The Power of Just a LITTLE Makeup

I’m sure you’ve all seen the whole POWER OF MAKEUP videos all over the internets….I know, they’re a few months old, and I’m a bit late to this little GAME… 😛  it’s all just a game, you realize that by now I hope? Yes.

And of course, I support the whole makeup makes me feel better movement…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… BUT.


Must we REALLY wear SO MUCH of it to make ourselves feel better?

I know I don’t have to. And I’m gong to show you that neither do YOU. Because for CRIPES sake you guys… I am 49.5 years old…if you are anywhere’s UNDER that number? You really DON’T need to wear a ton of makeup.

Me. NO MAKEUP. NONE. Going to Zumba in the morning like I do pretty much every day.

I like my face without makeup, and if you know me, I often go out and about without anything on my face. In fact, I met one of my readers for the first time and who has become a good friend btw without a STITCH of makeup on my face…ok lie…I was wearing a bright pink matte lipstick that I shared with her….but still…nothing else was on my face. That’s how comfy I am in my own skin. It’s MY skin…and I take damn good care of it! I am never scared to leave the house without any makeup on my face. #OwnIt

BUT, heck… I am a beauty blogger. I like makeup! And just a TINY bit of makeup? Makes just that much of difference for me.


All I’m wearing is a bit of foundation-Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup in case you are wondering, and I LOVE it….if you want a full review let me know in the comments and I shall obey. Also mascara-I find mascara really makes me look wide awake. Also BLUSH. Hey, once a blush fiend, always a blush fiend! I do have a natural rosy cheek, but if I wear foundation, I really do like adding back that colour to my cheeks…it just makes me look younger, right? NO CONTOUR. NO HIGHLIGHT. NO COLOUR CORRECTOR. None of that crap is what I use in my every day makeup.

Also, just a bit of lip balm…most days that’s all I wear when I’m out. Although lately, I really have been enjoying a lot of lipsticks and wearing them, because I just don’t wear eyeshadows anymore. I give up man. I don’t care anymore about new releases, I don’t want to care, and I don’t buy them or any palettes anymore. DONE. Like a good steak dinner I am done. I just don’t see the point of them now. With my aging, hooded eyes, you won’t see any eyeshadow, right? So WHY bother? Yeah, that’s my view now. Waste of time and money for me. But hey-you do YOU and I’ll do ME, right? It’s just makeup, and it’s all fun in the end.

So, there you go…what just a LITTLE bit of makeup can do for you. And I don’t mean to dis the whole LOADS of makeup movement…wait…maybe I do HAHAHA. I am really, REALLY tired of all the LOADS of makeup I see on such young and pretty faces these days. It’s alarming! And I don’t understand it at all?! If someone can enlighten me and explain it all, please do so??!!  I’m a true GEN-X, and if you are like me, then you also don’t get the whole I WANNA BE LIKE so and so that’s going on these days. My generation was all all about being an individual and doing YOU and not listening to THE MAN…hahaha I guess now I’m talking about the makeup man! Why does everyone want to conform so badly and look the same? What is driving this insanity? Why aren’t girls happy with their faces? IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH.

I’d really like to know what you think. I have my own thinks, but I want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let’s chat about makeup these days and what’s going on. Maybe you have some thoughts that I haven’t thunk! SHARE.

  • Haha I totally hear ya Tracy! I’m embracing the minimal makeup look as well because a) I’m really lazy these days and b) ain’t no one got time for all that contouring crap. can’t say my skin is perfect because it isn’t, but heck. My skin! Like you, I am enjoying a light base, brows, blush (of course!) and if I have to see people, a bright lip. If not, I won’t be wearing makeup anyway LOL! As for eyeshadow, I’m not really in the market for anything new. I am enjoying what I have now and my newest thing is coloured liner. Just liner and nothing else. Fast and refreshing! But hooded lids – can’t see it anyway except I know it’s there! 😀

    • Nobody’s skin is perfect! I think that’s what everyone has to realize is that nobody is perfect. And we should all be more comfy with our faces as they are. All the contouring and highlighting madness is just looney tunes to me!

