Hey how YOU doin’?

Thanks for listening to my last rant….I’m a ranty blogger, what can I say? And when something bothers me, it bothers me A LOT, and I need to talk about it…errr…write about it haha.  But, like a few of you told me-I shouldn’t care what anybody else is doing. And… you are right. I’m gonna be more like Dumbledore in these comics I love:

Beauty Reflections tumblr_nen3uzZLaV1s5b5tzo1_500

From now on, I’m just gonna ignore the stupid stuff, and just stick to doing what I do best: being Tracy. I love all of you A LOT. I’ve even gotten emails from some of you, which has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER, so thank you everyone. I’m just gonna put some blinders on, and move forward and stop worrying about other people’s integrity. I don’t know why I have in the past, but I guess it’s because I’m descended from Kozaks and we can’t stand any kind of bullshit. I honestly should have been a cop or a lawyer-that would have appeased my injustice hating soul!

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been thinking a lot more about life. When you are my age, you kind of start to wonder how much time you’ve got left hanging around this solar system. And when you start thinking like that, you start wondering about what you WANT to do with that time you got left. This pretty much sums up my #lifegoals right now:


These are the things I want more of in my life! And these are the things I’m going to write more about on Beauty Reflections. And still beauty, because heck that’s still something I love. I’ve revamped my header menu which now reflects the topics that Beauty Reflections will be about from now on. Makeup and skincare is still up there, because hello, that’s my hobby still and I do like finding products that actually work and sharing them with you all. But there will be changes oh yes indeedy.

Disclosure Timey!

Like I’ve said before, makeup don’t pay the bills, yo. I don’t ‘live’ off of Beauty Reflections, but I do have bills to pay for the blog(self-hosted blogging isn’t cheap and everything is in US dollars so add 30 cents onto every dollar for me). So I hope you understand that occasionally I might do a sponsored post, but I always clearly mark them that way. And I usually only do them for things that I like anyways, so they’re never something that I wouldn’t WANT to write about and share anyways. I have a sponsored post coming up in a couple of weeks about a new toothpaste that I signed up for. It’s a toothpaste hey, what’s not to like right? 😛  And I have one more Brandbacker post to write(they don’t pay me-I just get a sample) but it’s for the brand Farmacy, and I love their products and use quite a few of them already in my skincare routine. But, in all honesty, that sponsored toothpaste post will be the last one you’ll see for a long time, as I’ve opted out of most ‘sponsored’ networks now, except for ShopBop. That one I will keep for the time being(although I think it’s going to disappear soon because I don’t really give them much traffic) as it helps me keep Marky clothed in expensive California. Christ, jeans are freakin’ expensive! AND LASTLY, as for PR products, I don’t get a lot these days, so I’ll continue to work with those brands that still love me and aren’t afraid of honest reviews, which is like FIVE BRANDS I think….HAHAHAHA. #kickedtothecurb #thatswhatIgetForSpeakingMyMind #IDontCare #MyLastFuckIsGiven

So cheers my friends! And if I’ve disappointed you with this direction-hey-it’s not like there aren’t 3 million other beauty blogs that churn out review after review out there in the interents ya’ know. Go on, find another, it isn’t all that hard I promise. I just can’t keep up anymore with the beauty blogging newness, so this won’t be the blog to look for reviews on most of the new products that keep coming out. #beinghonestfeelsGOOD

But, if you’re interested in watching this ranty, wine-lovin’, zumba’ dancing, mountain loving crazy lady age as gracefully and as beautifully as she can while reflecting on life, makeup, sunsets and just having fun? Then you’ve found it:

The New Beauty Reflections. 

Hey, how you doin’? I hope well! Ready for another instalment of Friday chats? Let’s get to it! There’s A LOT of pics in this post so be prepared!

SO. I knew that Lisa Eldridge was the new creative director for Lancome. I did. But I had no idea that she does videos for them-Bonjour! and Welcome to the Lancome Makeup Atelier! 

Now, I can watch Lisa Eldridge apply makeup onto her lovely face ALL DAY so these videos made me happy! The other thing I love about her is that she’s so real. And her makeup application is also real. No heavy contouring or highlighting-it’s just real makeup for real life.

But the other thing that really hit home for me with these videos was that she uses her fingers mostly, AND horror of all horrors(to some makeup junkies)-she uses the makeup applicators that are sold with the products! LIKE WHAT.

 photo IMG_0233.jpg

Makeup Applicators that come with products

Ok, I have no Lancome makeup to show you, but this Dior beauty shot should suffice 😉

Seriously, watch her videos. She really just uses those dinky applicators in most of the videos. Occasionally you’ll see a foundation brush and an eyeliner brush that she uses to spot conceal. BUT THAT’S IT. And you know what??!! That’s pretty much all I used to use way back when. For sure in the 80s-I was a teen-I didn’t have money for makeup brushes. And even in my 20s in the 90s-I always just used the packaged applicators. Never had any makeup brushes until Quo Cosmetics started making some and I bought my first-you guessed it-real blush brush. But after seeing these videos, I thought I’d give it a go like Lisa-just use the applicators, and my fingers!

 photo IMG_0215.jpg
 photo IMG_0217.jpg

Not bad, hey? Now granted these higher end brands have better packaged applicators than drugstore, but still-they are dinky(how many times can I use the word dinky in this post) and tiny compared to real brushes. But honestly? It wasn’t all that hard to do?! And didn’t take any longer either?! Which you know, made me feel GOOD. Why? Well, sometimes I feel like I’m an inferior Beauty Blogger because I don’t own any Hakudoodoo or ChikaWOWA brushes like everyone else. These videos? Made me realize WHO GIVES A RATS ASS. I don’t need them. And neither do you. Also? The never contouring I loved. I hardly ever contour, unless I’m taking serious pics dudes. All these contour palettes are such overkill. So THANK YOU LISA ELDRIDGE. I LOVE YOU. FOR LIFE YEAH. 😀 Also? I think I need that Lancome Cushion Makeup stuff she uses because DANG it covers, hey?

