Here I am. AGAIN. Wondering WHY I bother to do what I do. It happens every week lately tbh. But tonight I’ve had 3 glasses of wine for the first time in THREE WEEKS because I can’t drink wine all that often these days. I don’t sleep if I do. #fuckyoumenopause

But tonight? I had a horrible Healthy Choice Frozen Dinner that was just chicken and vegetables -no carbs man- and I just had enough. So, I opened up the good ol’box’o’wine from Costco sitting on the floor. And that was a feat and half because the mother-effer who’s job is to stick the spout on the bag of wine inside the box, fucked up big time. I almost couldn’t find it… but it was there in the end, on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BAG OF WINE. #WTH #stopscrewingwithmyWINE #MoreProofThatNobodyDoesTheirJobWellLatley

ANYWAYS. Let’s get to it. Three glasses in and I am here. Pissed off AGAIN. Why?

TIRED. Tired of big-ass-bloggers blogging about makeup products and NOT SWATCHING THEM. What the FUCK is that all about? I came to your site to read about and SEE the new Armani Lipsticks-fucking every shade you got I see in that awesome shot of them all sitting in front of your computer or whatever. But you’re too fucking lazy to show me the shades. SWATCHES. Remember those things? Why do you even bother writing the post? Oh, I know…to make sure you KEEP GETTING MAKEUP FROM ARMANI.

TIRED. Tired of people just spouting off #PRBullshit that was created by some copywriter who most days can’t even spell Cereal. Thanks for just telling me and everyone else who bothers to read your blog exactly what I can read on the side of the fucking box that product was packed in. You are a true gem and so talented. Remember when blogging was about our VOICES? And what we, the bloggers THOUGHT about the products? Yeah, but that might not go over well with the PR who sent you that stuff. Which brings me to my next TIRED point.

TIRED. Tired of PR asking for a review of something. And then when I do that review for you, but I happen to voice my concerns about ingredients…valid concerns and valid points…hey…I know my skincare by now. I’m almost 50. I know ingredients. I know which work, and which are there for FLUFF and STUFF. And when I write my honest review which you apparently USED to ADMIRE about me? But oh…because this time it’s got a little scratchy point you don’t like…you don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE IT. #YouCanAlsoTakeMeOffYourListNowToo #IamNoBrandsLieMachine #AndItsAshameAsIHadanotherBlogPostReadyToGo #YourLoss #ButProbablyNot

TIRED. Tired of competing. I didn’t start this blog to compete with anyone for the free stuff. But it does piss me off when someone who GETS all the FREE stuff doesn’t try as hard as I know I would to review the stuff they get for just showing pretty pics on Instagram. And oh, most of their followers aren’t real. When you apparently have that many followers on IG, you’d think you’d get a pretty sizeable chunk of them liking your photos of all that pretty and free makeup you get, but you don’t. #notfoolinganyonebutPR #ButIguessThatsthePoint #SoBRAVOtoYou

There’s no solution to my TIRED. I’m not looking for one anymore. I’m just ranting like I always do. Putting my concerns out there to get a feel for what’s going on in the blogging world. And I know the way I feel is in the minority these days, but I don’t care and I’ll keep saying it: Blogging ain’t what it used to be. I keep saying and telling you all this every so often, because someday, maybe even soon, there won’t even be ME to warn you, that is-the those of you who actually care and read blogs.

I need some McD’s Chicken Nuggets now…

  • You have just voiced EVERYTHING I’ve been thinking and feeling lately. I am getting seriously fed up with how fake the blogging world has become. Call it bitterness, call it jealousy, I don’t care, but I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with being pushed aside for social media influencers. You post a few pretty snapshots on IG while I take weeks to properly test and review a product and yet you’re getting the preferential treatment from PR companies? Fuck you. And I’m so sick and tired of how some brands and PR companies treat bloggers these days. My opinion cannot be bought. I’m gonna speak my mind. Truly. If you’re looking for fake advertising, get one of your social media it girls to do it.

