BEAUTY BREAK! [emoji white smiling face]

So you all know I run-errh, jog. [emoji runner] I don’t break any speed barriers doing what I do, BUT I do need my music to do any of it. I’m not sure if I exercise for the health benefits, or if it’s for the time I get to listen to my music. [emoji multiple musical notes] When I think really hard about it, I’m pretty sure it’s the music that keeps me coming back. I listen to an eclectic playlist when I exercise-from Christian rock to classical to rap to 80s to blues to-well you get the idea-I LOVE music. ALL of it.

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Jabra Vox 

Recently I’ve been able to test out some Jabra Vox Ear Buds( $99 CDN) and I’ll tell you this: these earphones make my jogging/music time even better!

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Jabra Vox

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See the magnets? GENIUS.

Jabra Vox has in-line controls so I can pause, play, skip tracks without having to fiddle with my iPhone. The cables are square, and tangle-free and tested to withstand 15kg of pull force. PLUS they have these Snaglit magnets that make it so easy to unwind-they never get tangled!

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Jabra Vox

Jabra Vox has specially designed ColorCore EarGels that fit my ears perfectly. They don’t slip out at all while I’m exercising. In fact, they come with 3 different sized EarGels to make sure you get the best fit. GENIUS.

I love my Jabra Vox ear buds! They are worth it if you need a great quality pair of ear buds, and I’ve learned the hard way-you get what you pay for when it comes to ear buds. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on crappy ear buds that fall apart after a few uses. Plus the Jabra Sound App makes your music sound even better! It’s a music player that gives you a full Dolby Digital sound experience, allowing you to adjust the graphic equalizer so you can hear your music the what YOU want to hear it.

You can get the Jabra Vox at Best Buy, Future Shop and The Source in Canada.

Do you listen to music when you exercise? 

*product sent by PR for review, enhancing my exercise experience! So thank you!

I’ve been trying really hard to get healthy lately, and a big part of that process has been getting back into exercise. Before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I was a gym rat. My hubby would come home from work and I’d head to the gym. It was my time, as I was home all day with our daughter. I loved exercising back then-step classes, spinning, pilates-you name it and I’ve probably done it and loved it. And then I got sick.

Long story short, 11 years of being sedentary and feeling sorry for myself are over. I’ve had enough. I can’t do what I used to do all those years ago, as MS has given me some limitations: my muscle strength isn’t what it used to be. I wasn’t sure what I could or wanted to do, until I found Gaelle@The Makeup Fairy.  Gaelle has been learning to run with an iPhone App and I’ve loved reading about her progress. Now I’ve tried running before, and it’s the one exercise I actually didn’t love. But Gaelle was/is so inspiring! I had to try this out for myself.

I’m not sure if this is the same app that Gaelle uses as there are a few of them out there, but I downloaded this one called

Get Running(Couch To 5K).

The program consists of three workouts a week. You start off alternating running 1 minute with walking 90 seconds. Each week the running/walk times change, progressively making the running times longer and the walk times shorter. By week 9, you’ll be running a full 30 minutes non stop. There is a lovely voice that encourages you periodically with prompts, and the app can run simultaneously as your music plays. As of my last session, I am now running 28 minutes non-stop. By no means do I run fast, it’s more like a light jog, but I am breathing hard and sweating!

Now this hasn’t been really easy, in fact, it’s been pretty hard. But what has made me stick to it is that I could see and feel my progress. One week I could barely run 3 minutes, and then I was able to run 5 minutes with ease. This astounded me and kept me going. After each workout I felt really great about what I had accomplished and loved that feeling, and wanted more.

My clothes are getting looser. I’m sleeping better. I feel better. I am hooked!  My next goal is to try to run faster so that I can run farther. I’m not sure if I’ll ever enter races though-I’m kind of enjoying the personal satisfaction I get a lot, and for now that’s enough for me.

If you’re going to try running, the one thing I do recommend is a good pair of runners, or trainers or sneakers as they are called elsewhere. Go to a really reputable store that specializes in running that has employees that actually run and know what runners will work for you by watching how you walk barefoot. There you’ll get fitted with the right pair of runners which will make all the difference. And if you live in Canada like I do, realize that if you end up really loving running, that you’ll probably have to invest in a treadmill or a gym membership come winter. Running in -30 Celsius sounds and probably feels like absolute torture and not something I plan on experiencing!

What do you guys do for exercise? Are you starting something new? Or have you found the one exercise that you love and will do forever?