Here I am. AGAIN. Wondering WHY I bother to do what I do. It happens every week lately tbh. But tonight I’ve had 3 glasses of wine for the first time in THREE WEEKS because I can’t drink wine all that often these days. I don’t sleep if I do. #fuckyoumenopause

But tonight? I had a horrible Healthy Choice Frozen Dinner that was just chicken and vegetables -no carbs man- and I just had enough. So, I opened up the good ol’box’o’wine from Costco sitting on the floor. And that was a feat and half because the mother-effer who’s job is to stick the spout on the bag of wine inside the box, fucked up big time. I almost couldn’t find it… but it was there in the end, on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BAG OF WINE. #WTH #stopscrewingwithmyWINE #MoreProofThatNobodyDoesTheirJobWellLatley

ANYWAYS. Let’s get to it. Three glasses in and I am here. Pissed off AGAIN. Why?

TIRED. Tired of big-ass-bloggers blogging about makeup products and NOT SWATCHING THEM. What the FUCK is that all about? I came to your site to read about and SEE the new Armani Lipsticks-fucking every shade you got I see in that awesome shot of them all sitting in front of your computer or whatever. But you’re too fucking lazy to show me the shades. SWATCHES. Remember those things? Why do you even bother writing the post? Oh, I know…to make sure you KEEP GETTING MAKEUP FROM ARMANI.

TIRED. Tired of people just spouting off #PRBullshit that was created by some copywriter who most days can’t even spell Cereal. Thanks for just telling me and everyone else who bothers to read your blog exactly what I can read on the side of the fucking box that product was packed in. You are a true gem and so talented. Remember when blogging was about our VOICES? And what we, the bloggers THOUGHT about the products? Yeah, but that might not go over well with the PR who sent you that stuff. Which brings me to my next TIRED point.

TIRED. Tired of PR asking for a review of something. And then when I do that review for you, but I happen to voice my concerns about ingredients…valid concerns and valid points…hey…I know my skincare by now. I’m almost 50. I know ingredients. I know which work, and which are there for FLUFF and STUFF. And when I write my honest review which you apparently USED to ADMIRE about me? But oh…because this time it’s got a little scratchy point you don’t like…you don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE IT. #YouCanAlsoTakeMeOffYourListNowToo #IamNoBrandsLieMachine #AndItsAshameAsIHadanotherBlogPostReadyToGo #YourLoss #ButProbablyNot

TIRED. Tired of competing. I didn’t start this blog to compete with anyone for the free stuff. But it does piss me off when someone who GETS all the FREE stuff doesn’t try as hard as I know I would to review the stuff they get for just showing pretty pics on Instagram. And oh, most of their followers aren’t real. When you apparently have that many followers on IG, you’d think you’d get a pretty sizeable chunk of them liking your photos of all that pretty and free makeup you get, but you don’t. #notfoolinganyonebutPR #ButIguessThatsthePoint #SoBRAVOtoYou

There’s no solution to my TIRED. I’m not looking for one anymore. I’m just ranting like I always do. Putting my concerns out there to get a feel for what’s going on in the blogging world. And I know the way I feel is in the minority these days, but I don’t care and I’ll keep saying it: Blogging ain’t what it used to be. I keep saying and telling you all this every so often, because someday, maybe even soon, there won’t even be ME to warn you, that is-the those of you who actually care and read blogs.

I need some McD’s Chicken Nuggets now…

Hey how YOU doin’?

Thanks for listening to my last rant….I’m a ranty blogger, what can I say? And when something bothers me, it bothers me A LOT, and I need to talk about it…errr…write about it haha.  But, like a few of you told me-I shouldn’t care what anybody else is doing. And… you are right. I’m gonna be more like Dumbledore in these comics I love:

Beauty Reflections tumblr_nen3uzZLaV1s5b5tzo1_500

From now on, I’m just gonna ignore the stupid stuff, and just stick to doing what I do best: being Tracy. I love all of you A LOT. I’ve even gotten emails from some of you, which has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER, so thank you everyone. I’m just gonna put some blinders on, and move forward and stop worrying about other people’s integrity. I don’t know why I have in the past, but I guess it’s because I’m descended from Kozaks and we can’t stand any kind of bullshit. I honestly should have been a cop or a lawyer-that would have appeased my injustice hating soul!