    Oh that felt good. But yeah, I’m starting to feel tired too. Maybe up to a point where I put the blog to sleep eventually.

    • Yup, I feel exactly you do. I’m tired of the bullshit. I’m tired of being bugged. These PR don’t bug those IG people I’m talking about-one of them I know for sure never gets emailed HEY WHERE’S THAT REVIEW because that blogger has NEVER blogged or reviewed anything by that brand. I am getting sick of it, but there really is no solution besides like you said, going to sleep for good. My renewal is up in about April this year, and it might finally be the time where I just don’t do it.

      • I hear ya, same for me. I’m walking on the line between still having enough fun with it and getting enough joy out of it, and being too fed up and frustrated with it all. Eventually the balance is going to tip though… But we’ll see.

  • Lily

    Oh gosh, I hate it, absolutely hate it when there are no swatches. It’s like, here guys, here’s the holiday collection… ooo what do you think about it? Then, no swatches. Makes you wonder. They probably put it back nicely to give it to someone as Christmas gift. I really don’t mind that, because after you swatch it, you can’t give it as a present, but hey, don’t write about it then!
    And yes, bloggers who write to get on the brand’s good side. Even in comments, they’ll butter up the brand. I unsubscribed. It was too obvious they were pushing for the product.
    I think we’re just getting too old for this. Blogging and social media are more suited to those hot, young, bouncy things. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s why followers (real or not) don’t really matter!

    • Haha, I actually showed a holiday set today without swatches! But it’s more like an unboxing/preview post, not a review of the actual products. A review obviously needs swatches.

      • LOL, that’s different! Not the same thing. And when you review makeup you do swatches and SHOW IT ON YOUR FACE! One of the few around who do!

      • Phew 😉

    • HOT YOUNG BOUNCY THINGS HAHAHAHAHA! But yeah, you’re right. I bet they do that so that they can give stuff away-never thought about that for some reason lol! I give away stuff I swatched to good friends who don’t mind-I’ll disinfect it before I give it to them. I just don’t understand anymore what blogging is.

  • You’ve just voiced exactly all the things I’m so tired about in blogging too! I agree on everything 100%! When it comes to beauty blogs there are only a few that I still read, and strangely they are the same few as the ones I began reading years ago, yours being one of them. I so appreciate your voice, and that you will voice what you think whether you think the PR lady will like it or not. xx

    • All the newer blogs funnily enough have grown exponentially faster than mine did when I started. It used to take YEARS before a PR noticed you. Now, all ya’ gotta do is but followers on IG and BOOM, you’re in. I don’t read a lot go beauty blogs either, just a couple that are my good friends that I trust. And thanks for sticking with me all these years!

  • Elizabeth V

    I truly appreciate what you do. I appreciate your honesty. I love your sense of humour. And I have found a couple of great products because of your reviews. I also learned I have to read the ingredient list of my skin care products. Who knew? Well, I guess you did but it’s something I have not paid much attention too. Recently learned about silicone. So, I hope you keep doing what you do. (a little selfish on my part) Thank you from a fan!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I so appreciate your love! I’ll keep going but it’s just so frustrating lately…

  • Angela

    Sounds like you’re in a dark place right now, Tracy. I know the feeling. Seems like they come in waves. That does suck for all of us consumers that really want help with these fairly expensive purchases. It makes me super angry when I see/ read ppl online giving everything they’re using glowing reviews all the time. Like REALLY? Everything is always perfect? Am I just a jerk??? LOL You know that Shoppers magazine (Glow)? DRIVES ME EFFING CRAZY because their product reviews are really just a sales pitch to buy the product. Period. I am with you in rage!!

    • Not a dark place no….a frustrated place. Blogging has changed so much to the point where I don’t even want to be called a blogger. And oh, that magazine is ridiculous I know-it’s just one big ad for sure.

  • You’re not the only one that’s tired! I recently wrote a post about the same damn thing after falling for Instagram hype and it turns out the product was shit.

