Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist

Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist

Yeah, you heard me: EVERY. THREE. DAYS. DUDE. That’s IT. No more slathering on thick, turkey basting butters to relieve the itchy dry skin on my legs which are a mandatory badge that proves: I LIVE IN ALBERTA. This stuff? It’s changed my LIFE.

THIS is Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist and it costs $20. Which isn’t a lot, but then you see that there pic I’m showing you is a new bottle, so WHY IS IT HALF FULL. I don’t know dude. I don’t give a F$$k. Why? Well, this is a mist from the GODS. Or God–whatever you dig man..I don’t judge here. It’s the best mist I’ve ever experienced…let’s call it MEATY. Yeah, you heard me…that’s how my brother described Wunderbar chocolate bars when they first came to Canada in the 80s, and it’s the perfect descriptor for this: A MEATY MIST. It has SUBSTANCE, but stays a fine spray. I don’t know how they do it, but I like it a lot!

This Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist hydrates below and on the surface of the skin with low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in a base of purified mushroom, tamarind and corn derivatives. Instantly, my itchy legs scream AHHHHHHHHH and feel better! It’s cooling as you spray too, which my hot and flashy self loves. And because it’s a mist, it absorbs quickly too. Spray, spray-a little rub and BAZINGA! Done. FOR 72 HOURS. THREE DAYS…I’m serious. I shower every day. I don’t like going to bed tacky feeling even if I didn’t do something active that day…so I shower. And showering is drying for the skin, which is problematic if you have dry skin and live in one of the driest climates on earth. But when I use Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist I am fine…for 3 days…I don’t feel dry or itchy at all. And for someone that’s hot and flashy and nearing menopause? This Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist? Is like a a miracle you guys. I can’t live without it. It’s pretty much all I use these days to moisturize my dry, itchy limbs. And it WORKS.

‘Nuff  said. GET IT. You’ll thank me. And for payment I will humbly accept any kind of chocolate from your neck of the world…it’s a fair deal I think.

Get Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist  HERE.  And if you want to send me chocolate as a thank you, email me and we’ll TALK.   🙂

Hey! Look! I’m back so soon haha! I know, it’s like a Tracy Blogging miracle! But seriously, this is just a PSA kinda’ post from me, about things I truly LOVE and use right now. Hey-I’d never tell you about stuff I don’t like. Or use. ‘Cause that’s not ME, cross my menopausal chubby heart. 😛 These are things that I think are important for those of you living in Canada to take a look at before they disappear…:D because they are truly great! And hey-if you live elsewhere in this wonderful world of ours and happenstance upon these lovely products? Give ’em a try! I think you will like them as much as I do!

First off this duo from Bioderma:

 Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème .jpg

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème

If you frequent Shoppers Drug Mart as much as I do, then I KNOW you’ve seen this stuff there. Stop looking and BUY IT. Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème I’m pretty sure I’ve seen sold as a duo over Christmas, and if you are lucky they are still there as a duo to scoop up. If not, even buying them as singles? SO WORTH IT. I shower every day, as I exercise pretty much every day. I try, I try. Just wish the chub would move off the bones! Oh, and the daily hot flashes GALORE that I experience also warrant daily showers. And daily showers are kind of a NO-NO when you have sensitive skin like I gots. These two products make my skin feel good! Normal! Not dry and scaly like they were starting to feel before they entered my shower routine.

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème soften and protects the skin and reduces any tightness in dry skin. Both products are allergen-free, soap-free, paraben-free. The Gel Douche, or Shower Gel gently cleanses and respects the skin’s PH balance. It really does leave skin soft after showering. It lathers really well too-only two pumps on my bath poof and it’s good! And the Atoderm Crème is perfect to moisturize after showering. It biologically strengthens the skin barrier and thereby curbs the penetration of any irritants. This duo is the best shower experience ever I swear, and my skin feels so good now. Love it! I don’t know about you, but I can’t take heavily fragranced shower products lately-I just can’t. These two products from Bioderma fit the bill right now. The gentle ocean fragrance is perfection.

You all know my love for Avène and the Avène Thermal Water. Right now, there’s a special offer you need to check out! I bet that itchy horsie would approve! 😛

Avene Thermal Water..jpg

Avene Thermal Water.

You get a Limited Edition 50ml Avène Thermal Water Spray for FREE with the purchase of the 300ml version! It’s a great travel version to take with you, or throw in your gym bag. There’s special art work on these too-this year, the 2015 version is called The Mirror and it’s the second “collector” of a series of six that Avène will be offering until 2019.

 photo IMG_6176.jpg

Last year’s LE from 2014 on the left and this year’s 2015 LE The MIRROR on the right

Scoop this sweet deal up S’il vous plait! I use the Avène Thermal water all the time now. After I cleanse my face before any serums, after showering it soothes my face, in the AM to refresh my curls, to cool my face after a hot flash OH YEAH- I can’t be without this stuff now as you can tell. Check out the cool display unit Avène sent me to house the pretties! You can’t get this anywhere unfortunately, but I thought I’d show you my new love. It’s cool, right? Like my own, personal little Avène Thermal Water Museum hahaha!