  • I have to admit I’m one of these women who just can’t face the world without make up on. It’s fine if it’s just hubby and me but I’d never go to work without make up on or to meet friends. I prefer myself with it. I have been toning it down lately though, no more contouring, no highlighting ( hardly ever did that) and keeping eyeliner for evenings out. I would love my skin to look like yours at 49.5 years old, heck I’d like my skin to look like yours now at 34.5 years old!

    • I bet your skin DOES look fine without makeup Gaelle! Nobody has perfect skin-nobody! I think it’s all about realizing that fact, and then getting comfortable with less and less makeup when you do leave the house. Once you get to that point, leaving without any is easy!

  • I love this post! You look great in both photos. I tend to wear more makeup in winter but now that its summer its just a bit of lip balm and waterproof mascara. Some eyeliner if I’m feeling more adventurous. And some bronzer and or blush if I’m feeling extra adventurous…. I’m not even bothering with a base these days!!! But indeed, I’m sick of seeing videos of things like how to do “natural” makeup and they cake on way more than what I would do in mid winter in a formal event!
    Rant over 😉

    • Hahaha love it Sofia! I’m the same as you-in the summer I hardly wear any makeup. It’s too hot for that! Why would I wanna wear stuff just to have it melt off!

  • Lesley Goldberg

    I have worn tons of make-up since I was 15 (I am now 68) because I had bad acne and I thought I needed it. Even after my skin cleared, I was dependent on make-up to an unhealthy degree, in that I would not walk to the corner store without full face on. Now it’s habit (I have VIB status at Sephora) and I now wear less only because an aging face really cannot handle so much. As for why young women wear more than they need to, it is war paint.

    • Yeah I guess it is, hey? Never thought about it that way. I’m VIB also, but most of what I buy is skincare and also because Marky shares my account, so it’s easy to get to VIB when 2 people buy things. I can understand the bad acne reason-it’s so devastating and makeup does make you feel better!

  • Amelia

    Ya!!!!! I’m that friend 😁 You seriously look amazing with or without makeup and your skin is beautiful! I hope I age as wonderful as you!

    Makeup is overwhelming at times, especially with social media and the hype brands build up around all their new releases and the n there is the hype that youtubers create. While I know I’ll always love makeup and want to buy some of the newer stuff, I’m starting to be more informed and make smarter buying decisions. I wanna swatch stuff myself, have a Sephora mua use a palette/ foundation/ anything on me (before I buy it) so I can see how stuff wears. The makeup trends are too much for me for the most part. I do like me a bit of contouring right now while I carry my weight in my face, but I prefer a more natural look when I do it, not the drag style I see on so many beauty “gurus”. I don’t wear much makeup at all but when I do, I make sure I’m having fun with it and still look like myself.

    • LOL you are haha! And thanks! You have beautiful skin as well my friend.
      Yeah, that’s a better attitude to have for sure! That’s what I do-I want to see most things first before I buy-the odd time like today I’ll buy sight unseen like I did with the Bite Multisticks. But I trust the brand so, it was a no-brainer.
      I wish the hype would stop. It’s really getting out of control these days.

  • Tracy

    First of all, you look fabulous as always, with or without makeup. Secondly I’m so on board with you about this topic. Just the other day my 16 year old niece asked me about concealer. I responded by asking her “for what?”. Her skin is pretty much perfect and she doesn’t need to be drawing triangles the size of my hands underneath her eyes. No. Just no. Anyhoo, I too have been wearing less and less makeup because my skin has never looked better so why not show it off. As for my sad overplucked 90s eyesbrows, that’s another story. I’ve even been going brush free, opting for a glowy water based primer/moisturizer, a dab of cream blush, mascara, brows and a lip balm. My total routine in the AM is about 15 minutes. I’m loving the extra sleep and the compliments on my skin. I wrote a post about how these girls spend hundreds of dollars on skincare only to slather a ton of foundation and concealer. This just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Someone please explain it to me?

    • Awww, thanks Tracy! LOL right? Who needs concealer all up under the eyes and all over?! And lol my brows are such a mess haha-one is completely a different shape compared to the other, so I just give up and hide them behind my glasses HAHA! And right? Why do people want to cover up so much!

  • Lily

    Please review the foundation!

