Sandy Seashell-An Amazing Skincare Line Made In #YEG

Guess what? You CAN Find Quality Skincare Gems Locally!

A couple of weeks ago-well actually probably a month ago now-I was contacted by Miri from an Edmonton local salon/spa called Pink Ice Hair & Esthetics. Miri told me about Sandra, who sounds like an amazing boss! Well, Sandra has her own line of products she sells in the Salon called Sandy Seashell. Miri so kindly sent me some products to try out and blog about them if I liked them.

Miri, I LIKE. A LOT!

Sandy Seashell.jpg

Sandy Seashell

Sandy Seashell is a fun skincare line! There are no preservatives, parabens and no harsh preservatives. They are made with natural and artificial scents that change seasonally. In fact, pretty soon the scent “cotton headed nanny muggins” which was inspired by the movie Elf and smells like sugar cookies will be out. DUDE, I’m gonna be needing that asap.

Let’s start with the lip balms, because they are so good!

Sandy Seashell Hot Licks Lip Balm $4
Sandy Seashell.jpg


The two main scents/flavours of the Sandy Seashell Hot Licks are peppermint mojito and mint chocolate. They are very soothing and moisturizing and have that fresh mint feeling without any burn or tingle. I took them with me last week to Jasper and they protected my lips while hiking in the frosty mountain air. I love using one before a matte liquid lipstick and it helps to keep my lips comfortable. Definitely my new favourite lip balms, and I have one in my purse at all times now.

Sandy Seashell Exfoliating Shower Gel-ly $13

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This is the scent Berry-Lime Mojito, and HOOWEE is it refreshing and cooling! It’s perfect for after Zumba and the cooling sensation stays for quite a bit, so this hot-flashin’-pretty-close-to-menopause-lady really likes that! It contains jojoba beads to provide a gentle exfoliation for all skin types. YAY to no plastic evil little beads that pollute our lakes! It lathers really well and a little goes a long way and it doesn’t dry out my skin either. LOVE.

Sandy Seashell Suga Lumps Sugar Body Scrub $15

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This is my favourite product I think. It has a perfect mix of skin softening oils and sugar to gently exfoliate skin. It’s FULL of cocoa butter so it really moisturizes skin. And this scent Bamboo Lemongrass is AMAZING. It smells like the beach and ocean and clean and I am rationing it slowly to use when I want to feel like I’m at the beach when it’s -30C. SO GOOD.

Sandy Seashell Paradise Potion Body Lotion $13
Sandy Seashell.jpg

Mine is in a jar, but I think it comes in a bottle now. Rich and creamy it moisturizes skin without any kind of greasy feeling what so ever. Full of natural oils and butters like Cocoa butter, almond oil, mango seed oil, coconut seed oil,your skin will love you for using something good for it for once.

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Sandy Seashell, and I’m definitely a fan for life and will be picking up more when the winter/Christmas scents become available. You can order online HERE if you aren’t in the Edmonton area, and since they use Paypal, I’m pretty sure they’ll ship pretty much everywhere! In store, you can mix and match 3 items for $30 which is a great deal and that’s what I’ll be doing because I’m planning on getting my hair done there soon! They use Paul Mitchell products which are cruelty-free and have loads of fun colours too! YES!

I love finding quality products made locally. Do you use any skincare products from a local business?