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been thinking a lot more about life. When you are my age, you kind of start to wonder how much time you’ve got left hanging around this solar system. And when you start thinking like that, you start wondering about what you WANT to do with that time you got left. This pretty much sums up my #lifegoals right now:


These are the things I want more of in my life! And these are the things I’m going to write more about on Beauty Reflections. And still beauty, because heck that’s still something I love. I’ve revamped my header menu which now reflects the topics that Beauty Reflections will be about from now on. Makeup and skincare is still up there, because hello, that’s my hobby still and I do like finding products that actually work and sharing them with you all. But there will be changes oh yes indeedy.

Disclosure Timey!

Like I’ve said before, makeup don’t pay the bills, yo. I don’t ‘live’ off of Beauty Reflections, but I do have bills to pay for the blog(self-hosted blogging isn’t cheap and everything is in US dollars so add 30 cents onto every dollar for me). So I hope you understand that occasionally I might do a sponsored post, but I always clearly mark them that way. And I usually only do them for things that I like anyways, so they’re never something that I wouldn’t WANT to write about and share anyways. I have a sponsored post coming up in a couple of weeks about a new toothpaste that I signed up for. It’s a toothpaste hey, what’s not to like right? 😛  And I have one more Brandbacker post to write(they don’t pay me-I just get a sample) but it’s for the brand Farmacy, and I love their products and use quite a few of them already in my skincare routine. But, in all honesty, that sponsored toothpaste post will be the last one you’ll see for a long time, as I’ve opted out of most ‘sponsored’ networks now, except for ShopBop. That one I will keep for the time being(although I think it’s going to disappear soon because I don’t really give them much traffic) as it helps me keep Marky clothed in expensive California. Christ, jeans are freakin’ expensive! AND LASTLY, as for PR products, I don’t get a lot these days, so I’ll continue to work with those brands that still love me and aren’t afraid of honest reviews, which is like FIVE BRANDS I think….HAHAHAHA. #kickedtothecurb #thatswhatIgetForSpeakingMyMind #IDontCare #MyLastFuckIsGiven

So cheers my friends! And if I’ve disappointed you with this direction-hey-it’s not like there aren’t 3 million other beauty blogs that churn out review after review out there in the interents ya’ know. Go on, find another, it isn’t all that hard I promise. I just can’t keep up anymore with the beauty blogging newness, so this won’t be the blog to look for reviews on most of the new products that keep coming out. #beinghonestfeelsGOOD

But, if you’re interested in watching this ranty, wine-lovin’, zumba’ dancing, mountain loving crazy lady age as gracefully and as beautifully as she can while reflecting on life, makeup, sunsets and just having fun? Then you’ve found it:

The New Beauty Reflections. 

It’s Easter! So Happy Easter! And I need some easy writing prompts to help get me back into the blogging life, so this seemed like a fun one to do. I hope you think it’s fun too! And by all means if you blog as well please do it! I love learning more about my fave bloggers!

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Laughing

It’s really the best medicine around I swear. I don’t take life and myself all too seriously, so laughing comes easy to me. And learning to be able to laugh at yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. Especially as you get older!


2. Winter


I hate summer as you all know. I live for the cold. If my nose ain’t feeling cold I’m just not happy. 😛 I’m just hoping it’s not going to be too hot of a summer this year.

3. Music

I listen to music all the time! I love all genres, even some country LOL. Nothing is off limits to me when it comes to music. It’s one of the reasons I love Zumba too-it’s all about the music for me. And I’m so happy to finally have a piano again and be able to play!

4. Road Trips 

I love road trips in the car. Maybe it’s because Terry doesn’t let me drive though HAHA. I get to sit, and look, and just THINK. About nothing. About the cows I see. The grass. It’s kind of therapeutic for me, to not have to think about much. I’m a real worrier, but when I’m a passenger in a car, listening to music and looking at the scenery -it’s just mindless beauty- my brain relaxes and quiets up.

5. The mountains


I LOVE seeing the Rocky Mountains. They’re just SO big…and makes me feel so small…and that’s just so awesome. Realizing that I’m just this small speck of a thing in some grander, bigger picture… makes me wonder about everything. If you can’t tell, I’ve been wondering  about a lot of things as I’ve aged. I like it.

