It’s Official-I’m A Damn #MaskFiend and I’m Proud Of It

You know, it’s when I clean out my bathroom and am able to take a close look at what’s in my cupboards that I realize I have a problem. You’d think I’d notice BEFORE THEN. Nope.

Mask Overload #MaskFiend




Holy CRAP…when did this situation happen???!! It’s ludicrous.

Granted, some of them are PR Samples, so for those I scream UNCLE, and you can’t hold me responsible for. But some of that ridiculous mask overload is my fault, and hey…I’m owning up to it. Because you know what? I’M A #MASKFIEND. There, I finally admitted it! And it feels GOOD.

What’s a #MaskFiend? Well, if you love the instant and sometimes a few days lasting effects of INSTANT BOOST SKINCARE  for your skin woes, then hey….JOIN ME. OWN IT MAN. It’s ok. We could have worse addictions…and I know, I’m from a drug-riddled-addicted-family that only me and my little bro escaped the really awful effects of so, I know what I’m talking about here, I swear to God.

Ok, well enough self-loathing. Let’s analyze this mask overload, shall we? More Tracy Unplugged for your entertainment. Although seriously when am I NOT UNPLUGGED??! I gotta get a new saying, so if you can help me with that I’ll love you forever.

The WorkHorsies(see what I did there?) from my Forever Fave Love Avène


Avène Loves


I can’t live without these two masks from Avène, so trust me, these are repurchases. The Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Moisture Mask is a workhorse mask for me and my dry, easily irritated aging skin. It’s something I slap on after a shower without even thinking. I never wipe it off. I’ll even use it as a moisturizer if my skin is feeling REALLY dry…like now. We have had no rain here, and I’m sure you’ve all heard of the #FortMacMurray Wildfire. It’s so SO DRY HERE you guys….I walk across the carpet in my house, and I am setting off SPARKS at anything I touch and it’s not even winter #NOHUMIDITYATALL

The Avéne Antirougeurs Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask is another I’ll slap on every other day to calm and soothe my red face. It’s just so good…both of them are. Pretty much Holy Grails for this #maskfiend that’s for sure.

Sleeping Masque


Amore Pacific and Nip+Fab Soften


The Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque($72) I bought after trying a sample. Yup. One night, one try was all it took for me to buy the full size. It’s the best sleeping mask I’ve tried to date. I don’t know, I think it’s the Bamboo Sap that my skin loves, because there’s another mask I’ll show you later with the same ingredient), but it works for me. I use this at night when my skin is extra-parched like right now. I’ll slather on a light layer and wait a bit for it to sink in before hitting the sheets, otherwise my pillowcase gets the brunt of the good stuffs. It takes a bit of time to sink in before you can go to sleep, but hey…that’s ok with me because it IS a mask so, I expect that. The next morning my skin is so soft and smooth and flake-free…it’s amazing stuff.

The Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix Clay Mask is a new one that was sent for me to try, and if you have dry, dehydrated skin that breakouts, you NEED this. It’s not a drying out clay mask, so this works for those of us that have dehydrated skin. It’ll draw out any gunk without making your skin look like the Sahara. It’s a great drugstore find that’s for sure!


Glamglow and Laneige

Ok, confession time: I had NO idea that the GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment was a PEEL OFF MASK??!! #FML I swear I’ve used this twice and hated it because it was so DAMN HARD to wash off HAHAHAHAHAHA so, I can’t really give you a review other than it makes you look all silver like The Terminator#2, so…yeah…but initial thoughts are that there’s a bit of firming so… I’ll get back to you about that bugger, now that I know how to use it. I really need to start reading beauty directions on the packages again. Seriously.

The Laneige Mulberry Yogurt Repairing Mask is only $33 Canadian which is a STEAL when it comes to masks. I like this one! It’s formulated with extracts from raspberries, blueberries, wolfberries(WOOHOO what’s a wolf berry because DUDE I want one), cranberries, and strawberries- a Multiberry Complex that delivers loads of nutrients and antioxidants deep into the skin to help nourish and eliminate harmful free radicals. It’s SUPER nourishing and hydrating- I mean it feels and smells like a yogurt berry smoothie hahaha! It’s a lovely, nourishing, moisturizing mask that I’m happy to have in my #maskoverload arsenal.
#MaskFiend1.jpgLet’s start with the bottom of that trifecta of AWESOME. The Filorga Meso-Mask I’ve talked about HERE , so read about why I love that one so much and will always have it on hand.

