Everyone Loves These Products Except ME- Questioning Reviews

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I don’t know man, but you know I’m kind of at a loss these days. I research products before I buy. I read some blogs, and also look at website reviews of products before I buy anything. Sometimes, I’ll buy a product because it’s a brand I like and have products that work for me already.

But this summer, I bought a few things that were highly rated and had good reviews, and in the end, they just didn’t work for me at all.

1.Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser


This has an almost 5 star rating on Sephora, so you’d think I love it. Nope. It breaks me out like crazy and dries my skin out. It’s just way too harsh for my skin type. I passed it on to my hubby who has oily skin, so at least it wasn’t a total loss. He likes it fine, but it’s not life-changing as many of the reviewers say it is. Lesson learned: Cream Cleansers are what work for my skin like the Avène one, and also oil cleaners like the Tatcha Cleansing Oil I use to remove sunscreen. No more foamy cleansers for me.

The next two products are from Algenist. I love the brand and trust it, as I have used a few products that worked so well for me. But these two next products were huge fails for me.

2. Algenist Reveal Concentrated Color Correcting Drops


I bought this when the whole colour-correcting phase was hyped up a few months ago. It’s not a bad product, but it’s so full of silicones. I hate silicones as you know. What happens is that sure, this helps with my redness but it accentuates any dry spots on my face. That and I can’t stand the silicone feeling on my face. It makes me feel like my skin can’t breathe. So, this went back to the store. And in case you’re wondering if I bought another colour-correcting product the answer is NOPE. After this encounter I kind of realized how DUMB the whole crazed up hype was and why would I want to add another step to putting on makeup? Like no thanks man. I’ll just use my foundation only, thanks.

3. Algenist Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum


Yup, another Algenist product. To be honest it’s not the product I have a problem with it’s THE STUPID PACKAGING. WHY do companies insist on using a freakin’ dropper as a way to dispense a product that isn’t liquid enough? This serum is thicker-like a lotion, so the dropper doesn’t work AT ALL. I had to dig a q-tip in to get some out and WHY. After a week of that nonsense, back it went as well. So I’ll never know if it is a good wrinkle fighter or not. And come to think of it, this is the 3rd product from Algenist I’ve had issues with. Three strikes means:  yer’OUT Algenist. You are off my list of trusted brands now.

HYPE. BAD PACKAGING. Fake reviews making me believe products are good? Maybe? Here’s why I’m thinking that last one is plausible: I was contacted by a company-can’t remember who, but it was for a skincare item to review. Well, in exchange for the product, they didn’t want a blog post. They wanted me to go to Amazon and write a positive REVIEW. And once I posted that review, they’d also pay me $20. UMMMMM…..NOPE. I don’t do that shady shit. But I’m thinking a LOT of people do.

I think I’m just going to have to be even smarter before I purchase products. What I’m trying to say is this: remember your skin type before buying something someone else likes. KNOW what ingredients don’t work for you, and those that do. I can’t stress these two points enough. If you remember them, you’ll honestly save yourself a lot of grief AND not fall for hype…as much…haha. Oh, and shop at a place that has a good return policy! This is one reason why I don’t shop for skincare(unless it’s something I already use like Avene or Vichy or La Roche Posay) at Shoppers Drug Mart. I’d much rather shop there don’t get me wrong, as I’d love to get Optimum Points instead of silly Sephora Perks. But, at least Sephora will take back my failed purchases. Nordstrom Canada does as well, so that’s a good place to shop if you have the option. I’d wish The Bay would adopt Nordstrom’s return policy because wow, have you checked all the brands they’ve been adding online, like Erborian? So cool! I do not know about Holt Renfrew’s return policy as it’s just not an easy place for me to shop at, so if you know, let us know!

As for hype? Yeah, well that’s a hard one. What helps me avoid hype is again knowing what I like and don’t like. For example, I just don’t do eyeshadows anymore. I don’t bother anymore with them, and now that I’ve accepted that fact, I’m pretty immune to any new makeup releases that involve shadows. Any palettes with them, I don’t care about AT all. Lipsticks on the other hand? GIMME. Also, I don’t follow the big blogs that showcase all the new products. Most of the time I have no idea about new products, until I get an email from a website, or if a trusted friend reviews it. Being oblivious really helps with avoiding hype  😛

Do you rely too much on good reviews as well when purchasing a product? I hope I haven’t steered anyone wrong … and if I did I hope you returned the failed product I liked! 