6. Disneyland 


My second home? Or wannabe home? I don’t know what it is, but I just like BEING there. Just being in that kid-filled joyous atmosphere makes me SMILE from ear to ear all day long. I need to go back! I can feel that itch coming on!

7. Scented Candles

I love them. Scent is a huge memory trigger for me. BUT…I won’t burn candles when I’m alone. Phobia of mine. My older brother had a friend that died in a house fire because of a candle, so yeah…I fear I’ll forget to blow the damn ocean scent out before going to bed and that would be the last thing I’ve ever smelled. Which meh…ain’t so bad I guess really….#whatawaytogo

8. Online Shopping

More and more I shop online these days. Going to stores and waiting in line is just a big HATE for me now.

9. Rainy days

I. LOVE. RAIN. I know, I’m a freak. I don’t care if I see the sun for days. I prefer not to see it to be honest. I could easily live in a rainy climate for the rest of my days. #whoneedsSunglassesRIGHT

10. Making Soup

My dad was the KING of soup making. He could make the tastiest soups with whatever leftovers he had in his fridge. It’s an art that not many people can live up to. I try to emulate his soupy awesomeness, but I don’t think I’m even close to it to be honest. September 7 marked 4 years since he passed away from Alzheimer’s. I miss him. And his soup.

11. Zumba Baby

I love Zumba. I love dancing. #onceadanceralwaysadancer Although, it’s getting harder for me to get to good Zumba classes. So, I’ve been spinning lately and LOVE it. But I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks because of being sick, so kinda’ dreading that first day back. 🙁

12. Truffle Salt

 photo IMG_7731.jpg

I’d brush my teeth with truffle salt if I could-someone needs to add Truffle Salt flavouring to toothpaste HA! If they did I swear there’d be no more cavities people. I brought home a truffle mustard from Trader Joe’s when we were in California in January  and am hoarding it at the moment because it’s SO. GOOD.

13.  A good piece of chocolate melting in my mouth

I love chocolate a lot, but it’s more of a sensory experience for me lately. The whole melting in my mouth feeling is so YES. And that’s why I can stop at just one piece and not eat twenty, unlike some people I know.

14. Baking bread

There’s nothing like kneading dough and baking your own bread. Try it!

15. Bacon

The crispier, the better. Even though it’s a deliciousness of cancer causing stuff now. WHY. #screwyoucancer

16. Snoopy T-shirts

I have SO MANY. It’s seriously not normal for an almost 49 year old woman to have so many Snoopy Tees. Do I care? NOPE. #nevergrowingup

17. Monty Python

My older brother BOB introduced me to them, and I’ve been laughing ever since. Even went to see the movie theatre live streamed reunion last year. HUGE fan.

18. Wearing Pyjamas all day long

No explanation needed.

19. A fresh tube of lipstick
 photo IMG_7563.jpg

Nothing like that first swipe on your lips, right?

20. Musicals

I think my fave is the classic Singing In the Rain, although I love ALL of them. Rent is another huge fave. The only one I can’t really stand is Les Mis-SORRY….it’s just SO long and Uggh boring….I can’t take it.

21. Burnt roasted marshmallows

Make them catch fire and YUMMM is your reward!

22. Learning New Things.

I love learning. Always have. I was one of those annoying kids that just LOVED school.

23. Water

I love water and drink probably 8 litres a day easy. I have a Soda Stream so I can carbonate it too. I like bubbles in my water. I actually have a fear of being without water too-when we leave the house I carry a bottle in my purse, and always two more(at least) for the car. When we travel it’s the first thing I make sure we get. WATER.

24. Fresh raspberries and ice cream

My in-laws used to have fresh raspberries growing in their backyard, and it’s the best dessert ever to just throw some fresh, ripe raspberries on vanilla ice cream. It’s my fave summer dessert ever. Only thing I can honestly say I like about summer hahaha!

