This is ME|Some Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Too!

As a blogger, I take a LOT of pictures of my face. It’s almost sickening to be honest, and it’s really the weirdest thing ever to have to keep looking at your face on your computer all the time. And it’s even weirder I tell ya’, because sometimes I take a pic and think-THAT does not look like me at all… WTF. Like this one:

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Backtalk

I don’t know, but that pic doesn’t look or feel like me at all. I look snotty, aloof. And if you’ve ever met me? You know I’m neither of those things.

BTW, I’m wearing Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk in that snotty pic. It’s the perfect pinky mauve lipstick. I bought three of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in California, and wow I love them all. Get one of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in the Comfort Matte formula you guys-so comfy, and not drying at all! And lasts forever and a day on your lips too with a nice fade.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.jpg

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticsk: Weirdo(cream, Criminal(comfort matte) and Backtalk(comfort matte)

But the pics I take of my face as a warm up? Yeah, see that’s something us bloggers-or at least some of us-or maybe just weirdo me do! I take “warm up pics” to get into the whole “MOOD” of taking face pics. Smizing takes some practice!

This is usually what my warm up face pics look like:

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

YUP. DAT is ME. The REAL Tracy.

What’s the point of all this? I think I’m trying to show you that what you see on blogs, instagram, twitter-ain’t always real. A lot of pics are doctored to heck. I personally, don’t doctor or fix my pics to look perfect -I don’t care enough to do that HAHA. Seriously, that’s really the main reason. And the other reason is- that I’m just too LAZY. Editing pictures is one of the most time consuming parts of blogging that I detest. DE-TEST. I hate it. LOTS. Can you tell? 😛 So, I try not to do it so much. I try not to do much of anything that’s not all that fun. Someone once told me that once something you love doing isn’t fun anymore then it’s time to stop doing it and try something else. I kind of agree. Life is too short to keep doing things that aren’t fun, right?

But every so often, I somehow take a picture that looks like ME-like REALLY ME.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Chubby cheeks, wrinkles around the eyes and upper cheeks, smiley bright eyes-this is ME. This is what I look like in real life. At least I think so? And it’s a more realistic picture of me. But a lot of the time, this true version of me doesn’t come across in pictures for some reason.

Why? Well, I think a lot of it has to so with the amount of makeup I’m wearing. Compared to that first photo(and honestly it’s not a huge difference, but just enough) I’m wearing minimal makeup. Like very little. I’m wearing Sappho Organics Foundation, which is amazing and probably the most skin-like foundation I’ve ever tried. If ya’d like a more in-depth review, let me know and I will oblige. The brighter lip shade makes a HUGE diff too, don’t ya’ think? As I get older, I notice a brighter lipstick makes a HUGE difference on me. Less bronzer too. Less of EVERYTHING looks better I think. And warmer shades of makeup- everything on my face is just warmer toned in general in that pic.Even the lighting is warmer. Cooler tones and shades seem to age me these days.

And the other thing that makes a difference too? Is how much sleep and exercise I get. I need lots of sleep to be able to function-more than the average person I’ve come to realize. It’s probably because of my MS that I require more rest, but I need at LEAST 8 hours-more like 9 or 10 hours to feel and look my best. And, the more rest I get, the younger I look in pictures, which I assume translates into real life as well.

Less makeup, a pop of bright lipstick, exercise, and sleep! These are the things that make a difference in how I look and feel. And those are the things I’m going to make sure I keep on doing from now on.

What are the things that make YOU look and feel your best? And have you tried the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks yet? I want about 5 more GEEZ.

  • Must know what that glossy bright lippie is! You look so happy and beautiful in that photo and I’m glad that is the real you instead of smug Tracy face lol!! <3

    • You know, it’s just Fresh Lip Balm in Cherry! It’s in my purse all the time. I love it. And LOL thanks hahaha!

  • k r i s t e n //

    I love that last picture the most because your happiness shines right through! I do actually like the aloof one too – it’s just one tiny peek at one of the prisms of your Tracyness – that you can slay but you prefer happier poses. I LOVE the tongue out one the most, LOL! Backtalk is a dreamboat on you, and one that’s on my list. I have 3 so far (all metallics) and think there are a few more I’ll pick up before it’s all said and done. They’re just so comfortable. Plus, I finished Ex-Girlfriend in record time because I loved it so much. Knowing they’re finishable makes them more attractive to me, LOL! I like to check things off lists and finish things up. Things that make me feel my best? Laughter, a positive outlook, sleep (which I’m terrible at!), and a foundation I can rely in throughout the hot summer days! I ran out of my usual little champ (Dior NudeAir) and decided to use up a few foundations I had stuffed in the back of the stash. Wow. It was quite illuminating – I had no idea how hard that Dior foundation had been working until I tried to pinch hit with others. They were TERRIBLE! But it was a good learning experience. I reordered the Dior and didn’t complain about the price (it’s worth it for the job it does!), and found a drugstore winner (the reformulated Revlon ColorStay for Oily-Combo skin) to use in the meantime. Much love and beaver tails! ;D

    • LOL OMG your comments make me SO HAPPY and LAUGH I love it! Never me leave me please! I have a list of three more I want to look at but DANG-so many are so GOOD damn you Urban Decay LOL! And wow, that’s good to know about that Dior Foundation and kudos to you dude for even wearing foundation. My next post will explain why haha!

