50 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s Easter! So Happy Easter! And I need some easy writing prompts to help get me back into the blogging life, so this seemed like a fun one to do. I hope you think it’s fun too! And by all means if you blog as well please do it! I love learning more about my fave bloggers!

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Laughing

It’s really the best medicine around I swear. I don’t take life and myself all too seriously, so laughing comes easy to me. And learning to be able to laugh at yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. Especially as you get older!


2. Winter


I hate summer as you all know. I live for the cold. If my nose ain’t feeling cold I’m just not happy. 😛 I’m just hoping it’s not going to be too hot of a summer this year.

3. Music

I listen to music all the time! I love all genres, even some country LOL. Nothing is off limits to me when it comes to music. It’s one of the reasons I love Zumba too-it’s all about the music for me. And I’m so happy to finally have a piano again and be able to play!

4. Road Trips 

I love road trips in the car. Maybe it’s because Terry doesn’t let me drive though HAHA. I get to sit, and look, and just THINK. About nothing. About the cows I see. The grass. It’s kind of therapeutic for me, to not have to think about much. I’m a real worrier, but when I’m a passenger in a car, listening to music and looking at the scenery -it’s just mindless beauty- my brain relaxes and quiets up.

5. The mountains


I LOVE seeing the Rocky Mountains. They’re just SO big…and makes me feel so small…and that’s just so awesome. Realizing that I’m just this small speck of a thing in some grander, bigger picture… makes me wonder about everything. If you can’t tell, I’ve been wondering  about a lot of things as I’ve aged. I like it.

6. Disneyland 


My second home? Or wannabe home? I don’t know what it is, but I just like BEING there. Just being in that kid-filled joyous atmosphere makes me SMILE from ear to ear all day long. I need to go back! I can feel that itch coming on!

7. Scented Candles

I love them. Scent is a huge memory trigger for me. BUT…I won’t burn candles when I’m alone. Phobia of mine. My older brother had a friend that died in a house fire because of a candle, so yeah…I fear I’ll forget to blow the damn ocean scent out before going to bed and that would be the last thing I’ve ever smelled. Which meh…ain’t so bad I guess really….#whatawaytogo

8. Online Shopping

More and more I shop online these days. Going to stores and waiting in line is just a big HATE for me now.

9. Rainy days

I. LOVE. RAIN. I know, I’m a freak. I don’t care if I see the sun for days. I prefer not to see it to be honest. I could easily live in a rainy climate for the rest of my days. #whoneedsSunglassesRIGHT

10. Making Soup

My dad was the KING of soup making. He could make the tastiest soups with whatever leftovers he had in his fridge. It’s an art that not many people can live up to. I try to emulate his soupy awesomeness, but I don’t think I’m even close to it to be honest. September 7 marked 4 years since he passed away from Alzheimer’s. I miss him. And his soup.

11. Zumba Baby

I love Zumba. I love dancing. #onceadanceralwaysadancer Although, it’s getting harder for me to get to good Zumba classes. So, I’ve been spinning lately and LOVE it. But I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks because of being sick, so kinda’ dreading that first day back. 🙁

12. Truffle Salt

 photo IMG_7731.jpg

I’d brush my teeth with truffle salt if I could-someone needs to add Truffle Salt flavouring to toothpaste HA! If they did I swear there’d be no more cavities people. I brought home a truffle mustard from Trader Joe’s when we were in California in January  and am hoarding it at the moment because it’s SO. GOOD.

13.  A good piece of chocolate melting in my mouth

I love chocolate a lot, but it’s more of a sensory experience for me lately. The whole melting in my mouth feeling is so YES. And that’s why I can stop at just one piece and not eat twenty, unlike some people I know.

14. Baking bread

There’s nothing like kneading dough and baking your own bread. Try it!

15. Bacon

The crispier, the better. Even though it’s a deliciousness of cancer causing stuff now. WHY. #screwyoucancer

16. Snoopy T-shirts

I have SO MANY. It’s seriously not normal for an almost 49 year old woman to have so many Snoopy Tees. Do I care? NOPE. #nevergrowingup

17. Monty Python

My older brother BOB introduced me to them, and I’ve been laughing ever since. Even went to see the movie theatre live streamed reunion last year. HUGE fan.

18. Wearing Pyjamas all day long

No explanation needed.

19. A fresh tube of lipstick
 photo IMG_7563.jpg

Nothing like that first swipe on your lips, right?

20. Musicals

I think my fave is the classic Singing In the Rain, although I love ALL of them. Rent is another huge fave. The only one I can’t really stand is Les Mis-SORRY….it’s just SO long and Uggh boring….I can’t take it.

