The Ridiculously Expensive Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum

AND…I feel HORRIBLE posting about this stupidly expensive product when people in Fort Mac have lost their homes…their EVERYTHING….because of the wildfires. My heart goes out to all those affected. I’ve donated to the Red Cross, and I urge you as a reader to do the same. I just can’t imagine the heartbreak these people are going through…we have to care. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can help them out.

OK….let’s get on with this ridiculous review.  😛

I get quite a few email from PR, not as much as SOME people I know…but enough to make me laugh, because the majority is such BULL. Most of these emails I tend to ignore because I just don’t care enough anymore, or they’re all about:  please post this and you will get all these followers…NO CAN DO. I deal with a select few brands and PR these days-those that know me and can tolerate my snarky blogging voice. And to be honest, I don’t get a lot of makeup sent to me anymore which is OK with me. But if it’s something to do with skincare, my 49 year old ears PERK THE HECK UP. And sometimes I get the ballz to ask for something to get sent here, like this time. Though I thought there was NO way they’d send it to little old me. Guess I was wrong!

The Ridiculously Expensive Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum

Ok, WARNING to you all reading this…. it’s going to be a bit of a rant. SO, if you can’t handle my rants..move on.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum.jpg

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum costs anywhere from $500-$600

The only place in Canada that I’m pretty sure you can get Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum is from Holt Renfrew at the moment…I don’t think Sephora Canada carries this one..yet…or if they ever will. Oh, and I bet it’s available at Nordstrom here in Canada as well.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum supposedly boosts collagen production, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It speeds-up cellular regeneration bringing brilliance back to dull skin and increases anti-oxidant production preventing future aging and damage. Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum has a powerful, patented compound of green tea stem cells, green tea EGCG and green tea saponin. Basically, it’s FULL OF GREEN TEA in case you didn’t get that part  😛  . All this tea boosts collagen production and rebalances melanin regulation-which HMMMmmmmmmm…. I’ll get to that later. It revives the skin’s hydration process to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin clarity and increase skin radiance and firmness.

Now, I’m OLD…and vulnerable to this anti-aging HOODOO SPEAK that beauty companies like to blather on about. BOOSTS COLLAGEN PRODUCTION…STEM CELLS… MELANIN REGULATION….Hey, I’m only hooman myself and wishing for that fountain of youth too. But nothing a cosmetic company sells you can speak to your cells like they claim, and turn off or on functions… start making changes at the genetic level like this stuff is trying to tell us…it’s just NOT feasible people. Let’s get a grip?!! NOTHING TOPICAL CAN MAKE YOUR GENES DO THIS OR ACT LIKE THAT.  I will no longer listen to these “SPINS” that PR try to shove at us, and no longer pretend or try to convince you that this stuff is real. Cause it just AIN’T.

Sorry to burst your bubble Amore Pacific. But as someone who is aging…like REALLY aging compared to the plethora of under 30 year old beauty bloggers in the internets… and hey most of them are my friends…but no offence? I don’t take any skincare advice from ANYBODY that isn’t close to my age, so that erases ALL of you buddies I hate to say…I mean, I still read your thoughts and all? And if what you are reviewing offers hydration…ok that’s one thing I’ll listen to and try. But if it’s anything to do with aging? You have no idea yet, trust me.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum is nice. It’s a serum that absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t leave your skin tacky or greasy. But, it’s really moisturizing. LIKE A LOT. I can’t believe they sell a cream to go with this serum, because honestly you don’t need a cream after using this stuff. I find once a day is enough for my dry skin, otherwise it’ll break me out. If you are really, REALLY dry then twice a day is your jam with this stuff.

But, to be honest? I didn’t really notice all that much difference when I used this…at least until it started to break me out. Once that happens, I stop using that product and that’s what I did with Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum. It’s in my skincare drawer, waiting there. I might try again soon? Or just wait until fall when it starts to cool down here again. It’s super-hydrating, and that’s pretty much all I noticed whilst using it for about three weeks.

