More lipsticks Tracy? Heck YES.

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour.jpg

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour($36) are ultralightweight, hydrating lipsticks that feel SO good on the lips. They are comfortable and very buildable in pigmentation. They give a juicy, shiny look to your lips that’s perfect for warmer weather. And they are not sticky at all. I absolutely adore them!

Swatchy Time!

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour.jpg

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour have a balm-like gel texture. I actually couldn’t believe how much pigment Burberry packed into a sheer lipstick. A couple of swipes and you get amazing pigmentation on the lips. Unlike other sheer lipsticks that have a colour payoff cap, these you can keep building up layers to get LOADS of colour payoff. And it doesn’t matter how many layers you build up, the formula still feels light and comfy. Infused with Burberry’s signature rosehip, tea and lavender formula, the scent is very subtle this time around and barely noticeable. Yay for Burberry softening up on their heavy scents finally! I just got one of their newer lipsticks during the sale, and that one has no scent at all. Yippee-Kai-Yay!

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #249 Hydrangea is a neutral, pretty, every day rose shade that’s so easy to wear.

Burberry Kisses  jpg

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #249 Hydrangea

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #257 Coral is a light coral that’s perfect for spring and summer and just brightens up the face.

Burberry Kisses .jpg

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #257 Coral

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #241 Crimson Pink is my favourite shade of the three that were sent. It’s so bright! And fun! I’m really getting into bright, happy pink shades like this lately.

Burberry Kisses .jpg

Burberry Kisses Sheer Moisturizing Shine Lip Colour #241 Crimson Pink

Remember when I used to say Dior Addicts were my favourite sheer lipstick formula? Yeah, they used to be. These have become my new top sheer lipstick, that’s for sure. The formula is just outstanding I think. Very cushiony on the lips, moisturizing and not drying at all, and have great colour pay off. They actually feel like a thinner version of my fave tinted lip balms, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Balms. The wear time isn’t really amazing though, but hey these are sheer, so that’s fine with me. The darker Crimson Pink one actually lasts the longest, leaving a pretty stain as it wears off. That one I can get about 2 hours of wear time. So, if you want one that lasts longer try a darker shade I say. I do think they last longer than the Dior Addicts anyways, so if you like those, then these Burberry Kisses will become a new fave for you as well. Oh, and these have that Burberry lipstick magnetic closure too which is pretty dang fancy I think.   😉

There are a whopping 27 shades to choose from too, and wow I want MORE hahaha… #LipstickFiend  But, I wish my Sephora had Burberry in store so I could see them in person! But, maybe that’s a good thing though hey 😛

What’s your favourite sheer lipstick? 

Paris from My Women’s Stuff  tagged me a couple of weeks ago, and since I haven’t done a tag in awhile, and she’s such a good friend and it sounded like fun, I said yes!

5 Makeup Products I’d Pick in a Pinch is the tag obviously, but you know what? I had trouble picking 5 makeup products! In my early days of blogging, makeup was all I thought about, but now? Not so much! As an aging beauty blogger, skincare has become more important, so I threw in my new HG skincare item that I can’t live without anymore. Because this baby I’ll be using no matter what-pinch or not!

 photo IMG_2321.jpg

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes, Burberry Russet Blush, MUFE Aqua Rouge, Giorgio Armani Maestro Concealer, Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

Let’s start from the top of the pic!

1. Ellis Faas Creamy Eye Pens-HATE HATE HATE the packaging on this with all my makeup loving might. BUT it’s the only creamy eye shadow without sparkles that stays put on my curs-ed oily eyelids. I think I’ve tired every freakin’ eye shadow stick known to man, and I GIVE UP. UNCLE. I’m just going to have to put up with the stupid packaging and use these if I want a creamy eyeshadow, because in a pinch they’re just so much easier to use!

2. Burberry Powder Blush in Russet- You know I’d pick a blush even if I was in a pinch! Even though I’m having a MAJOR love affair with creamy blushes at the moment(look for that post soon!), this is the blush I’d pick in a pinch. The colour is neutral and goes with everything, and even has some kind of magical sculpting ability, as it gives me super model cheekbones I swear. The formula is divine, and blends like a dream!

3. Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge– In a pinch I’d pick one of these as they are just so awesome to me, and lipstick is always a good choice when you’re in a hurry. It adds polish and colour in a flash! These stay put, not drying-I just love ’em to pieces. You heard me talk about them a lot, so I won’t bore you anymore!

4. Giorgio Armani Maestro Concealer- I know the NARS Creamy concealer is a lot of people’s fave, and I do like it. I do. BUT it’s just a tad drying for me. I’m old, and my under eye area is starting to show it’s age. This concealer is so thin, and hydrating. Plus I can mix it with some moisturizer and BAZINGA! best tinted moisturizer ever. This is shade #3 and it’s almost time for a new one!

5. Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum Yup. More Tata Harper skincare! I LOVE it. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve been using this golden elixir and OMG my skin loves it. And I can see a difference in the contours of my face already. Everything is looking lifted-at least to my eyes! It has 35 natural active ingredients and givers an instant tightening effect too. I am never going to be without this stuff. I’ve also been trying samples of the rest of her natural skincare and I love it all. I’ll be purchasing full sizes as soon as I can, as it is pricey $$$. But this serum? This is my PRECIOUSSSSSSSS.

There you go! My 5 Makeup(well, 4+1 skincare LOL)  Products I’d Pick in a Pinch!  And now it’s MY turn to tag some of you!

I tag: Lily @ChloeAsh , Larie  @EyeHeartIt , Lena @Lenallure , Sunny @Mostly Sunny, and Shivani @AdorableOnYourVanity.  And YOU too! If you want to do the tag, then consider yourself tagged as well!

I’M BACKKKK! And boy am I tired haha! It’s going to take me a week to recover from Disneyland! Some days we walked almost 30,000 steps! But the best part? On our flight back last night, the plane from Calgary to Edmonton was overbooked, so they asked for volunteers to fly later. Marky and I took it as Air Canada gave us each a $400 voucher, PLUS bought us dinner too! So we’re already plotting our next trip back HAHA! Talk about luck!

What are your five makeup products you’d pick in a pinch? Share! It’s a great way for us to discover new products!