Sneaker Sunday: Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe

I have a lot of sneakers. It’s kind of a testament to my lifestyle I guess. Even though I’m a chubby girl, I’m an ACTIVE chubby girl. I like to move, because someday I might have limited mobility. #MSsucks

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Hiking is one my favourite things ever, and if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that. I thought I’d start sharing some of my fave sneakers for my various fun times, because lordy-I got a LOT of sneakers. And I’m always looking for more! 😛

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe (about $130-but I’ve found mine for under $100 at Famous Footwear)

You gotta love Columbia, right? I mean it’s the brand that just screams hiking and being outdoors. I was looking for a hiking shoe to wear for city hikes, as Edmonton has a lot of hiking trails. It’s kind of cool actually, and one of the many reasons I love living here. The Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe is a durable, waterproof hiker that has a lightweight cushioned midsole so it’s got just enough cushioning. The outsole has great traction too, which is what I need in case it rains. It’s been raining a lot here lately, and I don’t like slipping and sliding on trails.

The Upper is a combination of suede leather, mesh and webbing, which makes them really comfy. There’s loads of room in the toe box too, which I especially like for hiking. If I want to wear a thicker pair of socks, I can! And if I don’t? Well, they still fit fine. PLUS they are so breathable, because my feet? SWEAT. LOTS.

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoes-see? lots of room for toes to move!

The Midsole of the Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe is made of Techlite™, which means it’s a lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return. I have high arches, so I need a lot of cushioning. If my sneakers don’t have enough cushioning, my arches ache like a mofo after long hikes and walks. I have no aches or pains when I wear my Redmonds.

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoes-

Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoes

I also get blisters really easily (whiny feet or what hey?). Pretty much every pair of sneakers or shoes will give me blisters, but not the Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoes. I’ve had none at all, so YAY! The high backs really help with that blister problem. I have narrow heels for a girl that’s 5’10”.  My heels often slip in shoes, hence the blister problem. But because the Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoe has a high heel backing, my heels are protected and cushioned, and just feel great no matter how long I walk.

Yup! I love my Columbia Redmond Hiking Shoes! I also love the grey and orchid pink colour combo going on. Matches my hair HAHA!

Would I wear these sneakers up in the mountains? Hmmm-nope to be honest. I feel that the outsole isn’t rigid enough and I’d feel every crag and crevice. But for city hiking? Or hiking in the forest like at Elk Island? They’re perfect! Worth every penny! You can order them online HERE.

Do you wear a lot of sneakers too? I’m finding I don’t wear much else anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m aging? Maybe I love my feet being comfy? Maybe. But more likely it’s because I like to be prepared to be active at any time I’m out and about!

  • I need a good pair of hiking shoes. S has some like this that can breathe and whatever, but I’ve never invested in a pair. I have climbing shoes, LOL. That hurt my feet…I need new climbing shoes, too. There are some places nearby for hiking but we haven’t really explored much yet. And it’s too damned hot right now, to be honest! The humidity is HORRIBLE. Even at 5:30 AM when we walk the dogs during the weekdays. Gross gross gross.

    • LOL hiking shoes are my fave. They just give such great support. And yeah, I can’t deal with humidity either. I don’t know how people do it.

  • You know I’m a fellow hiking fan! I prefer hiking boots over shoes because they give me more support, especially on (loose) rock and very steep bits.

    • Yes I agree! I have boots for the mountains where hiking is more steep and more loose rocks. My city hikes aren’t so treacherous haha. These work well for them!

  • Lily

    I hardly hike. A good hiking spot is quite far away from my home, so I just go to the gym. Now that I’m not working anymore, I live in flats and sneakers. Occasionally, I’d wear heels. It’s been so long since I wore one that when I put one on the other day, I had trouble walking in them! I might have to wear heels a little more often now that Ashton can walk on his own 🙂 Then again, it’s so comfortable wearing sneakers and flats!

  • They look good and sound great for short walks. My hiking boots are always high tops as I need ankle support after spraining them a few times when I was younger! Have you tried anti blister socks?

    • Yes I have a few pairs of them and they do help a bit! But my feet are REALLY sweaty lol. I even use a really strong antiperspirant on my feet, but I think I need a prescription strength. My feet were never this bad until this menopause thing started lol!