  • Thanks for sharing all the “test” photos. We all have them. I’m so glad to hear someone say that editing photos sucks. I spend an obscene amount of time on photos and a lot of the time it holds up posting more often. I’m definitely going to have to figure out a better way.
    I haven’t been wearing foundation lately and I’m slowly going back to the days where I didn’t wear it at all. It’s been nice to go naked.

    • I can’t STAND editing. It’s the worst! I haven’t been wearing foundation either lately! We are the same haha!

  • Angela

    Tracy. we need to talk. How can you post a gorgeous picture of yourself in that knockout lipstick and NOT TELL US WHAT IT IS?!! haha you look amazing. I don’t take any selfies and the ones that I have been forced to look nothing like me. In fact, there are few photos that I look like me. Your second photo is how I typically turn out, with half blinking eyes on top of it. SO glad to hear from you and I will maybe indulge in one of these beauties next time I wander by Sephora 😉

    • We do LOL! AHAHAHAHA, thanks you are good for my self-esteem. It’s just Fresh Lip Balm in Cherry-nothing special! It’s in my purse all the time, my fave. It’s kind of the only red I wear to be honest!

  • Eva

    Pleas tell us what that lovely red Lippie is. It’s gorgeous!

  • I feel the same way!!! I take soooooo many shots of my own mug, it’s ridiculous. Spending so much time looking and zooming in on your own face really makes you see yourself differently. I see things now that I probably never would have seen if I wasn’t a beauty blogger. It’s like I don’t look at my face in an ‘aesthetic’ way anymore but that I just pick it all apart, like a ‘thing’. It’s crazy. And yeah, I also feel that I often don’t look like ‘me’ in pics.

    • It’s so WEIRD. It’s disconcerting in a way looking at your face so much. And yeah, I never feel like they look like ME. It’s so strange, I can look so different every day of the week I don’t get it man!

  • Lily

    LOL Tracy. I only take about 5 photos and choose 2. I know some take 50 to 100!! It’s crazy. Seriously though, these lipsticks look good! Not launched here yet… I have my eye on a few 🙂

    • Wow, that’s pretty good! I take more than 5 that’s for sure, but not 50 lol! That’s insane. They are SO good Lily-by far my new fave lipstick formula!

  • Toya

    I love that last photo Tracy, you look just like I imagine you should (like, the REAL Tracy). Definitely smiley-bright eyes! 🙂 Editing photos was a PITA for sure! Though I took very few face shots and was more particular about product shots for some reason. Either way, the most editing I did was cropping, I very rarely did any other editing because I HAVE/HAD BETTER THINGS TO DO.

    Also – I just ordered some samples of the Sappho foundation and I’m sad because the shade range doesn’t work for me, the shade that closest matched the depth of my skin is too pink, and the next one up is way too dark. Sadness!

    • TOYA!! I’m so happy you are here haha! I miss you!
      Yup, editing is a PAIN. I’m the opposite-I take more face shots than product shots. I like showing how stuff looks on the face. BUT, I am getting older and I think less of that will be happening in the future.
      OH NO, that makes me so sad! It’s by far my fave foundation of all time right now. It just looks so much like real skin! Too bad, you would have loved it!

  • I hate photo editing, too!!! I know some people love photography, but dude, I am NOT one of them. THANK YOU, lol. I’m just like here is a photo to show it, because pictures are the easiest way to show it, but I’m not fucking artsy with it and I give zero fucks about perfect swatch rectangles or whatever. I hate that part of blogging!

  • Uhhhh those UD lipsticks are GORG! And I love bright, smile-y Tracy (but I also kinda have a thing for sultry Tracy… ;))

    Posts with face photos always take forever for me to put out because I haaaate staring at my own face, examining it to see if it’s colour-correct and stuff >:(

  • My hubby made the comment when my blog isn’t fun anymore, don’t do it. Wise words ehh!

  • Elizabeth V

    Haven’t tried the Urban Decay lipsticks, but will now search them out. And that Fresh Lip Balm in Cherry. Gorgeous.

  • Elizabeth V

    I haven’t tried the Urban Decay lipsticks, but am going to seek them out. Also the Fresh Lip Balm in Cherry. Absolutely gorgeous on you!!