“When it comes to color, there are no limits. I like to have freedom. Metallic makeup does that.”
Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

This Fall, imagine an incredible combination of the highest reflective shine and intensely desirable color to make eyes, lips and nails smolder – introducing The Metallics, a NEW Pure Color Collection from Estée Lauder. The Metallics uses a variety of unique reflective finishes to bring a new level of sophistication to multi-dimensional color.

SHINY!! Who doesn’t want some shine in their makeup life sometimes, right? I have three pieces from the Estée Lauder The Metallics New Pure Color Collection to show you: a Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer, a Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick, and a Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer:

 photo 6f952677-4c40-4a49-b7c3-918707947b06.jpg

Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer, a Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick, and a Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer:

Let’s start with the Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer($25 CDN) in Chocolate Foil:

 photo IMG_6303.jpg

Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Foil:

I got Marky to model Chocolate Foil for us, and of course the obligatory whining started:

 photo IMG_7584.jpg

Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Foil

BUT after I applied Chocolate Foil, she stopped whining! SHE LIKED IT haha! Why? I think for one, this is just ONE COAT of the Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Foil-can you believe it? It dried really quickly to a hardened finish Marky said, which she really like about it. It seemed like it was more durable of a finish to her, and she actually asked me if there was a grey colour, because she really liked the formula. This was our first experience with an Estee Lauder Nail Polish and both of us were quite amazed at the great quality! There is a streakiness to it as there is with most metallic finish polishes, but if that didn’t seem to bother the whiny redhead, so I guess it all depends on what you like!

Lips next! First swatches of the Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Pink Vinyl and the Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Hot Lava:

 photo IMG_6313.jpg

Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Pink Vinyl and the Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Hot Lava

Pink Vinyl is a really pretty dusty rose shade with a lot of shine! And Hot Lava is autumn in a lipstick-a gorgeous warm red with some gold and red sparkle. Hot Lava has that sweet fig scent that Estée Lauder lipsticks have, but it’s seems really toned down from what I remember and dissipates quite quickly.

Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Pink Vinyl($26 CDN) on my lips:

 photo EsteeLauderLipGlossIMG_6317.jpg

Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Pink Vinyl

This is actually my first Estée Lauder Lip Gloss ever?-yeah pretty sure about that-but WOW is it ever NICE! Pigmented, smooth, moisturizing, not sticky and lasts a good 2 hours on my lips! I never new a lip gloss could be so pretty and feel so good!

And now Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Hot Lava($32 CDN) close up so you can see the sparkles in the sun:

 photo IMG_6306.jpg


Estée Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Hot Lava

I love Estée Lauder lipsticks, and I don’t know WHY for the love of Pete I keep forgetting about them! They are so light feeling, and last FOREVER on my lips. I get a good 5 going on 6 hours of wear with no feathering or bleeding at all. And this colour-it’s like a warm red apple in the fall sunshine! It’s gorgeous! Not a hard red to wear at all, so if you are red-shy, Hot Lava would be a great one to start out with that’s for sure!

There are also some Estée Lauder Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trios that have a molten metal, liquid-like texture in the collection, so look out for those as well! I know I will!

The Estée Lauder The Metallics New Pure Color Collection is available at all Estée Lauder counters across the country right now! You really gotta check it out!

I don’t know WHY I keep forgetting about Estée Lauder makeup. I think I still carry the thought that it’s an old lady brand for some reason, and it really isn’t! And besides-I AM AN OLD LADY HAHAHA!  [emoji older woman]

Do you stereotype makeup brands as well? Which ones do you think are too old for you ?

*products sent by PR for review, new found love for Estée Lauder is mine. [emoji white smiling face]

I’ve shown you a mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in the Spring and it was AMAZING. Well, there’s some new fall palettes in smoky shades that are just as good!
I have the mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel($18 CDN) to show you, and if you love blue and green eyeshadows, then you gotta get this!

 photo IMG_5432.jpg

mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel

 photo IMG_5435.jpg

mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel

The texture of these eyeshadows in the mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel are really great! They pack a big colour punch in a little compact! They are high shine, metallic eyeshadows, but this time one is more of a matte shade with some glitter. The glitter is easily tapped off the brush, so it’s a perfect eyeshadow to use in the crease.

