I’m BACK and So-Let’s Make Sure I Won’t Get Another Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Product Sent For Review, Ok?

It’s been 30 days since I’ve blogged! And I know some of you have been wondering WTH TRACY WHERE ARE YOU.

Well, it’s like this: LIFE. It happens. I like the happens, even if it means a sprained wrist which makes typing furiously on a computer impossible. #IblameBurpees #heyIamTryingMan 

But today, my wrist feels not too bad AND I’ve just eaten a box of 20 Timbits for dinner WITH a glass of wine #AdultingHere so, let’s get back to BIZNESS. 

So, I’ve been sitting and sitting on blogging about these Charlotte Tilbury Quick ‘N’ Easy 5 Minute Instant Makeup Kits I was sent at the beginning of January.

 photo SAM_5437.jpg

I showed them on my Instagram Story feed and when I was swatching them I honestly was thinking these are great! What a great idea! Little packets of Charlotte Tilbury Goodness to create easy, no fuss makeup looks! I think it was the whole 5 minute makeup easy look part that had me sold-that and her makeup swatches well too and can easily FOOL you.


 photo SAM_5448.jpg

Most of these kits come with a sample of her Wonder Glow.

 photo SAM_5450.jpg

Yeah, it’s nothing but a moisturizer with loads of glitter. Pass.

Some kits come with a sample of her Legendary Lashes Mascara.

 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 57.jpg

It was promising! Very lengthening! Not so much volume. But…it smudges to high heaven. And most people agree with me.

Some kits come with her Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencils, which I thought cool, I love me easy eye looks.

 photo SAM_5461.jpg
That’s the Amber Haze Chameleon Pencil from the Naturally Glowing Kit and it’s the better of the two I got to try in these kits.

 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 59.jpg

I mean, it sets so DARN FAST that blending is nearly impossible! And, if you have oily oily lids like I do, you’ll still need a primer because they will crease. I’ll show you proof later.

Even the Beach Stick in this Kit, I did not like:

 photo SAM_5473.jpg

Looks nice hey?

 photo SAM_5462.jpg
Swatches not half bad.

Ends up patch on the cheeks. I mean, it looks like I have blush on one cheek only. ONE.

 photo IMG_3720.jpg

SIGH. And it’s not good on the lips either because it feels powdery.

The Red Carpet Glam Kit? Swatches awesome, but again it’s really nothing special?

 photo SAM_5494.jpg

I mean, it’s a lip liner, a lipstick, and an eyeliner? For $95. WHY so much?

 photo IMG_3750.jpg

I don’t get it. It’s a red lipstick. YAY??!!!

The Smokey Eye look kit was the one I was MOST excited to try, I mean look at that swatch of the Black Diamonds Chameleon Eye Pencil. IT’S SO GLITTERY and PRETTY!

 photo SAM_5508.jpg

And you guys loved my eye look in other posts that I was wearing that pencil!

 photo IMG_3788.jpg

It looks so good, ya? Things are never quite what they seem!


 photo Last Import - 1 of 101 78.jpg

Not so much, hey? Wow this one creases like crazy you guys, even with primer and the glitter keeps falling all over the place-jumping even. It’s glitter with legs cause I found some even in my brows, my lips, on my shirt. Nope. NOPE. I’m too old for that man, just way too old.

I can’t tell you to buy these kits?!! I mean, CHRIST. I’d have to go to confession and say like 500 hundred Our Fathers and 1000 Hail Marys and even then my conscience wouldn’t feel clean.

If you want to try some Charlotte Tilbury makeup? Get a lipstick. Preferably the matte ones. The lipsticks in these kits are the only thing that I consistently liked-she makes a good lippie that woman, yes she does. The rest of the makeup in these kits? Overpriced. Not. Good. Don’t. Waste. Your. Money. On. Them.


  • Elisa Aisenstat

    I totally agree that most of those products in those kits are a huge miss, but I love the Wonder Glow. I’ve thrown out all my other primers, and I beg you to try again. I find that using a Beauty Blender with it makes it less overwhelmingly glittery. I also suggest trying the eyeshadow quads, because I also have oily lids and they are the only eye shadows that won’t crease on me. I don’t even need to wear with a primer, nor do I need to set it with powder. Someone at the counter said that it’s because one of the shades in the quad is in itself a primer, but I have tried to use it with other shadows and I find that there is no creasing if you use 3 or 4 shadows in the quad, as long as you include the primer and whatever sparkly one is in the quad you use.

    • I will try a quad then! I haven’t tried her powder eyeshadows. I do like her powder blush and her tinted moisturizer, and lipsticks lol. I just find using the Wonderglow makes me greasy and does nothing for keeping my makeup in place. But, that’s just me! I’M GLAD it works for you though!

  • Lily

    Her cream shadow post suck. I bought the shadow pencil and agree they set super fast, difficult to blend but it stays put. Bought her eye shadow quad in Solve Vita and I love it..
    Miss you dude. And yes to burpees. Hope your wrist gets better soon!

    • They are SO bad I can’t even. DRUGSTORE IS BETTER. I guess I gotta try the eyeshadows then!
      Miss you too. And thanks! It’s feeling SO much better this week!