25. Cartoons

Yeah, I still watch cartoons! My daughter is going to be an animator, so DUH! I love cartoons. And BOY do I miss Phineas and Ferb! One of my daughter’s friends has a show coming up called The Loud House and it looks so GOOD, like Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends(my all time fave cartoon) but people version:

26. T-shirts

I hate blouses? And shirts, even though I have a few flannel shirts. Hey, I’m Canadian, and them I can sort of stand.  😀   But, I don’t really like the way shirts feel on my skin with the buttons and collars…EW. I live in tees.

27. Waffles

They rock. I don’t know for some reason I avoid making them, and then when I make them I always say: That wasn’t so bad? And it’s not? But then I don’t make them again for months.

28. Having something to say

No matter who you are, or what you do-we all have something to say. So say it loud and say it proud! It’s important to let your voice be heard. And not let anything COMPROMISE your voice. I’m not letting anything do that to me, ever again. I have something to say! And damn it, Imma’ gonna SAY IT.

29. Apocalyptic movies and books

I have a sick infatuation with how the world will end. It bothers my family a bit for some reason. I don’t know why? I’m not scared of dying I guess, and that’s a frightening thing for them to understand. I like watching end of the world movies, analyzing them, taking notes… on maybe ways to help others survive. But to be honest? When it does happen? I plan to toast the end of the world with a good bottle of Shiraz and smile. Unless it Zombies. Then I plan to keep on living and use my archery skills and kill as many as I can. 😛

30. Boots

I love boots. And thank goodness I live where I can were them for pretty much 6 months of the year, if not longer. I see people wearing boots in LA in September when it’s still 35C there, and I think DUDE YOUR FEET MUST BE SWEATING LIKE CRAZY. I hate sweaty feet and mine are pretty sweaty. #TMI I know

31. NHL Hockey Season

I love watching hockey. All other sports are boring in comparison. Sorry. Hate football. Don’t get it at all it’s so SLOW. My brain can’t take slow sports. LIKE MOVE IT MAN.

32. Sunsets
 photo IMG_6697.jpg

I love seeing the colours…it’s an amazing sight and will never tire of it.

33. Hugs

I hug all the time! One of my fave hugs is the one I give to one of my Zumba Instructors-she’s under 5 feet and weighs like 80 pounds-she jumps up and I catch her and lift her up! It’s our hug thing and everyone laughs when they see it, cause it’s the most awesome hug you’ll ever witness  😀

34. Pride & Prejudice Kiera Knightley version

DUDES. I could watch this movie 24/7 I swear. So could Marky I think, since she’s just written her 5th essay in Film History about it hahaha. Seriously she’s written so many about that movie-from art direction to lighting-it’s just got so much GOOD stuff going. And don’t even get me started on the soundtrack it’s my JAM.

35. 80s movies

Sometimes you just need to remember the good, ya’ know what I mean? When teen movies weren’t all about ya’ know. Teens care about other shit too hey?

36. Disney Villains

 photo IMG_7730.jpg

Screw the princesses they are lame most of the time…give me a good villain any day! Like Hades in Hercules…or my personal favourite: Yzma in Emperor’s New Groove. And yes, this is hanging in my family room.

37. A good polka

Here’s a great modern version for ya’-Ukrainian SKA!

38.  The song Happy Together by the Turtles

My brother Mark and I used to sing Happy Together all the time. Such a great song.

39. Warm chocoalte pudding

Like homemade stuff in a pot, on the stove all warm and OH SO YUMMY!

40. Long walks

One thing I miss in winter is being able to go for a long walk. It’s not entirely impossible, you just have to dress for it is all-but it’s a lot of work. Call me provincial, but I much prefer walking when there’s no snow and ice on the ground.

41. Chocolate covered strawberries

YUMmmmmm cover all my fruit in chocolate and I’d eat it every night! My hubby will buy them for me whenever he sees them too…he’s the best.

42. My hubby’s dimples

They are adorable!

43. Garlic

I stink of garlic most days I think because I pretty much double the garlic in any recipe hahaha! My parents used to slice raw garlic and put it on top of buttered bread when they felt sick. I haven’t done that. YET. #givemeafewyears

44. Supertramp

It makes me REALLY sad that every band member hates each other now. I friggin’ love every song by them.

45. Buttercream icing that is SMOOTH and not gritty

When it’s done right, it’s RIGHT. Right?

46. Crispy, crispy toast

I like my toast crispy like “shards of ice” as Marky says. Otherwise, it’s just warm bread. I need CRUNCH.