    I’ve always worn minimal makeup but my eyes can’t do mascara only. I need something more to look more awake. I blame those non existent lashes. At least an eye liner… but I’m still loving my Burberry shadow sticks! Also, I never contour or highlight unless it’s a super special event.

    That said, I’m tempted by Chanel’s fall collection. Those red based browns always get me! And it’s so vampy. I love! I’m holding myself back though. I don’t need them at all.

    • I will haha! Next week.
      Those Burberry sticks are great I agree! I just am too lazy and don’t see the point for myself anymore.
      I haven’t seen Chanel’s collection LOL! I’m so behind the times now haha!

  • Elisa Aisenstat

    Sometimes it’s just easy to get carried away and keep adding makeup. Tracy, have you read The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin? I know you’re not Korean, but neither am I! Anyway, it’s got a lot of great info, including how to NOT wear tons of makeup.

  • Toddle Yonder

    Yes please to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup review (especially how it compares to your other absolute favorites)! Also – what mascara are you wearing?! It’s gorgeous!

    • You got it! Next week!
      I’ll review the mascara too- It’s Pur Minerals Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara. It’s a good one!

  • Love this!

    I’m very easily swayed when it comes to makeup. I watch waaaaaayyy too many YouTube videos and tend to think to myself “Oooh I need that!” (Really, I’m an advertisers dream).

    A few years ago my makeup in the morning might have taken me less than 10 minutes. Now I’m a little embarrassed to say how long it takes me. Just yesterday I was thinking about how to cut down on my routine; this post came at a good time.

    • I’m glad Joey! I used to be like you as well, but now I just don’t care enough LOL. I don’t have time for it, and a lot of makeup just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. And when I do wear it, boy I can hardly wait to get home and take it all off HAHA!

  • I love this post! I agree. I can get the whole makeup as an art thing or for the runway and having fun with it and such, but for everyday, I think just a bit of makeup to ENHANCE what we have and conceal what we want to conceal! Amy

  • I’m not sure but I think I’m one of your youngest readers so maybe my point of view differs a little just because my age. I’m 22 but I think you have better skin than mine; if you had asked me a year or two before I’d have said that I’d love to wear foundation everyday buuut now I wouldn’t say that because I’ve realized that less is better and that change is because of you, Paris, Lisa Eldridge and some other bloggers and vloggers, which in fact I would say are “older” in the Internet. And your style is very different than the new ones and if anyone didn’t start reading or watching your stuff around five or more years ago they won’t understand your way of seeing makeup and beauty.

    When I see my friends they prefer the style we now see which for me is too much, but they hadn’t started in the beauty scene many years ago. So even though I hate that style I understand why is so popular and that’s a shame, that amount of foundation and concealer for contouring is insulting.

    Now depending of the day I go barefaced or dolled up depending of my humor or what do I have to do but I always try to get my brows done since the outer half doesn’t really appear on photos and my brows don’t look complete in real life.

    • Hmm, good point! I guess it’s what you’ve been grown to get used to or exposed to. I’m glad I had a good influence on you my friend! And I think you look good all the time!

      • I forgot to say that some of my friends, which in fact are the ones interested in makeup; at least my sister is as horrified as I am with the amount of color correction and foundation they use.

        Thanks Tracy! I’m really taking care of my skin, in fact some people have already asked me if I’m younger.

      • Your skin is looking fabulous lately! And see, that’s the whole point I’m trying to make here-take care of your skin and who need so much makeup. Right?

  • Yeaaaahhh… I am one of the girls who doesn’t like her bare face/skin. I mean, it’s not like I have major issues or anything, but I just don’t feel like me without a little make-up. My skin is just SO oily and looks soooooo extremely shiny first thing in the morning. I just cannot imagine showing my icky oily face like that to anyone… Just a lick of mattifying cream and a dusting of mattifying powder changes EVERYTHING for me. Without it I look like I’ve just dabbed butter on my face. And I am nog exaggerating for effect here.

    • LOL hahaha ok, but I have seen you without a base on! Your skin is gorgeous! And just a bit of mattifying powder isn’t a lot of makeup-and I don’t think you wear a lot anyways!

