ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale!

ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale

ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale

ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale

Wahoo! It’s time for the ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale! This is an awesome sale, because EVERYTHING is 25% off with the code INTHEFAM!Β And it’s perfect timing too, because I need to get Marky a dress! You see, every year her college, CalARTS, puts on The Producer’s Show, where the fave animation shorts that students made are showcased. And it’s attended by former alumni! Famous ones! It’s a great opportunity for students to mingle and make some connections. Pete Docter, Oscar winner of Inside Out actually hung out and talked to Marky a lot last year and he was so nice to her! A really nice guy she said! So, I’ve been picking out some dresses for her because she needs to make an impression that lasts. Tell me what you think of some of them-maybe we can convince her to get one of these!

 Cheap Monday Astral Dress.jpg

Cheap Monday Astral Dress

Or maybe this one?

 Ali & Jay Cutout Fringe Dress.jpg

Ali & Jay Cutout Fringe Dress

So cute, but she’ll probably say something like: I’M NOT A HIPPIE MOM. HAHAHAHA. I’m a real sucker for fringe on ANYTHING. I’m a child of the 70s, what can I say?! I had a fringe suede jacket that I LOVED. Sigh. Those were the days, hahaha!

This next one is my personal favourite though!

 Knot Sisters Morrison Dress.jpg

Knot Sisters Morrison Dress

I’ve shown it to her, but she’s not big on it. I think it fits her style really well! Sigh. If only she were 2 and I could still pick out what to dress her in, hey? πŸ˜›

 Minna Parikka Kung Fu Sneakers.jpg

Minna Parikka Kung Fu Sneakers

She better pick something soon, otherwise I told her I’d order these for her to wear and that’s THAT. Seriously, wouldn’t they perfect for an aspiring animator to wear to an animation show? I think so. Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Who needs a fancy dress when you got those sneakers? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I hope she picks something during this sale, because HELLO this is a good deal! 25% off! Saves me pretty much the exchange rate which SUCKS right now. Β If she doesn’t pick something, then I’m totally ordering these amazing sunglasses because SKULLS. ON. SUNGLASSES.

Alexander McQueen Skull Aviator Sunglassese.jpg

Alexander McQueen Skull Aviator Sunglasses

Hey, I can dream right? RIGHT! Hahaha!

Anyways, ShopBop Spring Friends and Family Sale people! Good time to get something for yourself! A mama’s day gift even! The sale is on for three days, so don’t miss out!

Which of those dresses do you think would be good for Marky? Let me know! Maybe if I can get enough people to tell her, she’ll go with one of those! #WeCanDOThis