Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

Today is our 50th Birthday. I know you think you probably won’t make it this far, but here we are. So, if I could tell you a few things that I have learned so far, maybe things would/could be a tad easier for you. So let’s start.

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  1. Relax…a lot. It’s really not that big a deal whatever is bugging you at the moment. It’ll pass.
  2. Keep on wearing that cobalt blue eyeshadow. It really does look good on you.
  3. TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF before you go to sleep for Pete’s sake.
  4. DON’T GET A PERM. Believe it or not, you have wavy/curly hair, but you just don’t know it because you’re always blow drying it straight! LOOK AT THAT BABY PICTURE on the fireplace mantle! See the curls? THEY ARE YOURS. Perms will just frizz up your hair and ruin it every time.
  5. Buy extra hairspray. That little brother of yours keeps using it and that’s why you’re always running out so quickly.
  6. Keep on playing piano. Don’t quit before you finish your grade 10.
  7. In fact, start learning to play other instruments. I know you play the guitar, but start the violin earlier than me which was in my late 30s. You’ll love it I promise. Learn to play the cello too. And while your at it, the oboe as well.
  8. Keep dancing! Keep singing! Just keep being musical. It’s part of you and you need it to survive.
  9. Don’t stop drawing or painting either. You’ll miss it.
  10. Don’t stop taking French.
  11. When you get that letter in University inviting you into the English Honours program, DO IT. Don’t just laugh it off and throw it away.
  12. Spend more time with mama…she won’t be with you for much longer and you will miss her every day when she’s gone.
  13. Keep gardening.
  14. Don’t bother dyeing your hair once the grey starts to really show. Just let it go. You’ll love it and will realize it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. And wow, you’ll save SO MUCH MONEY not dyeing it every 8 weeks.
  15. Please wear your hair in a high ponytail for your wedding.
  16. Get the epidural when you’re in labour with Marky. Don’t be a hero for once in your life.
  17. Don’t go to that first Weight Watchers meeting where the leader told you that you didn’t need to lose weight and that you were fine. Because you are. Listen to her. Because it’s that moment you started fucking around with your weight that ruins it for the rest for your life.
  18. Wear lipstick all the time.
  19. Learn to swim stupid.
  20. Have the fries once in awhile.
  21. Stay out of the sun. Seriously. You don’t tan. Accept it.
  22. Get a telescope. Look at the stars.
  23. Go to bed earlier.
  24. Pull Marky out of school more often and go for holidays. Or just let her have a home day every once in awhile. Ease up on school. She hates it. And so do you.
  25. And while we’re on that subject, don’t make her take MATH20. She won’t need it. It’ll save you a lot of headaches trying to teach her all that algebra every night.
  26. Don’t bother with contacts, you’ll end up hating them. Plus glasses are gonna get way cooler-just wait.
  27. Don’t give away your leather motorcycle jacket because it was too big for you at the time.
  28. Step away from buying the blush…you don’t need ALL of them. I promise.
  29. Read more.
  30. When you build your bungalow, let the builders finish the basement. Don’t let Terry say he’ll do it, because he’ll never have the time to.
  31. Get an SUV earlier. It’s just so much easier to go places with it. And you love road trips. You really do.
  32. See more of Canada with that SUV too. It’s a big, beautiful country.
  33. Salmon isn’t that bad. Eat more of it.
  34. Make more soups.
  35. Give up on heels, you really hate them. And so do your feet.
  36. Wear hats all the time.
  37. Don’t stop riding your bike after you get diagnosed with MS.
  38. Don’t try to keep some family members in your life just because they’re family. Toxic people no matter who they are do not deserve you and will just suck any joy from your life. Let them go.
  39. I know you’re a good listener. But you also need someone to listen to YOU every once in awhile.
  40. Take that Zumba class a lot sooner. It’ll save you in more ways than you can ever realize, and you’ll find so many souls that are just like you.
  41. Don’t be afraid of being in pictures.
  42. It’s ok to have a messy house when people are over. Nobody is perfect.
  43. Invite friends over for dinner more often.
  44. Watch more sunsets.
  45. Be outside as much as you can. It really does feed your soul.
  46. Go to the mountains as often as you can.
  47. Keep taking pictures. Take MORE.
  48. One kid really is enough.
  49. Write down things you want to remember. I know it’s hard to believe right now because your memory is a beast to behold, but there will come a day when you won’t remember some things that happened to you.
  50. Stop feeling guilty about everything. You’re gonna be ok. I promise.