      • You have? Hmmmm, in that LED Photomodulation skin treatment post maybe? Can’t have happened on many occassions though, lol, I HATE showing my naked skin 🙂 Oh and just to be clear, with base I don’t mean foundation. I rarely wear foundation. But I do aaaalways wear something on my skin (which is what I call a ‘base’) like mattifying cream/sunscreen and/or mattifying primer with mattifying translucent powder on top. These things don’t add any color or don’t correct unevenness and you can’t ‘see’ see them, but they do take away the shine.

  • Reading this makes me happy! I so agree, tons of make-up can make acnéworse, it will show little lines more,… I sometimes get these gorgeous young girls in my make-up chair who wear way too much make-up just because they wanna look like the Kim K’s of the world. Such a shame.

    • I’m glad! And I feel for you! Part of me wants to start doing makeup again, but then part of me cringes at the thought of having to do what’s popular in makeup these days. Kudos to you my friend!

  • I remember being younger and thinking that my mom looks really different with and without makeup on, and I didn’t really ever want that to happen to myself – like, she’s gorgeous, of course, but she looks REALLy different…she has a strong look with her makeup that just doesn’t come across the same without it. So I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and still see me with and without makeup on, and I realized that the biggest difference is actually smiling 🙂 If I smile, I still look like me no matter what, hahaha.

    I wear a decent amount of makeup – eyes, blush, concealer, sometimes foundation, usually highlight. Most days I skip lip product. But I do still go out without makeup on and I try to place most of my emphasis on skincare. Still, I’ve had dry and blotchy skin lately and that does make me feel like I need a bit of something to perk up and just feel better. But thinking about smiling does help!

    • I love that thought-looking in the mirror and making sure it’s still you! That’s a great tip! Nothing is more transforming as makeup and I realize it can empower a lot of people. But I think it’s gone too far lately and I don’t get why everyone doesn’t want to look like themselves anymore. It’s sad to me.And I agree, smiling helps a lot!

  • k r i s t e n //

    I appreciate your POV on this and can see some of your points. Most of them, really! I can’t stand everyone looking the exact same with super harsh (IMO) heavy makeup, matte lips, heavily drawn in brows, contouring, et al. BUT I can appreciate wanting to rock a really made up look sometimes. Key is sometimes. Not every day. But I can appreciate the artistry aspect for certain occasions. The main point for me is I do not have gorgeous, glowing skin. I wear full coverage foundation and concealer every day. Do I love it? No. Do I wish I could throw on a BB cream and hit the road? YES! But until my hormonal acne is cleared up, I need the coverage to feel comfortable in public. I’ve gone out without out and felt terrible with zits geysering and bright red spots all over my face. It’s a confidence thing for me. When my acne is covered, I feel good. I don’t wear any makeup once I get home and don’t care about family seeing me in all my natural state of “glory”, LOL!
    I think it also depends on when you came of age and what was considered the norm. I started wearing makeup in the 90’s and to this day, I still covet the earth fairy look of minimal base and earthy colors and LOVE a nice pinky brown lipstick, LOL! Nowadays knowing how to contour and STROBE and get your brows on FLEEK seems super critical and that’s honestly next level stuff to me! I didn’t know what highlighter was until I was 20, and didn’t even use one until I was 32!
    You have absolutely stunning skin and should rock it however you want 24-7!

    • I get that having acne and wanting to cover it up builds up confidence- I do. I don’t have perfect skin. Believe me I don’t. I have wrinkles. I have large pores. I have zits too. Some times really bad ones too. I am going through menopause so my hormones are so out of whack it’s not even funny. If you thought puberty was hard, just wait! I never know what my skin is going to be like and can’t count on it looking perfect ever. And even when I have zits, it’s just that I really don’t care anymore. I still go to Zumba without makeup on, and I still will go get groceries without makeup on. What I have found is that the less makeup I wear, the better my skin does seem to act. But I get that most people with acne aren’t like me, especially the younger you are I think. My kid has pretty bad acne and she’s like you-would never go out without covering up. It’s all about comfort level. My point in writing this is that there is such an overuse and excess of makeup being called the norm these days and that’s what makes me sad, not about those who use full coverage to cover up acne. I’m not talking about that at all because I understand that.