    • I hate IG. I don’t follow any makeup accounts now unless they’re my friends and even then, they use it for other things besides just makeup. All those photoshopped girls-nope. And see, that’s my point-it’s getting to be that there’s no place where you can find out the truth about something anymore. Blogs used to be it.

  • Jennifer Ryder

    Awww, I’m sorry. I still want to hear whatever you have to say.
    I prefer beer to wine, and these days at the age of 60 if I dare to have more than one all it gives me is a headache. Kinda jealous. XOXO

    • Thanks Jennifer. I’ll still be here for awhile! I’m jealous you can drink beer! I get so bloated when I have a beer these days my stomach balloons up! xoxo

  • I love reading your blog and you have showed me some items that I have tried and loved (and some I hated that you loved).
    I love your honestly and to me that is a great review. Not one that says they love everything they try because they like free stuff.

  • rachlovespenguins

    I only manage to blog read once or twice a week now (so a lot goes unnoticed) but I’m starting to delete subscriptions after one or two of those posts that make me say “really?” while giving my screen the side-eye. I just don’t want them clogging my feed anymore. I want swatches and honest opinions, not a picture of pristine product sitting on a tray or whatnot, and no indication that the writer ever even attempted to use the stuff. Hell, I’ll even take swatches and schmoozy opinions, if the swatches are accurate. (And do they really think I can’t tell that they’re schmoozing?!?) But to post what is basically a promo image and to tell me it’s the best thing since sliced bread without even being able to convince me that they’ve tried it….. I can get a PR shot from the company website. I come to blogs for the real scoop. Or at least for a real photo.

    • DUDE! How you doin’! So glad to talk to you again!
      And yeah, that’s what blogging has become. It’s ruined man, and I don’t know what to do about it. There isn’t a solution. My reviews take TIME because I actually WRITE them and TRY the shit. I don’t churn out a review every 5 seconds like they do, so PR gets angry. I REALLY hate when I get bugged. I know big bloggers that get sent stuff and NEVER blog about the stuff(talking about this one brand that really bothered me lately) but does that PR bug them? NOPE because that illusion of 18K followers makes it seem like they’re so SO busy.

  • I almost wrote a similar topic on my blog a couple of posts ago. I am tired of all the bullshit too! I don’t know if the big vloggers/bloggers actually have the true number of followers or if they are bought. I think the brands have alienated many of us great bloggers who really want to write about products without sounding like some IDIOT!

    I pretty much received very little in PR stuff in my 7 years and to tell you the truth, maybe I am the idiot for continuing.

    I understand how you feel, it is common sense to feel the way you do because we are women who are empowered not only through maturity but with knowledge, yet PR and brands refuse to see that. They want the youthful and/or pandering pups because they will say anything. And like I said, that anything can someday become a major regret for brands especially since everything is an ADVERT!!! Someday!!!

    #IAMNOTANIDIOT #IHAVECOMMONSENSE I wish I could see those hashtags! LOL

    You aren’t alone in the way you feel. Yet I wait for the day when KARMA strikes because we know it is a major BITCH!!

    • USE THOSE HASHTAGS!! Why not?!! I do, as you can see hahaha I have not much to lose anyways LOL. I don’t get as much PR these days because I don’t put up with the bull anymore. The other reason I refuse to work with some of these brands is that a lot of these BIG BLOGGERS get PAID to review the same shit that I may be oh so lucky to get and FUCK THAT now. No more FREE coverage for those brands. In the words of Abe from The Walking Dead: #SuckMyNuts

      • Oh I get you! I have even wrote back to PR asking if they wanted just a backlink or free advertising and told them I don’t do any of that. They stopped contacting me! I took down a lot of the posts or took out the links. I even state on my blog Press Releases get no links!

        At this point, you are right there is nothing to lose and I also believe some things have to change. The majority of the makeup out there is shit and what is there today will be gone tomorrow! People aren’t stupid, although, I sometimes have my doubts!

        You are right about #SuckMyNuts, although I would just like to get Lucille out and wade through all the dingleberries!!!