Avène Thermal Water.jpg

Avène Thermal Water

Ok, I’m done haha! But yes, both of these products are pretty amazing I swear!

Guess what? I actually went to a real gym today! A new recreational centre opened up by our house in early December, and we finally got a chance to check it out. It’s NICE. It even has an indoor track to walk or run on! And all the machines! I love it! Me and the hubby went to work out together this afternoon-it was fun. We haven’t worked out together in years! I mean, we walk together in the summer all the time, but actual weights and stuff-we haven’t done that stuff since before Marky was born. Hopefully we keep it up and get healthy soon! Tomorrow I’m gonna check out the Zumba GOLD class for older adults haha-I’m a bit scared to take the regular class with all the young people! Gotta test out the easy Zumba Waters first!

Have you done something with your significant other recently that was fun? Or haven’t done in years? Do share! It’s been kind of fun hanging out together as a couple now that Marky is away at college. Like old times…almost…:P


I try a lot of Body Butters. Hate most of them to be honest. I don’t like that basted turkey feeling on my skin, although I know a lot of people LOVE that(looking at you Liz baby!)  Me, nope!

So I wasn’t all that excited to try Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo($25). Another body butter to waste my time is what I thought.

Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo.jpg

Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo

Vanilla Apricot and Sweet Citrus are the scents and yeah, they are NICE. Smell like real apricots, real vanilla, real citrus-DIVINE. And I don’t even LIKE fruity scents on my body. But I think my nose has changed, because I am loving them a lot! And other fruity scents too. WHO AM I GUYZ.

Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo.jpg

Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo

What’s so GOOD about the Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo is the formula. It’s not too thick, but rich enough. It’s like whipped butter actually, and just sinks RIGHT into your skin. INSTANTLY. Leaving it smooth. Moisturized. That’s due to the 100% Argan Oil in them.


If you’ve never tried Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, DO IT. For the love of all that is good, DO IT. You’ll be thanking me. And Josie of course, who I just watched in Van Helsing on Friday night. Girl, you make a dang fine vampire! Made me question the choice of Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing though. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not a fan of the guy to be honest. *cringes for Hugh backlash*  I thought he was horrible as Jean Val Jean too…. 😛 You can order this duo HERE!

Are you a fan of Josie Maran’s line? I need to explore her line again as WOW, there’s so many new things! GOOD things!

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

Ever think about using a body serum? I mean, we use them on our face and necks all the time, but why not our bodies? Serums act as a booster, delivering concentrated ingredients that improve the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity, texture, tone, clarity and radiance. Don’t we want that for the skin on our bodies too? I know I do!

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body .jpg

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body($66) is a lightweight, concentrated serum that absorbs quickly to hydrate, illuminate and improve the look of skin. Brighter, smoother, clearer, and firmer skin is the result of using this little powerhouse product. Sign me up baby!

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body contains Arbonne’s special PBR+complex. What’s that you ask?

Sciencey Time!

  • Phytinolcombines two botanical extracts, alfalfa extract and chicory extract, which work together to help  improve skin tone and surface smoothness for an even, less lined look.
  • Bakuchiol-a plant retinoid.
  • Retinoid
  • The + is a combination of mandelic acid and bisabolol. Mandelic acid is an exfoliant that helps slough off dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin, helping your skin tone look bright and even. Bisabolol comes from chamomile extract and helps keep the skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

And that’s what PBR+ is!

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body .jpg

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body

Just add a few drops of Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body to your favourite body moisturizer to boost its benefits. Shake the bottle, and add 2 pumps and mix it in. Or, if you wish you can use it full strength on areas you really want to target. It smells a little minty, but nothing overpowering. But it sure does make skin glow! There’s Mica in the serum as well, so that’s why you get an instant glow. I’ve been adding Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum for Body to my body lotions for about a month now. I use it on my arms mainly and on my décolleté, as my legs don’t really see the light of day, especially at this time of year. My arms look smoother, brighter, more even toned and the chicken skin I have looks so much better! If you have chicken skin, ya’ know what I’m talkin’ about. It’s so hard to get your skin looking better and less bumpy, right? I think this is great stuff! I know it’s probably something that’s not necessary now since we’re all covering up in sweaters and leggings, but come spring? This would be pretty awesome to start getting skin ready for warmer weather! The only con is the price, as it is a tad expensive. But then again, it’s pretty much the same price as most facial serums, so maybe not? And I still have plenty left after using it for a month, and can see this lasting me 3 months easy. I like the idea of a body serum a lot, so I’ll keep using it! You can order online www.arbonne.ca.

Do you use a body serum? What do you think of the idea? Neat? Or unnecessary? I would have scoffed at the idea 20 years ago, but now? My skin is aging EVERYWHERE. This? Is helping!