21. Burnt roasted marshmallows

Make them catch fire and YUMMM is your reward!

22. Learning New Things.

I love learning. Always have. I was one of those annoying kids that just LOVED school.

23. Water

I love water and drink probably 8 litres a day easy. I have a Soda Stream so I can carbonate it too. I like bubbles in my water. I actually have a fear of being without water too-when we leave the house I carry a bottle in my purse, and always two more(at least) for the car. When we travel it’s the first thing I make sure we get. WATER.

24. Fresh raspberries and ice cream

My in-laws used to have fresh raspberries growing in their backyard, and it’s the best dessert ever to just throw some fresh, ripe raspberries on vanilla ice cream. It’s my fave summer dessert ever. Only thing I can honestly say I like about summer hahaha!

25. Cartoons

Yeah, I still watch cartoons! My daughter is going to be an animator, so DUH! I love cartoons. And BOY do I miss Phineas and Ferb! One of my daughter’s friends has a show coming up called The Loud House and it looks so GOOD, like Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends(my all time fave cartoon) but people version:

26. T-shirts

I hate blouses? And shirts, even though I have a few flannel shirts. Hey, I’m Canadian, and them I can sort of stand.  😀   But, I don’t really like the way shirts feel on my skin with the buttons and collars…EW. I live in tees.

27. Waffles

They rock. I don’t know for some reason I avoid making them, and then when I make them I always say: That wasn’t so bad? And it’s not? But then I don’t make them again for months.

28. Having something to say

No matter who you are, or what you do-we all have something to say. So say it loud and say it proud! It’s important to let your voice be heard. And not let anything COMPROMISE your voice. I’m not letting anything do that to me, ever again. I have something to say! And damn it, Imma’ gonna SAY IT.

29. Apocalyptic movies and books

I have a sick infatuation with how the world will end. It bothers my family a bit for some reason. I don’t know why? I’m not scared of dying I guess, and that’s a frightening thing for them to understand. I like watching end of the world movies, analyzing them, taking notes… on maybe ways to help others survive. But to be honest? When it does happen? I plan to toast the end of the world with a good bottle of Shiraz and smile. Unless it Zombies. Then I plan to keep on living and use my archery skills and kill as many as I can. 😛

30. Boots

I love boots. And thank goodness I live where I can were them for pretty much 6 months of the year, if not longer. I see people wearing boots in LA in September when it’s still 35C there, and I think DUDE YOUR FEET MUST BE SWEATING LIKE CRAZY. I hate sweaty feet and mine are pretty sweaty. #TMI I know

31. NHL Hockey Season

I love watching hockey. All other sports are boring in comparison. Sorry. Hate football. Don’t get it at all it’s so SLOW. My brain can’t take slow sports. LIKE MOVE IT MAN.

32. Sunsets
 photo IMG_6697.jpg

I love seeing the colours…it’s an amazing sight and will never tire of it.

33. Hugs

I hug all the time! One of my fave hugs is the one I give to one of my Zumba Instructors-she’s under 5 feet and weighs like 80 pounds-she jumps up and I catch her and lift her up! It’s our hug thing and everyone laughs when they see it, cause it’s the most awesome hug you’ll ever witness  😀

34. Pride & Prejudice Kiera Knightley version

DUDES. I could watch this movie 24/7 I swear. So could Marky I think, since she’s just written her 5th essay in Film History about it hahaha. Seriously she’s written so many about that movie-from art direction to lighting-it’s just got so much GOOD stuff going. And don’t even get me started on the soundtrack it’s my JAM.

35. 80s movies

Sometimes you just need to remember the good, ya’ know what I mean? When teen movies weren’t all about ya’ know. Teens care about other shit too hey?

36. Disney Villains

 photo IMG_7730.jpg

Screw the princesses they are lame most of the time…give me a good villain any day! Like Hades in Hercules…or my personal favourite: Yzma in Emperor’s New Groove. And yes, this is hanging in my family room.

37. A good polka

Here’s a great modern version for ya’-Ukrainian SKA!

38.  The song Happy Together by the Turtles

My brother Mark and I used to sing Happy Together all the time. Such a great song.

39. Warm chocoalte pudding

Like homemade stuff in a pot, on the stove all warm and OH SO YUMMY!

40. Long walks

One thing I miss in winter is being able to go for a long walk. It’s not entirely impossible, you just have to dress for it is all-but it’s a lot of work. Call me provincial, but I much prefer walking when there’s no snow and ice on the ground.