  • You and me both! I have to agree with a lot of the comments below that all the BS makes you want to throw your hands up and surrender. I know for a fact that a lot of these big time youtubers are not only fooling their followers but fooling themselves (the deceit runs deep people). I once had someone tell me they didn’t have a penny to their name yet there they were posting all this expensive shit all over IG.

    I’ve only been blogging for just under 2 years so I can’t speak to how blogging was before the “explosion” of IG, Pinterest and YouTube. As a newbie coming into this crazy universe I can tell you that it has become a lot more frustrating than fun at times but I’m not ready to give up just yet. I’m working on another rant post regarding the “decluttering” phenomenon which is a completely different animal but equally as frustrating.

    I love your honesty and appreciate that you’re not afraid to put it all out there. Keep it up! We need more bloggers like you 🙂

    • Blogging when I started was FUN. It was! Now???!! It’s a clusterfuck of bullshit now.
      Thanks Tracy, I love your honesty as well and always value your opinion. And man, that decluttering crap-SO SICK OF IT. I can hardly wait to read!

  • Jane

    Ah man, I feel your menopause pain sister. If one more good-intentioned ‘hole tells me some Tumblr-esque quote like “this too shall pass” or “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”….well, lets just say I’ll take no prisoners.

    As far as beauty bloggers who are obviously regurgitating corporate marketing lines and reading the box on my behalf – yeah no. It’s all the reason I need to hit the back button & not return. I’m no longer willing to indulge the beauty blogger with no swatches, or the one’s who are in corporate’s back pocket, or are photo-filtered to the Nth power so that they no longer look like a legitimate human being anymore. These folks are meant to appeal to the sheeple and as we say here..well bless their hearts.

    You keep being you Tracy cause you are a rockstar! Jane

    • Hahaha Jane, how I love you. I have been not able to sleep the last while again-every 2 hours I get woken up by a hot flash. WHY ME. It’s cold up here again, but I refuse to close my bedroom window and my poor hubby freezes hahaha. When does this stuff stop?! I hope I enter full menopause after December-that’ll be a full year come Dec.26th since the last period. Crossing my chubby fingers it happens.
      WELL SAID. And the only reason I keep going is because I feel someone my age SHOULD keep blogging-there’s nobody out there for us! All these young people spouting off about products that aren’t meant for them-NOPE. Until I’m too old and wrinkly to put my face on the internet, I’ll keep at it for my fellow hot and flashy ladies!
      Thanks for sticking with me Jane!

      • Jane

        Hehe, I tell ya, my furs get ruffled when a young blogger/vlogger seems to think he or she has the 411 on what would be best for a “more mature” person, whether they are talking about skincare, makeup, fashion, etc. I don’t even know what my fellow 50 year old friends need!! We are all different people with different skin, hair, fashion loves, etc. That holds true at any age.

        There are plenty of 25 yr olds with no acne problems, yet have terrible dry skin, fine lines, and dress like a evangelical prude of yore, just as there are plenty of 50 yr olds with acne, oily skin, nary a wrinkle or line, and can rock skinny jean & Manolo’s like a boss. Sure wrinkles and signs of aging worsen as we age, but that varies person to person, not just by calendar year alone. My Mom is over 80 and still has a pretty smooth face with hardly any deep lines, whereas her Mom (my Gram) looked like an (adorable) little prune by her mid-50’s. 🙂

        As far as menopause goes, I’m a month behind ya. My one year anniversary period-free is coming up in mid-January. I’m not sure what I expect to happen on that date, other than I guess I’ll be re-classed from peri-meno to full meno, but really, all I hope is the sweating stops! Doesn’t help that our area has broken all recorded high temperatures for the past 12 months. The way I figure it, if I can survive record temperatures while going thru the brunt of menopause…then me, Cher, Keith Richards and cockroaches will all keep keeping on!