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

I don’t know about you, but my skin is in need of some major moisture post winter! Short sleeve weather is HERE, so I’ve been amping up the moisturizing products in my shower routine to get my skin ready to feel the sun! Sun! We had a thunderstorm today and I was SO EXCITED about that hahahaha! 😀 It was short and sweet, and nothing like a normal, scary, most-of-the-time Alberta thunderstorm though. It was…gentle I have to say? I don’t think I’ve experienced such a gentle and soothing storm before, but I liked it! MORE PLEASE Mama Nature!

 photo IMG_9591.jpg

Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash FroYo, Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash.

I’ve been using these 2 new Dial body washes lately and loving them! Yeah, you heard right-DIAL. Who knew? Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash FroYo(can’t believed they called it that, but I can totally understand WHY) smells SO GOOD. And I’m not even a fruity, frozen yogurt loving gal! I’m a chocolate hound, through and through. If there’s something chocolate on the menu, it’s MINE. Screw the fruit. That’s my motto and I’ve lived by it for almost 30 years I swear. But this? It’s yummy! And making me actually question my chocolate allegiance. Am I missing on other yummy things for my tummy? I could be. But the pull of chocolate is strong Miyagi, and can’t be broken, at least not with a shower gel. YET. This has a refreshing tingle that gently cools skin on contact, so I’ve been loving it after I exercise! You need to try it for the tingle! And think of me when you feel that tingle…:D THAT wasn’t creepy, hey? HAHAHAHA.

The other Dial product I’ve been loving is the NEW Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash. It has a moisturizing vitamin complex that draws vitamins and moisture directly to the surface of the skin for softness. It’s really creamy and feels like a thick moisturizer, yet lighter than a moisturizer? I don’t know, but TRUST me. It does leave you feeling clean, yet SUPPLE. There’s not a lot of shower gels that leave you feeling supple I tell ya’. And this smells like a tropical fun basket of kiwi and mango. And now, I’m hungry for some FRUIT.  I only have grapes in the house. Apples are SCARY to buy in Canada these days. WOW. SO, so bad.

Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion!.jpg

Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion!

But I don’t stop the moisture train there people! Retain even more hydration when you follow your shower routine with new Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion! This fast-absorbing, non-greasy lotion contains 7 bionutrients plus yogurt and honey extract gives me touchable skin, and promises to keep skin soft for up to 7 days! It’s THICK. Yet not too thick? It’s not like a body butter, but close. I know, I’m confusing these days, but I speak the truth! I AM the Lorax of cosmetics, I SWEAR ahahaha! 7 Days of moisture IS a stretch for any moisturizer to claim, but you know what? I kind of like this! I find when I use it, I don’t feel so parched for a few days. Meh, it’s a BIG bottle, affordable, feels good, makes skin soft-a winner in my books!


First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery 7.jpg

First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

I bought First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery ($47) because of the high praises it seems to get from like EVERYBODY. It’s a daily tonic (TONIC, I feel so VICTORIAN now) that hydrates, and repairs stressed skin, and reduces redness. It’s a water/toner that you put on your skin after cleansing. Softeners are HUGE in Asia, and we’ll be seeing them more here in North America this year, just you watch. And you’ll say-HEY-TRACY TOLD ME/warned me about these things in May! But truth be told, I haven’t noticed anything different from using this one. Save your money, and get one of the softening lotions from Shiseido. Same thing. More product. Works BETTER, IMO.

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin.jpg

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin

The new Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin provides 24-hour odour protection, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant body odour for a WHOLE DAY. Seriously, why I’d have to worry about that is beyond ME, but I’m old. I guess if you are out partying for DAYS, this is a problem for the kids. But who’d care? I mean, you’d LOOK like you’ve been out for days ANYWAYS. You know, having FUN. PARTY BABY. Nobody expects you to smell like a rose garden. And if they do? They’re ALIENS I say. Whatever. I’m all for 24 hour odour protection, but you gotta wonder how that affects them arm pits of ours, hey? Gotta dry them out something fierce! This though? It has skin-conditioning emollients that soothe dry skin. 30% of the deodorant is made up of skin pampering ingredients including Vitamin E to help soothe dry and irritated skin. I haven’t fallen in love with a deodorant/antiperspirant before, but this? LOVE. Already bought another. My soft armpits BEGGED for it I SWEAR.

Are you ready for warm weather? And baring arms? LEGS? LEGS. I don’t do them. My legs are SO pale and white. It would take YEARS of sun exposure to get them looking…like everybody else’s LOL. Really though? I don’t care. If I choose to wear shorts or a skirt and my legs blind you? YOUR FAULT. Get some sunglasses you weirdo. 😛

*products sent by PR for review, thought about bare arms, legs, armpits are ALL mine, and you gotta SEE that. Once a freak, ALWAYS a freak I say. And I LOVE BEING ONE.