Swatchy Time!

 photo IMG_5451.jpg

mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel swathces

Nice, hey? Look at that pigmentation! The eyeshadows almost feel like a cream to me, and they are so soft and blendable that you can literally use your finger to apply them onto your eye. An eyeshadow brush is optional if your finger-blending skillz are up to the task! The colours are amazing, and the eyeshadows last all day over a primer with no creasing.

Here’s a few looks I created with the mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel. For the first one I used some of the greens in the palette:

 photo MARKGREENEYEPicMonkeyCollage.jpg
Then a look using the blue eyeshadows:
 photo MARKBLUEEYEPicMonkeyCollage.jpg
Then a look with a combo of blues and greens:

 photo MARKGREENANDBLUEEYEPicMonkeyCollage.jpg
The mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel is a great buy. If you’re a neutral loving eyeshadow girl, then this would be an awesome palette to get to add some blue and green to your looks for fall!  [emoji leaf fluttering in wind] [emoji fallen leaf] [emoji leaf fluttering in wind]

The mark On the Dot Eye Color Compact in Smokey/Sensuel is available to order online here at www.avon.ca, or by calling 1-800-265-AVON to find your local AVON Rep!

How’s that for some fall colour that’s affordable? Who needs that Dior Bonne Etoile Eye palette when you got this one!  [emoji face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye]

*product sent by PR for Review, thoughts of the Bonne Etoile Substitution are MINE hahaha!  [emoji white smiling face] [emoji winking face]


BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre Eau De Parfum

BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP and Elizabeth Arden announce the launch of their new fragrance, BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre. It’s the third and final fragrance in the BCBGMAXAZRIA Fragrance Collection.

BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre, is a seductive scent with an alluring air of mystery and a kick of attitude for today’s confident, sophisticated woman. And I think it’s a perfect scent for fall!

“I set out to create fragrances that would have meaning for the many facets of the BCBGMAXAZRIA woman,” said Lubov Azria, BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP’s Chief Creative Officer. “As the third and final piece of the Fragrance Collection, BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre is an exploration of her darker more mysterious side and brings an effortlessly cool sensibility – with attitude – to the collection.”

BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre has bold notes of Lychee, Red Berries, Bergamot and Black Pepper ORPUR.
TOP NOTES: Lychee, red berries, bergamot, black pepper ORPUR
MID NOTES: Jasmine noir, tuberose, tiger lily, cardamom
BASE NOTES: Australian sandalwood, golden amber, black vanilla, patchouli

 photo BCBGMAXAZARIAbongenre.jpg

BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre Eau De Parfum

When I first spray BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre, the berries are quite strong, but quickly get softer and subside as the fragrance becomes warmer and creamier with a touch of floral. It becomes sweeter as the jasmine and tuberose start to peak through, but the sweet florals get just a hint of spice from the cardamon and patchouli. As time goes on, the amber and vanilla really make the fragrance warm and lovely on the skin.  BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre takes you on a walk on a lazy warm fall day in the late afternoon. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your cheeks, which feels like summer sweetly saying goodbye…

The purple fragrance bottle mirrors the shape of the signature BCBGMAXAZRIA fragrance collection style, designed to resemble hourglass curves with the brand’s iconic butterfly logo transformed into a blooming flower on the cap. It’s really quite lovely, and the purple colour is perfect for this time of year. 


BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre Eau De Parfum


BCBGMAXAZRIA bon genre will be available at Sephora September 2013(that’s now!), with the Eau de Parfum 50 ml retailing for $64.00 and the Eau de Parfum 100 ml for $86.00.

Do you switch up your fragrance for autumn? What’s your favourite fall fragrance?

*product sent by PR for review, warm sunny fall days are dreams of mine!

L’Oreal Paris has been busy! They have quite a few new products out in drugstores right now that are really worth taking a look at!

 photo IMG_1699.jpg

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil, Colour Riche Le Khol Eyeliner in Black

First there’s the the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil($8.99 CDN) that comes in 2 shades: Golden Brown and Deep Brown, and the new Colour Riche Le Khol Eyeliners($8.99 CDN) that come in colourful and intense shades:

 photo LOREALPENCILSPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil, Colour Riche Le Khol Eyeliner in Black

