limits the absorption of toxins is up to you. SURE DIOR. SURE. #WhoYouKidding

 Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder $68

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder.jpg

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder is a special edition light peachy loose powder that enhances the skin with the subtle shimmer of a summer glow. There are tiny shimmers that I can still see no matter how much I blend or buff. Some people have said that the more you buff, the shimmers disappear? I can still see them no matter what I do, so I just apply a bit of the Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder on the tops of my cheekbones and any high points on my face-like a highlighter. Click on the swatches below to get a closer look at the powders and that shimmer I’m talking about.

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder.jpg

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder, Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder 002 Fresh Light, 001 Fresh Tan

I’m wearing the Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder 002 Fresh Light on the apples of my cheeks and 001 Fresh Tan towards the back of my cheekbones. You can sort of see the difference in shade I think? It’s a very subtle difference in shade to be honest with the lighter one being peachier. All three blend beautifully and sit gorgeous on the skin, as do all Dior face powders. Dior face powders are gorgeous that’s for sure.

 photo SAM_2737.jpg


Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner $36

 Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder.jpg

Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner #282, #862

Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner #282 Pro Navy is a navy shade and #862 Pro Magenta is a burgundy which is a pretty unique shade for an eyeliner. These are supposed to have the intensity of a liquid liner in a semi-matte finish.

 photo IMG_8688.jpg

Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner #282, #862

Those swatches are two passes, so by no means are these as pigmented as a liquid eyeliner. They can break off a bit too, as you can see in the navy swatch some pencil came off.  You have a bit of time(around a minute) to smudge them if you like. That’s what I did. Although smudging the liner takes the pigmentation level down again. The bevelled tip is cool! But it takes a bit of practice to get used to it, which makes it tougher to get a precise line with them. That’s why I prefer smudging them.

 photo IMG_2668.jpg

Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner #282

If you get water on your eyes they won’t move, but if you rub, then the eyeliner will move. So I wouldn’t call these waterproof. A more appropriate term would be water-resistant. That eye look did stay put all day for me, so long-lasting they are for sure.

Here’s what I mean about the bevelled edge being cool:

Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liners are interesting? But I think the word Pro means something here. I think these would be easier to use if you are a makeup artist and applying eyeliner on someone else. But using them on yourself? There’s a bit of a learning curve before mastering the application. Plus that price makes my eyes twitch something fierce!

Would I spring for any of these products with my own money? I’d probably get one of the Nude Air Glow Powders-IF I needed a peachy Blonzer. The Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder is pretty? If you don’t mind some shimmer, it is lovely as a setting powder and I know a lot of my blogger buddies adore it. The eyeliners are a pass for sure, I mean for that price they should line my eyes on their own, right?

Has anything from the Dior Summer 2016 Collection caught your eye?