47. A good glass of SHIRAZ... my blogging wine of choice hahaha!
 photo IMG_7733.jpg

48. Marky’s Art

I mean, I’m a proud Mama Bear! Here’s her work if you’re interested:

49. Being Alone
Truth be told, I am an introvert. A rare one too? I took a personality test on behest of my daughter and apparently I’m the rarest kind of introvert,t although I can’t remember what it was called haha. I really don’t mind being alone, and kind of relish it to be honest. After being out in the world, which can even mean just a Zumba class, I need to recharge and be alone. It’s actually a good thing that my hubby travels a lot for work, because I don’t mind the alone time when he is gone-I look forward to it!

#50. Writing

That’s one of the reasons I blog. I love to write. I do. I am by no means an eloquent writer that’s for damn sure. My written word is pretty much exactly how I speak in person…this blog then?Is like chatting with me. And I want to keep it that way. As I love chatting with all of you!

Tag DONE! And I hope some of you do it as well! Otherwise, tell me in the comments some of your fave things about you!

                                            I am the one with big mistakes
                                            Big regrets and bigger breaks
                                             Than I ever care to confess
                                          Oh but, You’re the one who looks at me
                                              And sees what I was meant to be
                                             More than just a beautiful mess   

                                                        -Matthew West

I’m at the age where…well…there’s no other way of putting it…my friends are dropping like flies. Yeah…I mean DYING. Cancer, mainly. And anybody around my age that’s dying??!! Is just WRONG.

Last week I found out my friend is battling cancer for the second time…and I’m gobsmacked. Last time she was given a bill of clean health. This time it sounds bad. It’s spread to her liver and lungs now. And to me that’s just bad, bad, news, and doctors have given her one year to live. Of course she’s fighting like the Ukrainian rebel she is…and I hope?! REALLY HOPE?!! SHE WINS.

And to be honest? Why I am telling you all this? Well, we had our daughters just a few months apart. So, her daughter? Is the same as age as Marky. And that fact? MAKES ME REALLY SAD. REALLY. SAD.

 photo IMG_0449_1.jpg

Marky is the redhead, in case you didn’t know hahaha-the other beauty is her BFF Amber. They’re amazing together, so talented. And will RUE THE ANIMATION WORLD SOON JUST WATCH.


To imagine not experiencing the rest of my Marky’s life? Her graduating college? Getting a job? Getting married maybe? Being one of the few, YET talented females to FIGHT to get her cartoon idea into a a show on TV? Or FILM even? I can’t. I WON’T. I just WON’T.

I’m not blogging about this because I’m scared of dying. I’m at peace with that. I’m not scared of dying. I’m a Ukrainian Orthodox for cripes sake, so my beliefs tell me I’m gonna end up explaining to my mama up in heaven why I didn’t do…you know what? I’m pretty sure my mama is cool with my life, now that I really think about it. Because she was pretty cool for a lady who went through so MUCH crap in her life. But I AM scared of not seeing my daughter become who I KNOW she’ll become. And that, makes me so sad for my friend…I’m sure she’d LOVE to be able to see her daughter become whomever she was meant to be too. And she should be ABLE TO. It shouldn’t be a question. It should be MANDATORY.

Life. Is. Not. Fair. We all know this, sort of…until something really hits you close to home and you realize how true this stupid saying is.

What’s my point? I don’t really know anymore. I think I just needed to talk about it. Because there’s nothing that can be done, except of course…pray. And if you do pray, then by all means please, add my friend Noella in those nightly prayers of yours(yes, she was born on Christmas eve so that’s why she was named Noella). She’d appreciate it very much. As would I.

I think I just really wanted to say how much I love all of you. Really, I do. I’ve met so many AMAZING people through blogging. Some I’ve even REALLY met in person. PR people too HAHAHA! AND WE’VE HUGGED. Hugging is my ultimate connection to someone- I’m an actual Professional Hugger-I actually have a certificate somewhere in the mess that is my house. My brother and I? ALWAYS HUGGED. EVERYONE. And for some people, it was/is hard to accept that hug …but they grew/grow to LIKE it, accept it. My family HUGGED. Always did. And so, I continue to hug people I’ve met/meet.