The L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil in Golden Brown is a bit warm for me, which is a shame as I really like it! It’s a creamy texture that dries to a suede-powder finish and that’s what I like in my eyebrow pencils. I hate waxy eyebrow pencils as my brow hairs are kind of long, so a wax makes them look like they have moustache wax on them. NOT a good look I tell ya. The spooly brush on the end is great for blending in the pencil with your brow hairs to give a natural look. If one of the colours matches you, lucky you! Check it out!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Khol Eyeliners have a cream glide technology, and you guessed it- these are creamy, smooth and vibrant eyeliners! The black is REALLY black as you can see and works great on the waterline, or smudged out on your lash lines. Since it’s a kohl pencil, it’s not bulletproof in wear, so I do suggest setting it with a bit of eyeshadow to make sure it stays in place. But truth be told, it’s pretty decent at staying put on its own-one of the better stay-put kohls I’ve tried! There are some really pretty jewel toned ones that would be perfect for fall.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Excess Mascara($10.99 CDN) is the first L’Oreal Mascara that I actually really like!

 photo IMG_1710.jpg

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Excess Mascara(

I know that the Voluminous Carbon Lash or whatever it’s called is a HG mascara for a lot of people, but for me it’s a bit on the dry side and smudges like crazy.  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Excess Mascara is a wetter formula, maybe even too wet at first even for me. It took about 2 weeks for it to get to the right consistency that I like and now I can’t get enough of it!
 photo IMG_1712.jpg

The brush is a plastic brush that’s hourglass shaped, yet comes to a rounded tip and it’s not so spiky that it hurts to put your mascara on. I usually always have to use kleenex and brush off excess mascara before going to my eye, but not with  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Excess Mascara! I can go straight to my lashes without fear of clumping, and if there are any clumps the bristles on the brush comb through them. It doesn’t smudge or flake on me and isn’t a pain to take off. I really like it!

Here’s what one coat looks like:
 photo LorealMAscaraIMG_4400.jpg

And here’s what it looks like with a couple of coats and the rest of my eye makeup:

 photo MASCARAAFTERIMG_4488.jpg


L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup($18.99 CDN) features a unique blend of light oils and instantly fuses with skin to give undetectable coverage. It’s available in 12 shades:

 photo IMG_3425.jpg

L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup

 photo IMG_3430.jpg

L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup #310 Light Ivory

Believe it or not, this shade Light Ivory #310 is too pale for me at the moment! I know! This has to be a day of triumph for me-the day that I finally am dark enough to wear drugstore foundations!

Light Ivory kind of matches my arm, but trust me it doesn’t match my face one bit. I’d need one shade darker for a better match, but for the winter I think this would be perfect. It’s the weirdest yet coolest feeling foundation ever and is hard to describe. It’s like a dry oil, but no oily residue at all. When you pour it out of the bottle, it almost looks like liquid sand.  It leaves quite a dry, almost powdery finish to your skin. Coverage is sheer, yet buildable to about a medium coverage. As cool as L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup feels and looks-it’s just not meant for someone with dry skin, just like its sister foundation, Giorgio Armani True Match. Both of these foundations catch on my dry skin and accentuate any dry patches I have and even ones I didn’t KNOW I had. Even if I try to moisturize my skin really well before application, L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup still doesn’t  work for me. But if you have oily or combination skin, then you will LOVE it. It honestly feels like there’s nothing on your face! If you’ve wanted to try Giorgio Armani True Match Foundation but haven’t because YIKES the price tag here in Canada is beyond ridiculous, then give L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup a try!

All of these new products from L’Oreal are available at most retailers right now! Give them a try! Get more info on them at www.lorealparis.ca!

Have you tried any of these new products from L’Oreal Paris? 

*products sent by the lovely L’Oreal Paris PR, thoughts and views are my own!

It’s almost that time here in Canada! Back To School for the kids! I used to LOVE this time of year, and thought of it as more of a “new beginning”, or a “fresh start” for a lot of things for me. I called it my Back To Mom time which was needed after a lazy and fun summer with little Marky. This was the time of year that I was more successful at keeping resolutions of all kinds-from diet and exercise, organizing resolutions, and of course-makeup ones!

 photo IMG_4902.jpg

So how about I show you a new and fresh makeup look with some Avon products that will get you looking all spiffy and Back To Mom in a flash? I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to look polished when I’d drop off Marky at school, just in case I’d be asked to help out with something and have to stay. In fact, that’s kind of how I got back into working after staying home after I had Marky. Chemistry jobs were few and far between after those years at home, so volunteering at her school was how I got my foot in the door and eventually got a job as a Science Tech in the schools which I loved it! I loved working with kids of all ages to get them excited about science!