So, the ridiculously expensive Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum is something for those of you that have a lot of extra cash sitting around. For those of you that LOVE Korean skincare. For those of you with really, REALLY dry skin. To be honest, I can’t think of anyone I know that can afford this stuff. And if they could? I’d tell them NOT to waste their money. #WhoSaidBeautyBloggersDontTellTheTruth #FightMe

What’s the most expensive skincare product you’ve ever tried? This one is it for me. I’ve tried the La Mer Cream and even had a jar at one point in my crazy beauty junkie addiction journey. But that’s pennies compared to this one LOL. What’s your spending limit when it comes to beauty? And are you ore willing to spend on skincare like I am?


  • You tell em’! Don’t even get be started with the anti-aging bullsh*t. I hate it when I’m in a store and the sales people start pushing their sales pitch to me about skincare and how it’s important to start early. I respond to them by telling that I’m 40 and don’t no wrinkles, bags under my eyes, saggy skin, droopy eyelids or sun damage so I must be doing something right sans the “anti-aging” brouhaha.

    I continue to tell them that the reason I have good skin is because I stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen every single day and don’t slather a million unnecessary chemicals all over my face. By this time their staring at me with their mouths open to which I simply respond by telling them to have a nice day and walk away. You’re so right about products and their crazy promises. I had this lady in my face trying to conceive me that I needed retinol. I asked for what and she said for wrinkles. My response was for the wrinkles I don’t have???

    Cost is not a factor when it comes to whether or not I’m going to buy a product. If it’s something I want whether that be a beauty product or not and I’ve done my due diligence then I’ll buy it. I’ve never had a product break me out so I can’t say what I would do besides return it.

      People ask me all the time too because when I stop at a beauty counter, the SAs think I’m 30, when I’m almost 50. Right away they want to know what I do and use which is the same as you: Stay out of the sun. Exercise. Drink LOTS of water….like A LOT. I drink at least 5 L a day, and more if I go to Zumba. No creams speak to our genes and tell them to turn off like this stuff is claiming and that pisses me off SO MUCH.

      • And what is so wrong about aging anyway? I’m thankful I’m still here and getting older. I’d take my 40 year old ass over my 21 year old self any day of the week. You look great so you must be doing something right.

  • Wait, did I miss it or was there no price? Wanted to see how expensive this was LOL! 😀 I don’t buy into a lot of the stuff surrounding skincare claims these days, but I have to admit that anything with anti-aging claims sucks me right in. Yep, just call me a sucker 😀 We don’t get this brand here though, I’ll be sure to bear this in mind if I ever see it. Not sure what green tea stem cells can do for me if I’m not a green tea plant!

    • It’s under the picture lol! It depends where you buy it from. I’ve even seen it as high as $1000.
      I don’t listen is when companies start saying their product affects our genes, like this one does. GET BENT I SAY. NOTHING can do that.

      • Ah ok I didn’t see it earlier. That’s seriously pricey stuff! Pity it didn’t work. Oh that gene thing bugs the heck out of me too! Like when Lancome came up with the serum that can “work on your genes” LOL!

  • Lily

    That’s how companies make money. Grab onto our insecurities with all those magic words and we’ll try. Price is always the deal breaker though. The most expensive cream I bought was La Mer… but it was good to my skin. I’m now contemplating Blue Cocoon because the sample I’ve been using really made a difference… and it’s cheaper than Creme de La Mer 🙂

    • Makes me really angry. I need to look into that Blue Cocoon stuff since you love it so much.

  • Ummm why is it like $500 for this??? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND?! Honestly, grab yourself a jar of coconut oil and move on people.
    I also don’t trust a lot of the skincare advice I read on blogs for similar reasons, I am definitely 10 years older (ore more) than most of these bloggers and most of what I read is just regurgitated press releases.

    • Right?!!! It’s ridiculous. No skincare should cost that much. I think companies know that older ladies are on the lookout for something that will help, and a lot of people think that if it’s expensive, it really works.

  • Haha I love reading your posts! And for $525, this stuff better give me toddler skin OVERNIGHT if not immediately!

    • Thanks hahaha! AND RIGHT?!! If I’m not Benjamin Buttoned by the end of using this stuff, I’d want a refund!

  • Angela

    That’s why I love you, Tracy. You tell it like it is. It can be so alluring, these “sciency” claims and those of us who are seeing permanent lines in our faces are tempted. But I think I can say this firmly: I wouldn’t ever pay that much money for skincare unless, as Indya mentioned below, it gave me dramatic results overnight. And what kind of ingredients justify that kind of price tag??