  • shadowy_lady

    Agree 100% with every word you said. This is pretty much why I quit blogging. It’s become about appearances and being a b-list celebrity now, not passion.
    Thank you fit voicing these concerns. I miss old days of blogging. If I wanted blogs to look like magazines I would just read a fucking magazine

    • RIGHT??!! I’ve said that exact sentence oh so many times. Blogs are not meant to look like magazines, or SOUND LIKE THEM.

  • Stephany

    Holy shit! You sound bitter as fuck! You say you’re almost 50, why are you blogging like a teenager full of angst??? Are you SURE blogging is your calling??? 😵😵😵

  • Yep and yowza! If I want truth in advertising and product review this is where it’s at. You. The “big” YouTube peeps will find out that it is fleeting and empty when you sell your soul for a buck. Your brainchild blog or vlog is lacking passion, spark and creativity. Nope, not having it either. Preach sister! !

    • Hahaha thanks Sherry! But I feel like I’m slowly losing a battle that’s making me wonder if it’s worth fighting anymore.

  • Wow damnnn your words are basically my thoughts written out… I don’t really even have that much to add because you’ve basically hit the nail right on the head.
    On a regular basis I get really frustrated and annoyed with the PR side of things. I know I am doing pretty well in the “getting samples” department but things are still very frustrating. I see bloggers literally receiving everything who review maybe 5% of the stuff. And by review I mean actually review and not post what is basically a press release. Or I love this one- when bloggers review things literally 5 months too late. It’s super useful to see swatches and reviews of a LE collection that’s 3 months out of stock… I mean ultimately I am not mad or even annoyed with these bloggers as much as I am at the PR ppl. There are PR people who I literally just said: hey look man, I post great swatches and I do legit reviews in a timely manner. So perhaps the next time you do a send-out you can include me on that list and not have me following up 10x to see if maybe you can send over ONE thing. But at the end of the day, most PR ppl don’t care, they don’t care about real reviews and real swatches, they just send shit to whoever has the biggest IG following or who sucks up to them the most
    And omg, don’t even get me started on “IG influencers”…. It is SO clear when someone bought all their followers and it boggles my mind how PR people can’t see through that shiz….
    Also when PR people follow up when you write a bad review… oh man… I once got the most passive aggressive email from a brand that didn’t even directly send me the product themselves. The message was basically “what a shame you didn’t like our product, you are the ONLY person who didn’t like it so screw you”…
    Oh lastly, bloggers who lie…. I don’t know if you got a different product than me or you just don’t know what the word pigmented means! So many times I’ve tried the same product that’s honestly just horrible yet I see people saying really positive things about it. I know opinions differ from time to time but sometimes, someone is not being truthful…

    • Someone also told me that if you don’t live in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver then PR really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you UNLESS you have a huge IG following-then they care. And I believe that’s true. Or, like you said-really suck up to them and I know a few bloggers who do that consistently.

      • That’s mostly true but I think Vancouver bloggers don’t really matter to PR either. It’s really just Montreal and Toronto :p

      • Have to disagree. You guys get loads of events in Vancouver. That means they care. 😉

      • Haha okay okay, compared Alberta(?) we have it good!

  • You the baddest Tracy! You always articulate perfectly what I’ve been thinking. This is what I hardly read any beauty blogs anymore, what’s the point?

  • Linet9

    I know this post is over a month old so likely you won’t see this comment very quickly, but I wanted to make a little response. I’m not a blogger, just a 40+ consumer. But after the last few days of looking pretty seriously for some interesting/useful beauty blogs, I can tell you that the honesty and independence here really does show. You’re not on the PR payroll, and I’m loving it! I can’t tell you that the power of blogs will come back or that the liars and sell-outs will get justice…but I can promise you that some readers CAN tell the difference and DO care. If you love what you’re doing, keep it up, and be sure that you’re reaching an audience who loves to hear from you. 🙂

    • I’ve seen it! I read my comments all the time! They matter!
      And your opinion as a reader matters SO MUCH so thank you for commenting. And I’m trying to keep up! TRYING hahaha.