First step in your Back To Mom look of course, is to even out your complexion with Avon’s Ideal Flawless BB Cream. Check out my original review HERE. It’s one of the best BB Creams around!

Next let’s get some fast and pretty eyes going here! Avon has a new fall True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Savage Beauty($10 CDN) that’s part of the Avon New Burgundy Fall 2013 Color Collection and it’s REALLY great! This is another one of the new quads, but the shades are nicely pigmented and blend really nicely in this one!

 photo AVONSAVAGEBEAUTYPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Take that matte taupey brown shade and apply it all over your lid with a fluffy brush like the MAC 217:

 photo BACKTOMOMIMG_4920.jpg

Then, take that bright turquoise shade and apply it on your bottom lash line with a soft brush-you want a nice, diffused look instead of a precise line.

 photo BACKTOMOM2IMG_4923.jpg

HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE because Avon’s Supershock Gel Eye Liners($10 CDN) are finally available in Canada! This is the shade Aqua Pop and it’s INTENSE baby:


Avon’s Supershock Gel Eye Liners Aqua Pop

Avon’s Supershock Gel Eye Liners are made with 20% liquid-gel and they are super soft, super pigmented and MAN do they stay put, even on the water line!

Take that Aqua Pop Supershock Gel Liner, and apply it to your water line, and then take a small smudger brush and smudge it to get a really great pop of colour for your new fall look. You’re gonna make incorporating colour into your makeup a fall resolution, right? RIGHT!

 photo BACKTOMOM3IMG_4926.jpg

Add some mascara, and your eyes are ready!

 photo BACKTOMOM5IMG_4950.jpg
Easy, colourful, and on trend too! You go mom!
 photo BACKTOMOM4IMG_4946.jpg

To help your summer glow last longer, Avon’s New Glow Marbleized Bronzers($15 CDN) will do exactly that!

 photo IMG_1422.jpg

Avon’s New Glow Marbleized Bronzers

These are so nice! Beach Glow is on the left and it’s a peachy bronze, and Natural Glow on the right is just that-natural, bronzy goodness!

 photo IMG_1430.jpg

Avon’s New Glow Marbleized Bronzers Natural Glow, Beach Glow

They are smooth, soft and finely milled, pigmented enough to give you a gorgeous glow on the cheeks! Use the Avon Glow Bronzing Brush($5.99 CDN) with nylon bristles to apply to cheeks and high points of the face to make you look like the mom with the most gorgeous skin ever!

Red lips are always huge for fall, so how about an “I’ll wear red lipstick” for another fall beauty resolution? Avon’s Totally Kissable Lipstick in Racy Red($9.99 CDN) fits the bill:


Avon’s Totally Kissable Lipstick in Racy Red

This is one of my favourite Avon Lipstick formulas! Sheer yet buildable colour and a glossy finish that’s moisturizing. No bleeding and lasts a good while, and fades beautifully.

 photo AVONRACYREDIMG_4936.jpg

Avon’s Totally Kissable Lipstick in Racy Red

Now, if that true blue red is too much for you, just blot it down like I did so you get a softer, more wearable look!

 photo FOTDBACKTOMOMIMG_5022.jpg

Wearing all the Back To Mom Avon products featured

That hand cream up in that first pic? Do yourself a HUGE favour and get it! It’s the new Skin So Soft Aroma+Therapy Calming Hand Cream ($4.99 CDN) and it has this touchplex scent technology, which means you can reactivate the scent throughout the day when you rub your hands together! NEAT, hey? With Argan Oil to moisturize your hands, I call this my “SERENITY NOW” hand cream and so will you! The lavender scent will be calming and comforting on those stressful morning drives to school. MAN I hated those-especially once it started to snow. YIKES-who said snow? I sure hope I didn’t jinx anything…:)

 photo IMG_9991.jpg

Avon Foundation Rose Zippered Case($6.00 CDN)

And last but not least, put all your new Avon fall makeup essentials in this Avon Foundation Rose Zippered Case($6.00 CDN):

100% of the net proceeds from the Avon Foundation Rose Zippered Case will go to breast cancer research, awareness, and support services.

And there you go! Your new Back To Mom Look with Avon! All of these products will be available in September(some are already available) from your local Avon Rep by calling 1-800-265-AVON, or by ordering online at www.avon.ca.

 How about you? Do you make fall/autumn resolutions too? 

*products sent by the lovely Avon PR, Back To Mom is a September reality every year! 🙂