Yup! I went to Banff. Again.

 photo IMG_5563.jpg

driving to Banff


Honestly, I’ve wanted to live around there since I moved to Alberta. But it’s so dang expensive that it’s just out of the question. I’ll just keep visiting and show you pics if that’s ok with you!

Bow River Falls

 photo IMG_5564.jpg

Bow River Falls


 photo IMG_5565.jpg

Bow River Falls

 photo IMG_5586.jpg

Bow River Falls


Downtown Banff

 photo IMG_5630.jpg

Downtown Banff


Best name for a store

 photo IMG_5620.jpg

Downtown Banff


What else did you think they sold?

 photo IMG_5621.jpg

Downtown Banff


Thank goodness it’s not Squatch Scented!

 photo IMG_5622.jpg

There are some really crazy things you can buy in Banff!

 photo IMG_5593.jpg

At least it has free shipping HAHAHAHA!

I wanted 20 of these!

 photo IMG_5591.jpg


This was little Marky’s FAVOURITE store in Banff(she used to call it the IMIT STORE-get it? IMIT? Christmas? Yeah-it took me about 15 minutes to figure out what she was saying too hahaha!)

 photo IMG_5597.jpg

Downtown Banff


LOOK what they sold! I wanted 20 of these too!

 photo IMG_5600.jpg


 photo IMG_5639.jpg

Downtown Banff Toque Restaurant


The waitress warned us about this burger-that it was A LOT of food. We didn’t listen.

 photo IMG_5644.jpg

And yeah, we couldn’t finish it at all! I finished just over half of that burger and a few bites of the chili poutine before the meat sweats set in.

Two Jack Lake

 photo IMG_5653.jpg

Lake Minnewanka-the water was so STILL there

Clinique Pop Lip Colour Lipstick.jpg

Lake Minnewanka


Three Sisters Mountains

Clinique Pop Lip Colour Lipstick1.jpg

Three Sisters Mountains

I love Banff. I really do! Can you tell? 😛  Don’t be surprised if I take you there again soon!

When I got home, my Sephora VIB Sale was here! Finally! Sure took long enough! And I know I can get it sooner with that Flash Shipping crap, but PFFT. I’ll take free shipping always if that’s an option thank you. I can wait for my makeup junkie fix!

I ordered these CoverFX Custom Cover Drops that everyone is raving about.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.jpg

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Preliminary testing results is that they’re a bit drying. Which makes me sad. But I want to try them in sunscreen before I give my finally verdict. Also this colour G20 is a tad light for me-I think I need one shade up for a better match. Or maybe a mix of both. I’m so hard to match lately it’s becoming quite the chore. So much so that I usually just use concealer where I need it, and screw the rest of my face.

I also ordered this :

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop

 Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop.jpg

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop

It’s pretty! And very springy!

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop.jpg

Wearing Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop-and NO CONTOURING a la Lisa Eldridge hahaha

Like I was telling my buddy Sunny @MostlySunny   on Instagram, I find this Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer #05 Melon Pop to be very similar to those MAC Huggable Lip Colours that came out last year? And I think are returning soon? I don’t know, who can keep track of those MAC Hooligans anymore LOL. Anyways, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer is  thick, and very creamy and really sticks or hugs to your lips. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer feels good on-like a heavy lip balm. And lasts quite well too and even leaves a pretty stain as it wears off. Only problem is that this light shade tends to emphasize lip lines-there’s a lot of white pigment in it. I think the darker shades would be better, but if there’s still a lot of white in them, well….ya’ know. I haven’t seen them in person, but maybe this weekend since there’s a Shopper’s Optimum Redemption event! Hopefully they’re there so I can swatchy! But I still do like how this lipstick 00feels and looks! Plus it’s kind of an affordable lipstick these days at $19.99. LIKE YEAH. Who’d of thunk $20 would get you an affordable department store lipstick in 2015? Not this old Beauty Junkie!

Also? This makes me SO PROUD to be Canadian.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour Lipstick.png

In other news…my hot flashes have seemed to subside! Like substantially! Almost disappearing even! Today I haven’t even had one! And the last week I’ve barely had any whilst sleeping which is like WOW. I don’t know whether to be happy? Like is it over? Or SCARED OUTTA MY WITS..like something worse is gonna happen…which would be my period coming back after being absent since August 2014. Because that would mean I’d have to start going through it all AGAIN… oh please be over please be over…pray for me, hey?

Yeah! That was my week! Whaddaya’ think about my no brushes revelation? Here’s my dare to you all: TRY PUTTING ON YOUR MAKEUP WITH THE DINKY APPLICATORS AND YOUR FINGERS TOO. And lemme know how it goes! I bet you pass with flying colours like I did. 😀 I know you can!