The Erborian Bamboo Waterlock made my Skincare 2015 faves list, and with good reason! It’s the best hydrating mask I’ve ever used. It’s a refreshing gel that you can use as a rinse-off mask, or as a leave-on treatment. Bamboo sap and fibers helps to lock in moisture and you immediately feel hydrated. The sap contains amino acids, to help hydrate the skin, while the fiber contains proteins and lipids to help maintain skin’s natural moisture. I’ll put it on after I shower and just let it sink in-why rinse it off? It also reduces visible signs of fatigue, so I love using this overnight. And the bamboo scent is so calming and green and lovely. Really one of the best masks I’ve ever tried!

The Clinique Sculptwear Contouring Massage Cream Mask($54) I got during a Shopper’s Optimum Points Redemption, so it was sort of free, and it’s ok? It’s really nourishing and moisturizing I’ll give it that much. But as far as any sculpting or contouring going on,  I call #TRENDBULLSHIT on that…good job Clinique on using those buzz words that are going around the beauty world right now, but your mask is just hydrating. That’s about it. At least it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, so I’ll give you that much. But it doesn’t do much more than that.


These are the two masks I use when I want to brighten and make my skin look super CLEAN and NEW.

Consonant DHE Mask($45) is a 100% natural mask that’s formulated to detoxify, hydrate, and exfoliate to give you more radiant, healthy, youthful-looking skin after just one use. I bought this one form when I became quite taken with the brand and wanted to try more of their products. It’s formulated with mineral-rich Manicouagan clay that’s extracted from the site of a 215 million year-old asteroid crash in Quebec like HELLOOOO— that’s like SOMETHING SPECIAL you guys! It detoxifies and clarifies your skin with the help of willow bark and tea tree extracts. Plus it’s got the potent HydrExtreme that I talked about HERE . This mask has a unique blend of alpha hydroxy acid fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate, revealing softer and smoother skin without any kind of irritation whatsoever. And my skin usually HATES any kind of glycolic or AHA’s, yet in this mask, those ingredients work! It’s so GOOD and it’s available at Sephora now so YAY for that!

The Caudalie Glycolic Peel($39) is a peel treatment mask that tightens pores, reduces oil, renews skin texture, and gives that immediate burst of radiance to your skin. In 10 minutes dudes. Yup, it works that fast. And it’s not irritating at all, even for my super-sensitive skin. It contains a butt load of active ingredients like papaya enzymes and glycolic acid that brighten and give you that radiant, young skin we all crave. GOOD STUFF.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask

#MaskFiend .jpg

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask

I can’t remember why I picked up Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask($21 USD) but HOOWEE this is good stuff. If your skin is REALLY DRY, or you dried it out doing something extreme like trying to dry up a breakout-this is the stuff you need to repair you damaged skin barrier. It’s so emollient…like almost butter. I use this when I’ve had to combat any breakouts by using some kind of Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid Treatment, because LORDY those things parch my skin something fierce. This mask has all kinds of plant-based oils, essential fatty acids, and lipids that dry skin needs to repair and replenish itself. It’s super creamy and soothes and reduces any kind of inflammation to instantly restore radiance and soothe dryness. It’s the best healing mask I’ve tried, and it’s affordable too, so YAY. Love Paula’s Choice LOTS.

Is that it? I think that’s it, HOLY SHIZ. And that’s just what’s in my cupboard, because I have a skincare drawer of sheet masks too so, HOLY this is a serious issue I have??!!  I still have a few jar masks that I need to try that have been sent to me so…OY VEY. I’ll get to them soon, I promise, because that’s what I do. I just feel the need to actually USE one of these up first before cracking one of those open, ya’ know what I’m saying’? Christ on a BIKE.  😛

Are you a #MaskFiend too? What are some of your faves? Share! Enable a fellow #MaskFiend…like I need any help  😀 😀

  • LOL. This is like a treasure hoard! Hahaha! I need to try that Erborian one, and the Avene and Laneige! And that Caudalie has been on my list, so glad to hear that’s good, too. THANKS TRACY, YOU JUST MADE MY SEPHORA CART EXPLODEEEEEEEEEE.

