One of my #beautygoals this year is to incorporate more green and natural products into my skincare and makeup. So far, it’s been quite fun discovering new products! And some of these new products are proudly made in Canada, like Bella Aura Skincare. This is a luxurious, natural, and highly effective skincare line that I’ve fallen head over heels for.

Bella Aura Skincare

Bella Aura Skincare.jpg

Bella Aura Skincare

The founder and creator of Bella Aura Skincare, Yasmine Jones, had serious skin problems while under stress during her mother’s battle with Leukaemia. After a trip to Morocco, natural oils were starting to help her skin recover, but not as effectively as she wanted them to. She decided to combine these natural oils of Argan, Cactus, Neroli, and Nigella-a proprietary blend she calls Kamilah which means complete in Arabic -with advanced active ingredients. And that’s how Bella Aura Skincare came to be! Bella Aura means beautiful aura. All living things apparently give off a coloured aura that represents personality traits and energy. DO you know anybody that sees auras? I do! Marky actually can see colours around people and I think it’s neat.

What makes Bella Aura Skincare different? Bella Aura Skincare is emulsion-based. Emulsions are created when a water based moisturizer is combined with botanical oils. They are lightweight and quickly absorb into the deepest layers of your skin, leaving no greasy residue at all. An emulsion has the ability to maintain hydration levels and prevent moisture loss from your skin’s surface. All skin types benefit from emulsions, as they are hydrating and don’t clog pores at all. Each Bella Aura Skincare product contains the Kamilah blend of four natural botanical extracts of Argan, Cactus, Neroli, and Nigella infused with Peptides, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids. Bella Aura Skincare is a complete anti-aging, high performance, natural skin care line.

Gentle Purifying Cleanser

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Gentle Purifying Cleanser($42)

The Bella Aura Skincare Gentle Purifying Cleanser logo is blue, which symbolizes calmness. Blue projects tranquility and inner peace, and isn’t that what a cleanser should feel like? And this is such a lovely, calming cleanser! It’s creamy, and foams a tiny bit without any soap or harsh detergents. It smells INCREDIBLE. Actually, each product in the line smells so good thanks to the Neroli Oil, which is of the highest quality. The cleanser has a vitamin B complex to help exfoliate, replenish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. It leaves skin soft, smooth, and ready for the next steps.

Antioxidant Booster

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Antioxidant Booster($148)

The Bella Aura Skincare Antioxidant Booster logo is orange which symbolizes a burst of energy and creativity. It infuses skin with peptides, vitamins C-E-A-B complex-D-F-k, minerals, and omega3-6-9 fatty acids. This is one of the best Antioxidant Boosters I’ve ever tried. It helps reduce the look of dark spots, discolouration, blotchiness and redness, while protecting it from damaging free radicals. It instantly absorbs, leaving skin soft and glowing. LOVE.

Daily Repair Moisturizer

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Daily Repair Moisturizer($128)

The Bella Aura Skincare Daily Repair Moisturizer logo is green which means renewal. The colour Green projects healing, rejuvenation and a sense of nature. This is a bit thicker in texture than the Antioxidant Booster, and oh so hydrating! One of the extra ingredients in here that is really interesting is Black Oats. Black Oats are a water-retaining substance, that help the skin’s own natural ability to retain moisture. After a couple of days of using it, my skin was so perfectly hydrated I couldn’t believe it. This is one serious moisturizer that really WORKS.

Lifting Eye Contour

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Lifting Eye Contour($128)

The Bella Aura Skincare Instant Eye Lifting Contour logo is indigo, which represents spirituality and intuition. Indigo projects a heightened sense of awareness.
I think this is my FAVOURITE product from Bella Aura Skincare. The texture is a thin, liquid emulsion that instantly brightens and moisturizes my eye area. It feels nice and cooling as it is absorbed, and doesn’t’ interfere with concealers at all. There are so many good for skin ingredients in this eye cream that will help support the skin’s natural collagen and reveal a younger, more lifted look to the eye area. I do notice a slight lift from this one! It’s so GOOD.

Night Cellular Renewal

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Night Cellular Renewal($148)

The Bella Aura Skincare Night Cellular Renewal logo is pink, which evokes compassion, beauty and love. It projects warmth and passion. Along with the Kamilah blend of four natural botanical extracts, this contains Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is called the immortality herb in China. Overnight, this delivers nutrition and hydration to your skin. It increases firmness, elasticity and smoothness. The neroli scent is so soothing and it makes me look forward to using this at night. I wake up with radiant, rested, more youthful looking skin.

I’ve enjoyed using the Bella Aura Skincare line these past weeks! If I had to pick, my faves are the Cleanser and the Lifting Eye Contour. But I do love everything! All the products are very moisturizing, so I do think that drier skin types would benefit the most from them. Every product feels so luxurious, and smells incredible. It’s not an overpowering scent though in case that scares you. It’s a gentle and soothing scent. If you love Neroli like I do, then you’ll really enjoy using these products. I highly recommend checking out the line. You can order from the website,

How have you all been? What’s new? It feels like ages since I’ve posted and it probably has haha! I’ve been so busy and apologize for not posting more often. But most of the things I have to review at the moment happens to be skincare, and that takes time for me to test out. I don’t like telling you about skincare that I’ve only used once or twice, because what’s the point of that, right? Right! I do have some awesome lipsticks to share soon! So many new lipsticks I’ve been collecting-I think I’ve turned into a serious lipstick fiend you guys!

