Beauty Reflections Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES!

Hey how YOU doin’?

Thanks for listening to my last rant….I’m a ranty blogger, what can I say? And when something bothers me, it bothers me A LOT, and I need to talk about it…errr…write about it haha.  But, like a few of you told me-I shouldn’t care what anybody else is doing. And… you are right. I’m gonna be more like Dumbledore in these comics I love:

Beauty Reflections tumblr_nen3uzZLaV1s5b5tzo1_500

From now on, I’m just gonna ignore the stupid stuff, and just stick to doing what I do best: being Tracy. I love all of you A LOT. I’ve even gotten emails from some of you, which has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER, so thank you everyone. I’m just gonna put some blinders on, and move forward and stop worrying about other people’s integrity. I don’t know why I have in the past, but I guess it’s because I’m descended from Kozaks and we can’t stand any kind of bullshit. I honestly should have been a cop or a lawyer-that would have appeased my injustice hating soul!

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been thinking a lot more about life. When you are my age, you kind of start to wonder how much time you’ve got left hanging around this solar system. And when you start thinking like that, you start wondering about what you WANT to do with that time you got left. This pretty much sums up my #lifegoals right now:


These are the things I want more of in my life! And these are the things I’m going to write more about on Beauty Reflections. And still beauty, because heck that’s still something I love. I’ve revamped my header menu which now reflects the topics that Beauty Reflections will be about from now on. Makeup and skincare is still up there, because hello, that’s my hobby still and I do like finding products that actually work and sharing them with you all. But there will be changes oh yes indeedy.

Disclosure Timey!

Like I’ve said before, makeup don’t pay the bills, yo. I don’t ‘live’ off of Beauty Reflections, but I do have bills to pay for the blog(self-hosted blogging isn’t cheap and everything is in US dollars so add 30 cents onto every dollar for me). So I hope you understand that occasionally I might do a sponsored post, but I always clearly mark them that way. And I usually only do them for things that I like anyways, so they’re never something that I wouldn’t WANT to write about and share anyways. I have a sponsored post coming up in a couple of weeks about a new toothpaste that I signed up for. It’s a toothpaste hey, what’s not to like right? 😛  And I have one more Brandbacker post to write(they don’t pay me-I just get a sample) but it’s for the brand Farmacy, and I love their products and use quite a few of them already in my skincare routine. But, in all honesty, that sponsored toothpaste post will be the last one you’ll see for a long time, as I’ve opted out of most ‘sponsored’ networks now, except for ShopBop. That one I will keep for the time being(although I think it’s going to disappear soon because I don’t really give them much traffic) as it helps me keep Marky clothed in expensive California. Christ, jeans are freakin’ expensive! AND LASTLY, as for PR products, I don’t get a lot these days, so I’ll continue to work with those brands that still love me and aren’t afraid of honest reviews, which is like FIVE BRANDS I think….HAHAHAHA. #kickedtothecurb #thatswhatIgetForSpeakingMyMind #IDontCare #MyLastFuckIsGiven

So cheers my friends! And if I’ve disappointed you with this direction-hey-it’s not like there aren’t 3 million other beauty blogs that churn out review after review out there in the interents ya’ know. Go on, find another, it isn’t all that hard I promise. I just can’t keep up anymore with the beauty blogging newness, so this won’t be the blog to look for reviews on most of the new products that keep coming out. #beinghonestfeelsGOOD

But, if you’re interested in watching this ranty, wine-lovin’, zumba’ dancing, mountain loving crazy lady age as gracefully and as beautifully as she can while reflecting on life, makeup, sunsets and just having fun? Then you’ve found it:

The New Beauty Reflections. 

  • I love love love you and your blog! You inspire me to keep integrity, fun, bullshit and laughter first in life. I respect and will eagerly hang around for wherever you go girl!

    • LOVE YOU LADY and I thank you so much for your support and friendship all these years! xoxo

  • Lily

    I’ll read whatever you write, Tracy. And I’m happy you’re still blogging!!

  • YES! Sounds like you basically want to get more LIFE, less bullshit, and I for one say amen to that. This whole blogging thing, in the end it needs to be FUN. You need to be happy with what you do. It’s just not worth getting all frustrated over.

  • I love the revamp but I especially love that now you’re REALLY revamping the whole concept to blog about what also matters more to you now. My birthday is coming up this week so I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what really matters too (oh and I’m trembling with fear!). xx

  • girl if you write it, I’ll read it 🙂 proud of you for taking your life back though!

  • Angela

    I’m all in. You rock, lady. I love beauty products too – and what does it say when a person like me is sick and tired of all the new releases and this and that MUST HAVE? How about honest to goodness GOOD products that aren’t going to be here for 5 minutes and make you act like a crazed teenager. I’m here to stay. I think I’d only be disappointed if there were NO tracy anymore. You are a little snarky light in my internet tunnel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Tracy I love you.
    My own chaos level is probably up to something well past my ears by now, and I could definitely use a few rainbows. I’m glad the snark isn’t going anywhere. <3

  • Eva

    Wait! I have problem with this if it means less posts. Nah not really. I love your rants and I love knowing you give your real, honest opinion. Keep up the great work.

  • Love the new blog look girl! And keep doing what you’re doing you special snowflake! I’ll always be reading whatever you post up Tracy!

  • I love the new look as well!! I am excited for what is to come in this space 🙂 Love ya Tracy!

  • Yes! I want more posts under the laughter tab!

  • Hahaha, those HP comics crack me up! They’re always so hilarious.

    I still love the new blog layout! And YOU DO YOU, TRACY. Because you’re super fab. <3