  • Toya

    I read ‘#maskoverload’ as ‘#maskoverlord’ which is kind of what you are hahahahaha. LOVE IT. I’m not dry-skinned so most of these I’d probably pass on, but I have the Consonant DHE one and it’s nice! I hate the smell though so I don’t use it as much as I could. I AM curious about sleeping masks! I’ve considered buying the Amore one a few times.

    • Angela

      I have the consonant sunscreen and I LOVE the product but also hate the smell 🙁

      • Lol, poor Angela! I found another slightly tinted sunscreen you might love! I’ll blog about it soon.

      The Caudalie one would be good for you to try, as it’s not made for dry skins at all. The Amore Sleeping Mask it so good! Worth every penny.

  • Angela

    Whoa. That is a lot of masks! I have yet to jump on that train, but I have a lopsided 11 between my brows (it’s just a 1) and my skin is allllllways parched so I really should. That Amore Pacific one in particular was calling to me (perhaps because I love that exfoliant you turned me onto??) – even though that recent posting about the ridiculously expensive product they sent you freaked me right out. Maybe after I’m done paying an arm and a leg to reverse some unfortunate hair loss (BOOOO thyroid), I’ll cough up some dough and buy one (or 10) or maybe use my Shoppers points finally, LOL.

    • Awww, poor you my friend. My hair is getting thinner too as I have thread issues as well so I know what you mean. The Amore Sleeping Mask isn’t too bad price wise, plus it lasts a long time. That one I have had for 6 months and it’s still going strong.

  • Ok girlie you have to add to your stash the night mask by Korres the yogurt mask. OMG. It is awesome and well I have to help your addiction for reals, because you just aided mine SMH. So there.

  • The Beauty Highlights

    Some collection of masks you have. Got to know about so many great ones.

  • grlnxdor

    I just started using Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask. My skin is hydrated and plump when I wake up in the morning. Oh and it smells incredible and costs $17 US!!!!!!

    • Nice one!! I’m glad it works so well for you! It’s much more here though haha, but I do like that one too!

  • Ah man, I wish Paulas’ Choice Europe carried that mask! We don’t get it here 🙁 I’m a pretty big mask fiend myself.

  • You weren’t kidding – that’s a lot of masks! I also love the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask. Could not get through a Canadian winter without it.

  • Love the Avene Soothing moisture mask, so…soothing on broken skin. Thats quite a collection there, no judging though, slightly jealous!

  • My fave is the sephora pomegranic sheet mask. It smells lovely and I love how it makes my skin feel. I love masks because they force me to relax for 10 minutes or so.

  • I love masks too although I try not to stockpile too many all at once – that being said, I have four full-size unopened ones in my back-up drawer, so… yeah. I used to have the Avene moisturizing one, and liked it a lot more than the Origins overnight one that everyone was going crazy for! The Nip+Fab one sounds right up my alley – I still need something to help with congestion but I can’t have it dry out my skin any more.

  • Yay for #maskfiends! I have at least 20 masks in my cupboard right now -_- yikes! But now I pretty much mask every night. Is that weird? I’m gonna say no…

    • No it’s not! I mask a lot, and sometimes I go through phases where I mask every day too!

  • Lily

    I love masks too. I have purchased and repurchased the Antipodes Manuka mask. I love it because it hydrates, but it also calms down any redness and bumps if any. Other than that, I’ve been using lots and lots of different sheet masks. Many of them are presents from a dear friend, and they’re from Korea. I have a lot of leave in mask too, which I also love.
    Masks and serums are my thing 🙂

    • Oh, I like that one too! I need to get another. Harder to find here though.
      Same! I live for masks and serums!

  • Thanks Evelyn!