Love,  Fifty-Year Old You

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  • Happy Birthday Tracy! It looks like you have reached 50 full of wonderful wisdom, and so gorgeous too, you rock!!! I’m taking note of your advice to your younger you, especially as this year I’ll be turning 40… I promise I won’t stop playing the piano, I wore crazy dark blue eyeshadow yesterday (even though my thing is wearing toooooons of black around my eyes), all the other things (maybe I should print this out). Cheers to you and wishing you a fabulous year xxx

    • Thank you Sofia!! Hahaha, good! I’m glad some of my bits resonated with you too! Cheers to you lovely lady! xxx and thank you!

  • Elizabeth V

    Happy Birthday Tracy. And hey, you don’t look a day over 40. Seriously, you look fabulous!! I loved reading your list and agreed with quite a few. I should sit down and write my own list. One day. I’m a procrastinator. lol. Something I’m working on. Enjoy your day with family and friends, and please eat that big piece of cake. 🙂

    • Thank you Elizabeth! Aww, shucks-you made me blush haha! And I will! I actually have a cake that’s all the way from my home town!

  • Lily

    Happy 50th Tracy!! And LOL at the epidural. I could’ve told myself that too but I finally did for my last one 🙂 I’d want to see what you tell your younger self when you’re 60. Just to see if anything changed. Hahaha Happy birthday again beautiful lady. You’re the most awesome 50-year-old!

  • Ahh, this is so beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR FRIEND! So many of these make sense to me, for me, too! Why do we always second guess ourselves? And for so LONG?

    You’re amazing, through and through! I hit a milestone birthday last year, too, and a couple of these kinds of things ran through my head. Funny how that happens.


    • THANK YOU!!!! Yeah, that’s the thing-the second guessing! And not being so anal about everything…I wish I was a bit more relaxed when I was younger.

  • Happy Birthday!!! And your list really reflects your strength and inner beauty! That is what growing wise and old is all about!! May you have at least 50 more years!!!

    • Thank you!!! <3 Yup! You are so right! And hahaha-geez, can you imagine? 100 years old! I hope I'll be able to Zumba still!

  • Amy R

    Love this list. Love it. Happy birthday.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you ageless woman, you! 🙂 Make it a good one! I loved this post. I’m hitting the big 3-0 this year (BAH) but I already have a long list of things I’d tell my younger self.

  • Happy birthday, dear Tracy! I hope you had a wonderful one! <3

  • Angela

    Happy belated Tracy!! I hope you had a stellar day 🙂

  • France Savard

    I simply love this, no wonder we get along so well, I could have written this! Happy birthday once again dear Tracy! xoxo

  • Eva

    Happy birthday!

  • Toya

    LOVED THIS. I need to start reading blogs again, I so rarely do these days and you guys still have such great things to say! I hope you had a really wonderful birthday Tracy, you deserved it! BIG HUGS xoxo

    • THANK YOU xoxoxoxo and I miss you!! Yeah, most of us are writing about other stuff more and more…it’s too boring to just harp on about lipstick all the time LOL!

  • k r i s t e n //

    Happy belated 50th birthday, Tracy! Cheers to a fresh new year! May it be filled with continued health, joy and love! Excellent list, btw. So many things we can all relate to and remember when times are tough. Much love to you!

  • A lot of wisdom in a little post! Happy belated birthday, cap’n!

  • I literally LOL-ed at no. 4!
    Happy Belated Birthday wishes!

  • Can I be as cool and beautiful as you when I get to 50? I need to heed your advice about not stressing about a messy house. I hope you had a great birthday. x