Last week we took a road trip down to Calgary for the day, which is about a 3 hour drive. My daughter will be taking a figure drawing class at the Alberta College of Art and Design once a week, so we’ll be making the trip down every Wednesday night for a couple of months.

Because we were going to be gone all day, I busted out my traveling makeup to use for the day. These are the products I know will last all day on me without having to touch up, and I thought I’d share them with you!

Products Used:


early morning tired smile-see the teeth clench?

I know I should have taken a picture of my own bottle, but I am lazy today so forgive me. Just click on the link and you’ll see what it looks like. This is a long-wearing formula, that was developed to withstand intense on-set conditions. It is water, sweat, humidity and transfer resistant. It’s oil free and helps control oil. Truthfully, it is a little drying for me, but not until the 15 hour mark do I notice some cracking happening. The colour matches me perfectly, and my skin looks flawless and matte all day. It’s a medium coverage foundation and a really good choice for the summer if you have combination or oily skin, and as a holiday foundation when you will be out all day and don’t want to touch up.

Stila Smudge Crayon in Kitten I used as my base, and then Stila Kitten powder eyeshadow over top of that. I used a soft brown eyeshadow in the crease for some definition. No eyeliner at all. This combo stayed put from 8:00 am until midnight with no creasing or fading at all! 

I used Bourjois Volumizer Mascara just on my top lashes. I’ve learned from mistakes in the past, that when travelling and out all day, putting mascara on my bottom lashes just leads to flakes and smudges- so I no longer do that. 

I am wearing just a hint of blush, but one that lasts all day and it’s Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush-For Love Of Roses- in Starina reviewed here.  No bronzer, so I look like my real, pale, old self! 

And on my lips, a sparkly good feeling lip balm from Clarins. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but it’s awesome. Any lip balm would do, as when I’m travelling my lips need hydration. Lip gloss is also another option too. 

And that’s it!! Minimal makeup when travelling is the key to looking fresh all day I say. I also carry a small bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir in my purse to freshen up my makeup and give it a boost of hydration. 

What are your traveling beauty/makeup tips? 

Sorry it’s taken me so long to show you the stuff I got on my trip. I’m blaming jet lag. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Truthfully, I haven’t really moved much since I got back. I am so TIRED!


I’m especially excited to try my two new Illamasqua blushes and pigments, the Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes, and the Sleek Palettte! I had loads of fun shopping at Boots, and the girls at the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges were super sweet! But boy, there are a lot of girls working at makeup counters in London! There is always someone ready to help you and they know all about their brand. Here sometimes there is no one working at a counter and another girl has to help you and she of course knows nothing about that particular brand. I hate that so much. And man, high end brands are super expensive in the UK when you do the conversion. Oh, and Heathrow Duty Free? Holy geez it is INSANE. I’ve never seen a duty free like that before in my entire life. It was better stocked and bigger than my Holt Renfrew!


Paris was all about skin care. Sure, it’s the birthplace of Sephora, but skin care is EVERYWHERE. In downtown Paris there are these little Pharmacies everywhere and when I say little, I mean little. Like about the size of a hotel room not including the bathroom. And the main thing they stock is skin care but Lierac, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Darphin, Nuxe, Bioderma-I could go on. And most have them have no makeup whatsoever. If they do, it’s by T. LeClerc or La Roche Posay, which I had no idea produced makeup. There was another makeup store besides Sephora that I visited in a mall that was around Disneyland Paris, but I can’t remember what it was called. That’s where I found the Embryolisse Cream I’ve always wanted to try. The other thing I found interesting was that in Paris at Sephora and the other makeup store, everything was out on the shelf. For example their Chanel skincare-out in the open on the shelf. You’d never find that here in Canada. It would be hidden under lock and key!


Now this is a little bit of cheating because the Kiko products I actually found in that mall around Disneyland Paris. They had a Kiko store which was really fun! The girls were so sweet. It reminds me of a MAC/Inglot store in that there are a ton of products to choose from. But Kiko is an Italian brand and there are stores in Rome, so I thought I’d just put them in my Rome pic. I really wanted to go see Inglot and thought there was an actual Inglot store in Rome, but it was just a small counter at a department store. And she had no more cases to put the two eyeshadows I picked up into either. Rather disappointing. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to go to Montreal someday to get the Inglot experience! Actually, more like California probably, as I’m going there in November and I think there’s one there.

I actually think I wasn’t too bad of a girl-I could have done so much more damage! Most of the stuff was drugstore and the few expensive things I did get are things I’d never have been able to get here. As I try out things, I’ll be sure to post my reviews and thoughts on them!

I will say that doing the three cities in 2 weeks was way too much for us. London was so much fun that we could have spent much longer there. We had loads of fun on a Jack The Ripper Tour. The expert was a dead ringer for Hugh Grant. He even had the same mannerisms! Our best day was our last day in London when we first passed Eric Idle in the street not far from our hotel in Picadilly. He’s our favourite Python. We thought that was ¬†exciting, until later that night while we were walking around trying to find a place to eat, there was a man standing outside a flat with some friends lighting a cigarette. We politely said hello and he smiled and said hello back to us.


Yeah, we loved London!

This is my Samples Storage Bag.

Whenever I get a sample, I usually put in this little bag to try out later. Guess I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t used any in quite awhile! It’s really full! But you know, that’s ok because I’m taking this with me to Europe. Instead of toting around bottles of my skin care and perfumes and such, I’m going to take my samples to use and try out. And if I have free WiFi in my hotels, I will tell you about anything really good that I’ve sampled.

Here’s a closer look at a few things I’m eager to try out:

This could either be a really great experience because I get to try different products, or it could go horribly wrong and ruin my skin. Guess we’ll just have to see! Wish me luck!

Do you guys use up your samples right away or save them for later?