Have you been trying to use more green and natural beauty products too? 

There are two tasty tidbits of information that I need to share with you this week! Let’s start with the Beauty Tidbit first, because one of my absolute favourite skincare brands, Consonant Skincare is now being sold on!

All of Consonant Skincare’s 100 per cent natural products are created and produced in Canada and are made with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. They are formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural chemistry to improve the health of skin over time, rather than covering up irritating symptoms. Consonant Skincare is free of parabens, sulphates, petroleum ingredients, phthalates and silicone.

HydrGasm Kit Consonant Skincare

Consonant Skincare.jpg

HydrGasm Kit Consonant Skincare

To mark the occasion, Consonant Skincare has created a hydrating skincare kit called the HydrGasm ($99) combining three of their essential skincare products to create the best hydrating and protecting skincare kit EVER!

Consonant Skincare.jpg

HydrGasm Kit Consonant Skincare

The HydrGasm kit contains two of my favourite Consonant Skincare products,  HydrExtreme and The Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream-both which made my Skincare Faves of 2015 which you can read about HERE. I won’t get into too much detail about them in this post, because you can read about the ingredients and my thoughts in that blog post, but let me just say that if you have dry, flaky skin both of those Consonant Skincare products will change your skin in one day I promise. Especially, the HydrExtreme-it’s liquid GOLD I tell ya’. Heck, this kit is a great deal because that bottle of HydrExtreme alone is $72.  Consonant Skincare The Perfect Sunscreen is something I’ve always wanted to try, and it’s freakin’ AWESOME. If like me you’ve been searching for a 100% natural sunscreen that leaves no white residue and is not greasy at all, then this is it folks.  It gives you SPF 30 Protection with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide minerals, and has hydrating  aloe vera, grape seed and rice bran oil to moisturize. It has a touch of natural mica tint too, which I think is great because it evens out your skin tone just a touch. If I’m going to be out all day in the sun, I prefer to not wear foundation that’s just going to slide and melt off my face. This sunscreen makes me look more even toned and I like wearing it on its own. But it also works well under a foundation too, so it’s a winner for me! The Consonant Skincare HydrGasm Kit is a great way to discover this awesome, natural Canadian brand. They have other kits as well that you can get to discover the brand, and they also sell all the full-size products as well. This makes me really happy!

Oh, and hey by the way! ShopBop is having their annual Tiered Spring Sale and it starts today!

The sale ENDS March 5th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. This is a great sale to make bigger purchases with your friends and family to get maximum savings, because the more you buy the more you save. This is a good time to get a dress for graduations and any other events coming up. I know I’ll be looking for a dress for Marky, because she needs a pretty one in May for the animation producer’s show that her college puts on.

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I’m kind of digging how Sephora is trying to sell more Canadian brands and more natural, organic brands too. It’s a great idea! What do you think of this new direction the company is taking? And have you got any special occasions coming up this year and need a great dress or two? Indulge me as I never have any fancy events to attend hahaha!

Guess what?! Mèreadesso launches at Nordstrom their entire product line in Vancouver this September! WAHOO!! Recently launched at Nordstrom Rideau Centre in Ottawa this past March, Nordstrom Canada was the first retail home for Mèreadesso, and that’s HUGE news for a Canadian Company! Mèreadesso products will also be launching on in the next few weeks, so that online shoppers from all over the world can order the amazing and simple skincare line.

Haven’t heard of them? Well, Mèreadesso is a line of skincare products that’s designed for those who want simple yet highly effective skincare. Mèreadesso wants to declutter your bathroom counter top and get rid of the plethora of skincare products you think you need to achieve great skin. They have two face products: a moisturizer and a cleanser. That’s IT. You need nothing else when you use their moisturizer. It acts as a moisturizer, serum, primer, day cream, night cream and eye cream. Every bottle of Mèreadesso is chock full of minerals, vitamins and extracts to help attack  fine lines and wrinkles, even out your skin tone, and improve elasticity too. The products are made for all skin types and even your hubby can use them too!

Because Mèreadesso launches at Nordstrom in a couple of weeks, I was lucky enough to be granted an exclusive one-on-one interview with Linda Stephenson, the brains behind the brand. I was also sent a couple of products to take with me tomorrow on our trip to California, which is kind of awesome. These products are/will be available at Nordstrom too! Let’s talk products first!

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom

 Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom.jpg

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom

Mèreadesso Travel Ease Kit ($45): comes with 12ml of All-In-One Moisturizer and the Face + Neck Cleanser in resealable sachets, the first of its kind in North America! LOOK how GENIUS this is! There’s a plastic cover that’s easy to open and dispense just enough product per use. I’m amazed! And the set also comes with a reusable cleansing cloth too, which is such a good idea. I don’t know about you guys, but hotel wash cloths are scratchy. This one is not!