  • I’m with you there, I like to research products before buying them and often think what is written is, ahem, false. One product I hate that everyone loves is the Nars Concealer. Or maybe it’s perfectly suited to the rest of the woman in this world, only not to me,..lol xx

    • Hahaha, I don’t mind the NARS one on my face, but under my eyes NOPE it’s way to dry. I don’t get how anyone could use it there lol! Must be really oily there! But to be honest, I have other concealers I reach for instead of that one, so…yeah you’re not the only one!

  • I try to take reviews with a grain of salt because everyone’s skin is different and everyone seeks out different results. At my age I know what I like and don’t like so I can usually tell right off the bat from either a list of ingredients or the texture of the product. There are a ton of products that people rave about that I just don’t care for. I’m with you on the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. It did absolutely nothing for my skin.

    • This is just the cleanser, not the exfoliator one. That one I don’t like either. But yeah, my skin is so finicky lately and just one bad ingredient and BOOM it freaks out.

  • Angela

    First – that highlight from MILK. Whoa. And second, Devonian looks pretty awesome this time of year before the leaves are all blown away. Thanks for that little snapshot. I don’t think I could handle butterflies though. I appreciate them flying by, but they’re SOOOO close to being moths I just CAN’T take it. Very good post here about someone else’s opinion about stuff. Urban Decay’s naked concealer? Garbage for me. The MUFE green primer? Nada. Why even bother? Yep. I hear you. Some of it is just hype or trusting in a specific brand because it’s so popular but really ends up letting you down. I like trying cosmetics out but I’ve learned to be really careful. Well, aside from lipsticks. I’ll never learn my lesson there, LOL.

    • That highlight is my JAM!! I love it so much! And yeah, who knew it could be so pretty this time of year there?And yeah, as I get older I’m trying to be more careful. I want everyone to be more careful. And lol same with me about lipstick-I just love them too much!

  • Ooooh that Amazing review story is shady… I am ALWAYS skeptical when reading reviews on a brand website or online store, even Amazon. And I’m even skeptical towards many bloggers these days, because it is so obvious that more and more are just selling out and writing glowing reviews in exchange for money, freebies or just a chance of working with a brand. Makeupalley I still trust. And a handful of bloggers that I’ve been following for a long time and that I know are genuine.

    • Reviews are bought all the time I learned, so yeah I never trust Amazon. Yeah, same with me! I have a handful I trust like you, but that’s it. SO many people are in it for the free stuff these days and money.

  • Lily

    We can’t return products here. So if it fails, then really, too bad. I guess I’m lucky my skin is quite friendly to a lot of products but dude, bad packaging really annoys me too!

    • Bad packaging makes me so MAD…wtf with these droppers lately! I wish they’d stop!

  • By now I’ve worked out what works for me, so I’m a little more circumspect with my purchases, since we can’t return anything here 🙁 But it doesn’t stop me falling for the occasional hype LOL! I guess it’s just a human thing in the end. But honesty. We need more honesty out there!

    • I agree! But I’m not sure that’s gonna happen these days. I have a handful of people like you that I trust. And I think from now on, I’m just going to ask the people I know.

  • I definitely rely on reviews before I purchase and the one glaring disappointment that stands out is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser which everyone loves except me. I still resent the money I shelled out on it!

  • I’m not a fan of silicones either and I think there is a time and place for them, like in a primer or skincare before makeup, but not in night time skincare. Whenever I see a sleeping mask with silicones, I just want to die. One time I pointed out to someone that the supposed “natural” brand they was reviewing had polyethylene as the exfoliator…I mean…if you are going to review skincare, ingredients are like the most important thing!

    • Exactly. And right? So many people just half-ass it these days. I feel like we are a dying breed my friend. 🙁

  • While I never doubted there were fake reviews out there, I didn’t companies would sink that low! I rely on a few trustworthy bloggers for reviews and sometimes trial and error.

  • Emma Bovary

    Oh darn, I really liked that Kate Somerville cleanser, it’s on my list of products to buy when my hoarding pile is clear LOL. Skincare is such a tricky one, I have dry patches and dehydration but this felt good for me, most foaming ones I shy away from though and I prefer creams overall

  • Ugh I HATE those fake reviews on Amazon! I think there’s a rule they have where you have to disclose if you were compensated in some way… but still, it’s kind of an honor system I’d assume.