  • Elizabeth V

    Glad to see you back. Hopefully you are fully recovered soon. And once again, thanks for your honest (and at times funny) review.

  • Tracyyyy I LOVE you.

    I got the press release for these in my inbox too, and I couldn’t bring myself to request any. The prices on these sets are insane, especially for what you get.

    Glad to see you back, and I hope I’ll get to read a new Beauty Reflections post again soon! 😉

    • I Love you too hahaha and thanks!Yeah man, I should have said no to, but this is WAY more fun so 😉 I’ll keep at it I still have a few things to say and a few more PR to piss off HAHAHA

  • I haven’t found a cream shadow I like yet… They never blend well.

  • Lesley Goldberg

    I bought a limited edition lipcolor and a lip pencil during the winter holidays. I returned the lipcolor right away because the color didn’t work. I kept the pencil but it has left regular rotation because it just isn’t that good. Her stuff just seems overpriced.

    • I agree! It’s overpriced for sure. I have Pillow Talk Lip Pencil and I don’t get why everyone is crazy for it? It’s just like any other lip pencil. I do like her matte lipsticks. And I do like her bronzer as well. But it’s not like they are life changing or anything, and tbh if I ran out of any of those things I don’t think I’d repurchase.

  • I agree that the mascara and chameleon pencils suck. I had a chameleon pencil and the lid kept coming loose (even though it was just sitting in my drawer, untouched), and then it just dried up over time. It’s now completely useless, and I’ve barely used it. The mascara also smudges all over me, same with her pencil liners. I loooooove the Wonder Glow on top of her Light Wonder foundation and omfg glowy, gorgeous goddess skin. I also love her lipsticks and lip liners, yes they’re on the expensive side but she is a high end brand.

    • On top of foundation? I guess? But you are young so you can get away with glittery glowy skin! I can’t at my age haha! I do like the Light Wonder Foundation it’s a great sheer one. And yeah, her lipsticks are awesome like I said!

      • Oh crap sorry I meant light wonder on top of the wonder glow, got my orders mixed up, light wonder is light enough that the “glow” shines through. Her product names need to be more diverse though, they all kinda sound the same.

      • LOL hahaha ok, now I’m with you! I did try that, but it’s too rich for my skin with both. The Light wonder is so moisturizing for me. And I agree her names do need to be more diverse. Everything is a WONDER to her HAHAHA!

  • grlnxdor

    I’m so happy that you are back! I’ve wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury for quite some time but if it’s not good it’s not good. I especially liked your “going to confession’ bit! Keep on keeping it real, Tracy

    • Thank you! xx and hahaha seriously, lying makes me feel like that. I went to a Christian elementary school run by nuns and nothing made me more nervous than telling the priest I lied!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Glad you’re feeling better! I hurt myself too…. I don’t know what to blame though. Probably just twisted it as bit while moving/lifting something. Not that I’d evvvvvvvarrrr do that or anything…… Heh. I threw my wrist brace into the nightstand drawer last night in total disgust. Not that doing this really helps the problem in any way, but it made me feel better for a minute. Lol
    I almost bought some of those shadow sticks once. Or twice. Or maybe three times… Glad I never went through with it now! The mascara never looked promising to me. I did buy a new Clinique mascara to try out before Christmas, and was too scared to actually use it until last weekend. Yay no itching! Maybe I can wear mascara again after all.

    • Thanks! LOL I hear ya hating on the brace hahaha, I throw mine into the corner of the room most days and swear at it! Man, I thought the pencils would at least be good, but nope, so so bad. And yay to a good mascara! Clinique Mascaras never let me down too!

  • Glad you’re feeling better! I have been very curious about CT makeup but I’ve always find them to be a little pricey for what they are! I guess the name and branding is realy what you’re getting! It sucks that these products just failed 🙁 As always, thanks for the honest review!!

    • SO pricey. You are welcome! The lipsticks are the only thing in these kits I liked, but why pay for the rest?

  • Oh Trakee, never afraid to call a spade a spade 😛 I’ve never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury, but I agree that the selection of products in these kits isn’t terribly exciting. Hope your wrist heals quickly – my mom just broke her wrist a few weeks ago when she slipped on some ice while walking to the church. That’s what you get for being a good Catholic, lol ;P

    • Never hahaha! Not for a couple more months until my blog sites things expire. Then I am done I’m afraid. I am so done now. And your poor mama! I hope she is healing too!

  • Angela

    Tracy. HO YA. Ok so I’ve never tried any of charlotte tilbury’s eye products but so glad I won’t have to now! I’m with you on the super oily lids. I do have her finishing powder and one of her blushes and they are truly lovely. (the blush is so lovely that I actually sought out a backup when I was in Houston last time) Never tried one of her lipsticks. Those products that cost an arm and a leg just because they have someone’s stinkin’ name on them and yet don’t work any better than drugstore stuff (sometimes worse!)??? No thanks!! Thanks for your honest review always 🙂 And geez man burpees SUCK. I hope your recovery is super fast!

    • I do like some things from the brand, but none is like WOW you need it imo. I like her blush too, but not enough to get another. I like her bronzer? But the highlighter I could do without. I wish it came by itself.
      I have a love/hate relationship with burpees lol. And thanks! I am slowly but surely on the mend!