Summer Lippy Love with NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

Two consecutive blog posts! I’m on a roll! 😀 😀

Mattes are where it’s at lately with lipsticks. But, in the summer there’s nothing better than a pretty, glossy lip, amiright’? YES.

Glosses are not my cuppa’ tea. Most are sticky, and I don’t really like sticky things on my lips. But a lipstick that feels like a balm, yet leaves an oh-so-pretty shine that’s not sticky and doesn’t catch and stick to my hair on a windy day?

Nudestix comes in for the WIN you guys.

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms $28.00 each

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms are a super-moisturizing lip balm from the much loved -every-makeup-product-in-a-stick brand, which I personally LOVE. I really love the brand. I love the whole concept of minimal makeup in a stick. When they finally come out with a foundation, I’m going full throttle NUDESTIX you guys. What else do you need, right?

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms in Haven, Luxe, Rebel

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms are formulated with over 30% ultra-hydrating, lip-protecting plant lipids that are sourced from rapeseed, sunflower, cotton seed, and soybean, and vitamin E as an antioxidant. They are kinda’ awesome! They are so smooth, lovely, pigmented and last a not bad time for a shiny lippie. Kinda’ in love with them. Yup.

Haven is natural lip nude that’s perfection!

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms: Haven

I used to be able to wear loads of nude lipstick shades in the past, but it’s oh so much trickier with grey hair now. Haven is perfect! Just enough peach to make it wearable for me! And for most people too I’m guessing.

Luxe is described as a just kissed fresh pink-nude, but to me it’s just an easy to wear light coral. Perfect for any day of the week!

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms: Luxe

Rebel is the perfect pink. PERFECT. It’s in my purse. Permanently. And I will replace it when I am done. #promise

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms

NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms: Rebel

Now to be honest, I haven’t tried these on my cheeks. I’m way too enamoured with how they wear and look on my lips and don’t want to share them with my cheeks, especially Rebel. Dudes, you see my cheeks-they are HUGE. I don’t want to waste any of these NUDESTIX Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balms’ goodness on those ample babies! LIPS ONLY. But, the texture does remind me of the Stila Convertible Colors just thinner and not so heavy feeling, so I bet they’d be awesome on the cheeks, because boy, do I love those too!

If you’re looking for the perfect summer lipstick, Rebel is what you need. If you STILL have ignored me and haven’t tried anything from NUDESTIX, please oh please get Rebel! And then come back here and let me tell you I TOLD YOU SO.  😛

Have you tried anything from NUDESTIX yet? Yeah, Yeah I know, I wish they’d ditch the container and sharpener they sell with every product too so that the price would drop. Maybe someday they will. In the meantime, I’m happy to support a Canadian brand that makes awesome products!

  • LOL. Isn’t there a book about like, a kid or something who colors him/herself in with a peach crayon? am i making this up???? I SWEAR THERE IS. I have no idea how to find it now though.

    They look so good! I think the convenience of the multi things is great when they do work. Nudes are so hard for me – I like how Haven looks!

    • LOL I know of Harold and the Purple Crayon? But no peach crayon haha!
      These are great and I think my fave from them. They feel so moisturizing and are just so easy to wear. I think Haven would look really good on you! It’s peachy enough!

  • Lily

    I’ve been reading about these Nudestix reviews, and by far, this one sounds the most tempting. I don’t think we have these yet, but when they’re available I have to take a look. Luxe is calling my name 🙂

  • Ohh what a pretty kit. I have a Nudestix kit from Christmas and really like it! They look natural but add just that perfect hint of colour!

    • They are awesome! But they’re not a kit sorry! Each one is separate. I need to make that clearer lol!

      • Ahhh! I just assumed because it was the three of them! Great colour choices, they look like they should be a kit!

  • Ghaaaaah, all the prettiness!

  • Angela

    TRACYYYYYYYYYY!! First the urban decay lipsticks (PS I just bought Wrong Number yesterday and I AM IN LOVE), then the sunscreen and NOW THIS?!!? Be still, my beating heart, LOL.

  • I still haven’t tried Nudestix though they are available here. Love the look of Rebel and Luxe on you! So pretty. I wonder if they do these individually?

    • Sorry they are individual! I guess I wasn’t clear about that lol. Getting old haha!

  • In love with Nude and Rebel. I don’t really know this brand but they look pretty good!