You know why I hug? Why Huggers Hug? Because we want to keep you in our hearts.

But regardless of having met you in person or not-all of you are just so special to me. All of those whom I’ve talked to because of this silly blog. And, hugging in person is not always possible these days. WE’VE VIRTUALLY HUGGED THEN, HEY. And shared so many laughs! So many good friends I have through blogging! And you need to know, REALLY NEED TO KNOW- how special you are to everyone around you, and to me as well.

You. Are. Everything.

~Tracy xoxo

“Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same.” ~Charles Bukowski

Now, I don’t drink a lot. I can’t. If I could, I’d like to think I’d be like Bukowski and Kerouac-drunk 24/7 yet an amazing writer. But, I have ulcers-have had them since I was 17. It’s a familial problem, courtesy of my dad who passed on his sensitive gut to some of us. So, when I do imbibe, I like to make it count and WRITE A BLOG POST. Because apparently when I drink, WordPress(bless their sober hearts) tells me that my writing scores near 90% in the ease of understanding category(this one scores 88.4% so far). Yeah, WordPress has ALL kinds of tools like that. Helpful? Maybe. But, now I know why Sir John A. Macdonald(Canada’s 1st Prime Minister) was drunk in Canadian Parliament most days: “I get sick … not because of drink [but because] I am forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent.” During the election of 1863, Sir John A. Macdonald threw up during a campaign speech and when his opponent pointed this out, Macdonald shot back with this answer. I read that to Marky and she said: he sounds like you-no word of a lie. So yeah, I sometimes feel that WordPress ENCOURAGES my wine-ranting posts…  not that I really MIND….  😛

So where am I going with this talk of booze and writing? Well, I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you this: I’M REALLY HATING BEAUTY BLOGGING. AGAIN. YUP.

When I started this blog, it was just me. And my money. And my silly little thoughts on what I bought. I’ve come a LONG way since then. I”m not the same timid Tracy that’s for sure. Like most beauty bloggers, it took some time to feel comfortable with this hobby and feel like it was OK to be myself online. Once you overcome that self-imposed obstacle, this gig does get better. And FUN. Because you finally get to be you! And some of the internet LIKES loud, snarky YOU! YAY!!

Then, PR brands start to notice you! WAHOO. That’s what we all want, right? Not to have to spend money all the time! We now have free stuff to blog about! We can blog about beauty and makeup and skincare and haircare till the freakin’ cows come home!


Well, with SOME brands. Not ALL are like that. And I don’t get it. Some brands demand NOTHING from you as a blogger. It’s like this: Take our product FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. If you like it-tell us! Whatever. It’s all cool. We like you, so, if you like us then feel free to blog about this lotion. No pressure. We just love you and your writing, wine-induced or not.

Those brands I LIKE. LOTS. What some PR don’t understand is that for most of us-including me-blogging is a HOBBY. Not a job. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FREE MAKEUP/SKINCARE DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS YO’.

PR is getting increasingly harder to deal with. And I’m at a loss as to why. Some of my friends have had brands pitch to them, and then after the blogger has said sure-they say stuff like: We want your unedited pictures so we can use them nilly-willy. Hope that’s ok with you!

It’s NOT. 

Or I’ve had this happen: HI! We like your blog and would like you to review blah blah blah product. It’s blah blah blah cool and does this blah blah blah stuff. Interested? SURE I SAY. Oh, but then we’ll need a weekly post to update your progress, and then one final big post to show your results, OK?

NO. IT’S NOT OK. TAKE YOUR PAPERS AND PEDDLE THEM ELSEWHERE I SAY. (I may be aging myself with that saying there, because seriously, does ANYBODY actually buy a newspaper these days?)Like I have time to devote FIVE freakin’ blog posts to your one bag o’ STUPID? Nope. Not even if I was a prestige enough blogger to get-I don’t know-every freakin Guerlain and Chanel product ever made! And,I’m just pulling out brand names out of my wine glass there, because I could really care less about Guerlain and Chanel if I’m being honest…any brand for that matter. I hold no allegiance to any brand. Every one of them has hits AND MISSES. And I’m not about to sell my tortured makeup soul to get free BULL CRAP from anybody anymore.