    • Thanks Angela! I appreciate that so much!
      And same with me! I’d NEVER pay for this. And right now it’s just sitting in my drawer staring at me lol! And all these ridiculous claims are driving me bonkers. It’s frickin’ TEA man…tea can’t tell my genes to do ANYTHING.

  • I suppose that I could make a lovely cup of green tea and apply to my face and well anywho, sounds ridiculously fantastic in the wrongest (is that a word?)way. So on to my hyaluronic lotions and potions that make my skin bootifully plump! Seriously, I am addicted to your blog *sigh

  • Firstly yes my heart goes out to all the people who have lost everything because of the fires.
    Secondly, you don’t look like your aging, ok? And your reviews make me smile. Really, I’m a pharmacist (even though I don’t work AS one right now) and everytime I see words like stem cells, or even worse: DNA, in the description of how a a cosmetic works, it breaks me out in a rash! Seriously, maybe there’s some kind of legal gap but how are they allowed to say this rubbish. Maybe in 100 years, but not now…

    • Thanks Sofia it’s so horrible!
      LOL hahaha thanks! And RIGHT?!!! Telling me that this will change my DNA??!! NOPE.

  • I’m such a sucker for luxury skin care and, now that I’m inching closer to my mid-thirties, more of a sucker for anything that promises to keep my skin plump and wrinkle free- but I hope that I’ve also trained myself to be educated about ingredients and not fall for pseudoscience and hype. Sorry that this one didn’t live up! The most expensive skin care product I’ve used is Chantecaille’s Vital Essence serum- which is actually pretty great! 🙂

    • Yes, stay educated! And don’t fall for the bull, because lordy there’s TONS of it.
      I’ve tried some of Chantecaille’s skincare and it is nice I agree!

  • Oh puh-lease woman, like you don’t know the secret location of the fountain of youth!!! You, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani are in some secret little club together, I just KNOW it! That, or you’re all vampires.

    Anway, back onto the topic of the serum. I definitely don’t mind spending money on skincare (I see it as an investment) BUT only if the product in question actually WORKS and delivers results. I never buy solely for a name or for the sake of ‘pampering myself’.

    • LOL Melissa. I KNOW, RIGHT? Tracy looks fabulous. And GWEN, she hasn’t gotten older, I swear. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE EATING???

  • I love seeing all the support Fort Mac people are getting, I’m crossing my fingers they get part of their normal lives soon.

    Now to the serum, I really don’t get luxury skincare. If I had that quantity of money I’d go and use only product that scientifically had shown their anti aging power not with gimmicks like gold or truffle extract.

    Also is jaw dropping thinking about that the price of the serum is more or the same that a middle class family earns in a month in Mexico. THE WORLD IS TOO CRAZY.

    • Same!

      And same again. And to be honest, most skincare doesn’t’ even HVE honest scientific reviews out there! That’s why we fall for all the lies.
      And YUP. The world is crazy, That money feeds a family in Canada for a month my friend.

  • I have tried samples of their skincare and love their stuff and I also have their cushion foundation which I love very much. But this sure is an expensive product. I do not mind sending the money on skincare that will deliver and be effective. I’m with you too, I don’t take advice from anyone that isn’t close to my age because what is a 20 year going to tell me about my 39 year old skin…nothing, that’s what. I love your honesty. Such a great review! x

    • Thanks so much for that! I’m glad you agree!
      And yeah, I love their stuff, but when they start to make stupid claims I get twitchy and like NOPE NOPE. Because it’s just all lies.

  • The scientist in me twitches every single time I see a claim like this. If you want to fuck with your DNA, it’s going to take more than a cream, even one that’s as expensive as fuck. And WHY would you want to mess with it? I mean, does everyone not understand what CANCER is???

    I can understand skincare that is meant to hydrate, to promote turnover or whatever. Certain things at the topical level make sense. This kinda thing, though? ugh. UGH.

    • Make me twitch too! I mean, the only thing that I KNOW of that fucks with your DNA(besides other genetic shit that goes on in labs) is radiation, which is what I worked with SO. WTF MAN.

  • Bold claims for sure! And yes you can always be trusted to give honest opinions and reviews!