Start Your Day Off Right With The New Healthy Custom Cereal Mixes

I’m a reformed cereal addict. I’m a GENX kid, so we grew up eating sugary cereals in front of the TV. Often as supper if your parents weren’t home, which they weren’t most of the time. Honeycomb? YUM. Or even just a bowl of Cornflakes with some sugar sprinkled on top because WHY NOT….ahhh, the clueless days of eating in the 70s haha.

Cereal from the supermarkets is just so BAD FOR YOU. Anybody else notice that about 2 hours after eating a sugary cereal you are STARVING again? Yeah, that’s the sugar crash happening. And so, I never touch the stuff all that much. To be honest, in our house, cereal is more of a treat snack since it’s by no means a healthy breakfast that keeps you going. Makes Cereal A Healthy Breakfast Option

BUT….now cereal has made a healthy comeback and I’m all over it! I’ve kinda’ missed it to be honest! You can now get a healthy, delicious and customized blend of cereal thanks to the online boutique of The Montreal-based company delivers stylishly packaged tubes that contain personalized cereal mixes you’ve created from a variety of grains, nuts, seeds and unique freeze-dried fruits. I was really excited to get the chance to try a cereal!

My cereal form is AWESOME.

I picked my base of High Fiber Oatmeal and added some extra protein(to keep my tummy full longer and prevent that cereal crash). Then I added some dates and pistachios and it’s SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I eat mine with some Soy Vanilla Milk and it’s one of the best breakfasts ever.

And will print your name on the back of the tube! Or you can name your fantastic cereal creation, like UNICORN POWER. That’s my next cereal name btw  😛   And you get to pick the pattern on the package tube too -so many cute patterns to choose from! I plan on collecting them all….

Price varies on how many cereal add-ins you pick. I think this one cost $17.99 and yeah, it’s a bit pricey, I won’t deny it. With delivery it’s around $30. For cereal Tracy, ARE YOU CRAZY? Well yes, but that’s besides the point HAHA. I like this idea of making my own cereal a LOT, so I’m willing to pay for it. I don’t eat cereal every day, so for me this tube will last a couple of months. Plus, there’s just me and the hubby to feed in this house. If I had 4 kids yeah, nope this isn’t smart or affordable. However, if you order 6 tubes, you’ll get free shipping at least. But for me, I think is such a great idea, and it makes cereal fun, tasty and healthy again. I’ll order and pay for it on my own yesiree I will. Order yours HERE.

What do you think of custom cereals? I’m a huge fan of the idea! I like having some variety and options for breakfasts as I get bored eating the same thing every day. And I’m a lazy breakfast lover…if it takes too much time and effort to make I just won’t do it. 

  • I bet I’d like this.

  • Lily

    Sounds yummy! I never really had cereal as a kid, believe it or not. I tried lots of them when I was studying in Australia and man, sugary cereals made me fat! Hahaha!

  • I always go for high fibre, only way I keep myself ahem ‘regular’ . This sounds really healthy and delicious.

  • Emma Bovary

    I would totally do this, how cool! And would make such a cool gift for my friends who like housey stuff too – I have cereal pretty often but none of the fun crazy sugar ones, my Mum used to eat Frosted Flakes all the time for dessert we used to love them!