Hey everyone! A little bit of a different post today, so I hope you don’t mind!

After my doctor’s visit yesterday, I had a Me Moment. I feel so much better knowing how to deal with my health problems-mainly anemia and hypothyroidism, and being overweight. I feel armed and ready to tackle my health this year and achieve some balance! Here’s my plan:

1. Actually re-joining Weight Watchers and following the program. Online.

I’ve lost weight before with Weight Watchers. It works for me. I don’t like feeling deprived, and on other diet programs that avoid certain food groups I don’t do well. I feel they’re just not realistic and not a way to live my life. Life’s too short to not eat bread. Or chocolate. Or whatever I want. And with Weight Watchers I can still eat those things and lose weight. So, today I clicked join and paid for an online membership. GUYS the WW Mobile App-SO COOL. You can just scan the barcodes now and if WW has the info, it automatically finds it for you and you just hit enter onto your tracker! I LIKE THIS.

2. Exercising every day.

I already exercise as you know, but not enough. Because of the hypothyroid business, I have to REALLY move it move it, so that’s what’s going to happen-no ifs, no ands, NO BUTS. I’ve been loving Zumba a lot, so I bought another Wii Zumba game to add to the mix so I don’t get bored, because that’s a huge problem for me. Boredom. If I get bored, I stop. And I CAN’T stop this time.

 photo IMG_2988.jpg

I’ll also dust off my treadmill, because I kind of gave up on it around November. I wasn’t seeing any results, but now that I know WHY, I’m going to use that sucker again.  I might not run so much, but walk more and listen to music while doing it! So if you have any favourite songs that are good to exercise to, let me know!

3. The anemia business. I’m getting so tired of it to be honest. But it’s so hard for me to take the high dose iron pills-they really bother my stomach. But this new doctor of mine-he’s amazing. He told me to buy these instead:

 photo IMG_2985.jpg

Prenatal Vitamins have a bit higher of a dose of iron than just a daily multi-vitamin, but not as high as the high dose iron pills. They’ll be easier on my stomach, plus I get the added bonus of other vitamins and stuff too. I’ve taken one already today, and so far so good! No sore tummy so yay! Yes, this’ll take a bit longer to build up my iron stores, but at least I won’t have to quit taking them because of stomach pain which always happens and then I end up right back where I started: tired, pale, and low hemoglobin stores which makes it harder to exercise. NOT THIS TIME.

4. Remembering To STAY on track!

Thanks to some lovely and amazing PR, I’ll be able to do that with these pretties:

Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets.jpg

Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets

Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets are made with semi-precious stones and colours that represent different goals. The beautiful elephant icon ensures that you never forget what you’re aiming for. The Iron Stone represents Perseverance, while Green Malachite means success and will bring good health. There are other stones too that represent other goals.

Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets.jpg

Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets

The tiny rhodium filled elephant charm is ADORABLE. And I love wearing these Joseph Nogucci Elephant Memory Stone Bracelets to remind me of my Life Balance Goals! They’re on sale right now by the way, so if you want to pick one up for yourself, or as a gift for someone do it now!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s my new hair colour:
 photo PurplehairIMG_5585-2.png
My hairdresser put some Indigo into the mix, so there’s some light pink and purple and indigo in there-I know it’s a bit hard to see from this angle, but that’s what’s there now and I LOVE it. I like it a lot better than the pink to be honest. Sometimes I felt like the pink accentuated the redness in my cheeks. The bluer colours seem to tone it down a bit, and I think my eyes look bluer too.

So, I hope you don’t mind if from now on, I throw in a different kind of post like this. Something about exercise, about Weight Watchers like a great recipe, or anything else that I’ve been doing to achieve my Year Of Balance.

What do you do to achieve balance in your life? Are you trying to get healthy this year too?