Oh, and the LIES lately. Like this week! Perusing my Instagram feed and finding out that there was an event by…ahhh…who gives a crap…BEAUTY UNITED this week in Toronto, of which I am/WAS a member since it’s conception. And then seeing all of my friends flown in for the event and wondering, hey—-how come I didn’t get an invite? And then discovering that others didn’t get invited…even those who live 3 hours away. YET the excuse given was that only NEW Beauty United Members were invited, and those who lived in the GTA-Greater TORONTO area as well. RIGHT…. that’s what I see people from Montreal, BC, AND MY CITY EDMONTON there….

And then when I call you out Ms. PR-you say oh, can we talk over the phone? SURE. I’ll let you speak. BUT all the stammering, and stuttering…and then finally getting you to say you MISSPOKE…well, in my world that’s called LYING. BYE BYE. I don’t work with liars. Take your free Covergirl and shove it up your…. you know what. You say you value everyone equally, yet your actions speak otherwise…. LIES…..all of it. I’m so SICK of this kind of crap. SICK.

And so, three glasses of wine later has made me make THIS DECISION: I AM TAKING BACK MY BLOG.


And that means things are gonna change around here A LOT…brands like Aveeno,Vichy, Avene, Avon, Deciem…I trust and LOVE working with. They treat me like a valued writer. And I appreciate that! Here’s an example of a brand that rocks: Coppertone,to speak of a PR that I’ve recently dealt with. We had different opinions, yet were able to resolve them with no hurt feelings! And a great post on sunscreen was born because of that! I love that! Because I’m not a blogger that just takes PR material and rewrites it. I research the ingredients, try to make sure the science is all COOL before I post. I’m not a beauty drone. I have a brain and I like learning about ingredients and how products work. I’m not just some machine that spouts off HEY LOOK AT THIS SHIZZZ SO BUY IT HEY. Plus Coppertone dealt with me as a JOURNALIST… I almost died when that PR called me a journalist…ME? TRAKEE?? A JOURNALIST? And she said yes, you ARE one. THANK you so much. You made my YEAR. A PR who values bloggers….RARE.

But if you’re a brand trying to pitch me…and demand stuff….or LIE to me… GO AWAY. Go stalk some poor innocent, new blogger out there that’s DYING to try your product and bend over backwards to prove their worth five times over. I DON’T HAVE TO ANYMORE. SO F$$K off. Like YOU L’Oreal. SO DONE WITH YOU I CAN’T EVEN SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH ON HERE. I’VE TRIED AND TRIED TO PLEASE YOU BUT NO MORE, I AM DONE AND DONE.I HOPE YOU CAN TELL I’M YELLING AT YOU. BECAUSE I AM.

BEAUTY REFLECTIONS IS MINE. ALL OF IT.  If you can’t handle the truth???!! Go elsewhere. Lies are easily bought these days in the beauty blogging world. And if you are a fellow blogger? Don’t come here and comment on my post telling me your PROS about PR…Get BENT. I’ll just delete your comment…and I don’t CARE if I call you friend. Blogging for the brand is NOT blogging…that’s why we started blogging…to say what WE thought, not to please a brand. That argument won’t fly here with me. I don’t care WHO you are. Go away. I don’t need to deal with anymore CRAP this week thank YOU VERY MUCH. My life is hard enough as it is and I’m near menopause…so DON’T even try me. I’ll rip you a new one without even breaking a sweat…I PROMISE.

So, what does this mean if you’re a regular reader? Well, I don’t know right now to be honest. You’ll see more of what I buy I guess, which will become less and less because to be honest? I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore. SKINCARE is where it’s at people. Oh, and posts from brands I LIKE dealing with. It’ll probably mean less regular posts, but HEY THEY’LL BE SO WORTH IT, RIGHT? RIGHT. Stick with me folks…we’ll change the beauty blogging WORLD. Maybe… 😛 And in the end, I honestly don’t care anymore what anybody thinks or wants… I’ll keep plugging away at what I am doing and if you like it? YAY I LOVE YOU. You know I do.

Have any PR Horror stories to share? HERE’S THE PLACE DUDE. SHARE AWAY.

Elwood Blues: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.
Jake Blues: Hit it!

Yup. I’m hitting it folks. FULL SPEED.