Mèreadesso Travel Ease Kit

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom.jpg


I’m so freakin’ excited about not having to take any other skincare on this trip. This set will easily last me the whole time I’m there, which is just over a week.

Mèreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom.jpg

Mèreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer

Mèreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer ($48): Just like the original All-In-One Moisturizer that’s in the travel kit, this is an all-in-one moisturizer, but with a tint to even out skin tone.

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom.jpg

Mèreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer

It still has the 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants that are in the original too.

Mèreadesso Launches At Nordstrom.jpg

Mèreadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer Light

This is the light shade, and as you can see it’s sheer. But the coverage is quite buildable and it applies like a dream-no brushes needed at all. All I need is sunscreen and I’m all set for California!

Like I said, I got to ask Linda Stephenson some questions which was a huge honour for me. She has 22 years of experience, and created makeup products for Estee Lauder, MAC, Mary Kay and more. After years of brand-building and then becoming a mom, Linda decided to take her skills and knowledge and start her own skincare line and Bazinga! Mèreadesso was born.

Hi Linda! Congratulations on Mèreadesso being available to purchase at Nordstrom in Vancouver this September! How very exciting! So, tell us, how did you get started in the skincare business? Why did you decide to launch your own line of products?

Shortly after getting a degree in chemistry, biology and botany, I fell into the beauty industry and never looked back.  In the mid 90’s I was offered a job with a little known company named MAC that gave me some of my best learning and adventures.  I really credit that time spent with MAC and its parent company Estée Lauder as invaluable.  It gave me the background and knowledge to do what I am doing today.

When I became a Mom, I realized that I didn’t have time to use countless products anymore – I needed a simplified skincare routine.  So I created one.  One moisturizer for all skin types, both male and female, at all times of the day that also acts as an eye cream, serum and primer.  One cleanser that gently cleans your face, exfoliates, tones and removes waterproof mascara.

Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer has 20 Antioxidants in it, which is amazing! What are antioxidants and why are they so important in skincare?

Antioxidants have the ability to reduce or prevent damage done by free radicals (particles emitted by the sun and pollutants in the air) which could break down the skin’s structure causing wrinkles and other potentially more serious damage.

Any good skincare product should contain antioxidants to see visible results.

Recently, my daughter who just turned 22, asked me if she could start using “anti-aging” skincare. At what age should a woman start an anti-aging routine and what ingredients should she look out for?

There’s no right age to begin using anti-aging products but good habits start early.

Please tell her to use a well-regarded moisturizer and cleanser, avoid smoking and apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.  Exfoliating her skin with a warm, wet facecloth or a gentle exfoliator is also helpful.  And please remind her to take her makeup off before going to bed! No choice!

Antioxidants are good to have in your moisturizer at any age.  In your daughter’s case it would be more preventative now than reparative.  Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are also all beneficial for the skin.  I put so many into the formula because what is needed for your skin may be different for mine.  In terms of understanding ingredients, you want to make sure that the active ingredients are high up on the list. You also want to avoid lauryl sulfates in cleansers which only serve to dry out your skin.  So it’s not only about what’s in there, it’s also about what’s not in there.

Your products do not contain sunscreen. Why is that? And would you someday consider adding a sunscreen to the Mèreadesso line?

I haven’t included a sunscreen on purpose.  This is a very hot topic (pardon the pun) so it does require an explanation.  The active ingredients in a sunscreen act as a barrier between you and the sun.  They sit on the top of your skin and keep the sun out.

There would have been no point to including all of the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that I did, if I also included a sunscreen.  It would prevent penetration of all those special ingredients into your skin and completely change the texture of the product.

However, I do recommend using a sunscreen on top of my Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer when spending time out in the sun.  Simply allow my product to soak in first and then apply sunscreen afterwards.  And I will leave it to the talented chemists at the major sunscreen companies to keep up the good work!

What does the name Mèreadesso actually mean?

“Mère” means mother in French and “adesso” means now in Italian.  It’s a nod to what drove me to create this skincare line.  (Lack of personal time!)  Tons of men though have been turned on to Mèreadesso since then so we have rebranded as a unisex line.  The names stays though!

What has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Figuring out how to best support a large retailer.  A huge company like Nordstrom has almost their own language and navigating the on boarding process has definitely been a learning experience.

What is your one beauty ‘must-have’ makeup product?

My Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer!  Last weekend, I thought I hadn’t packed any for a weekend getaway and I felt the beginning of a panic attack until it was located.  It is truly a beauty elixir for the skin!

Doesn’t she sound like an amazing person? Again, I want to say thank you and congrats to Linda for Mèreadesso being available at Nordies. And also a big thank you to Rebecca from 1Milk2Sugars for arranging the interview and for sending over the products to test. And don’t forget, be sure to check out as Mèreadesso launches at Nordstrom Vancouver in September!

What do you think of an all-in-one product like this? Would you love to simplify your skincare regimen too?