41. Chocolate covered strawberries

YUMmmmmm cover all my fruit in chocolate and I’d eat it every night! My hubby will buy them for me whenever he sees them too…he’s the best.

42. My hubby’s dimples

They are adorable!

43. Garlic

I stink of garlic most days I think because I pretty much double the garlic in any recipe hahaha! My parents used to slice raw garlic and put it on top of buttered bread when they felt sick. I haven’t done that. YET. #givemeafewyears

44. Supertramp

It makes me REALLY sad that every band member hates each other now. I friggin’ love every song by them.

45. Buttercream icing that is SMOOTH and not gritty

When it’s done right, it’s RIGHT. Right?

46. Crispy, crispy toast

I like my toast crispy like “shards of ice” as Marky says. Otherwise, it’s just warm bread. I need CRUNCH.

47. A good glass of SHIRAZ... my blogging wine of choice hahaha!
 photo IMG_7733.jpg

48. Marky’s Art

I mean, I’m a proud Mama Bear! Here’s her work if you’re interested: http://markyszram.blogspot.ca

49. Being Alone
Truth be told, I am an introvert. A rare one too? I took a personality test on behest of my daughter and apparently I’m the rarest kind of introvert,t although I can’t remember what it was called haha. I really don’t mind being alone, and kind of relish it to be honest. After being out in the world, which can even mean just a Zumba class, I need to recharge and be alone. It’s actually a good thing that my hubby travels a lot for work, because I don’t mind the alone time when he is gone-I look forward to it!

#50. Writing

That’s one of the reasons I blog. I love to write. I do. I am by no means an eloquent writer that’s for damn sure. My written word is pretty much exactly how I speak in person…this blog then?Is like chatting with me. And I want to keep it that way. As I love chatting with all of you!

Tag DONE! And I hope some of you do it as well! Otherwise, tell me in the comments some of your fave things about you!

  • Yes please do it! It’s such a good way for us all to get to know each other!

  • Just reading through your list made me feel all warm and fuzzy! 🙂 BIG YES TO NUMBER 13, obvs! And I also love apocalyptic movies and books. And you are so right, laughing really is the best medicine and is one of the best mood boosters. For a long time I kinda stopped laughing ”all the way” in front of people or in pictures because I don’t like how I look when I smile/laugh, but I decided to stop giving a fuck. Just recently. And you know what, it feels so good to just TRULY smile and laugh again without trying to hold it in feeling embarrassed.

    • Most of thees happy things are food I just noticed though LOL!!
      Oh, I’m so glad you smile and laugh now! You are so pretty Melissa and should never feel that way about yourself!

  • I am totally into 18 at the moment. What a lovely post, made my day positive just by reading it.

    • Aww thanks Sara! I’m trying to get back into the writing mode and things like this help me out. I’d love to see you do one!

  • I loved reading this! I definitely want to sit down and do this tag/post as well. I just have to say I love your writing style.If you ever wrote a full-on novel I’d be first in line to snap it up. And number 34—yes yes yes yes!!!! My momma and I usually put that movie on at least once a weekend it is ridiculous.

    • Awww, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me Margo! You are just so sweet! I just write how I speak pretty much-next time I’m in LA we’ll have to hug in person lady!

  • I’m an introvert as well.

    I enjoy gatherings with people I know and am comfortable with but feel I have to recharge afterwards. There’ve been even times I don’t go on FB and just zone out and watch videos online for a while.

    Ooh, I love the plague doctor your daughter drew!

    • I do that as well-just stay off line and get away from everything. It’s kind if why I haven’t been blogging as much lately actually too. I find I need to not do it so much anymore, otherwise I just get too anxious.
      Thanks! I love that one too it’s one of my faves!

  • Emma Bovary

    Such a happy list – man I love Disneyland, so magical <3 Thanks for activating a craving for raspberries with ice cream – yum!

    • Hahaha, I need to go back! And man, I could eat raspberries and ice cream every night!

  • Liz

    I already knew most of these about you. The only surprises were crispy toasts, buttercream texture, and hubby’s dimples, lol! I’ll borrow this tag some time when there’s time for a real post!

  • Lily

    I haven’t had breakfast, and I want toast!! And chocolate, and strawberries… you’re making me hungry! I might have to steal this post. And that reminds me, I need to go back to blogging. It’s been nearly 2 weeks. LOL!

    • LOL! A lot of my happy things are food HAHAHAHA! And yeah, getting back into it is harder than I thought…:D

  • Ha Supertramp, my husband and I have this running joke about Supertramp. They are never on the radio in the UK but as soon as we drive to France, it seems to be the first song we hear. And I feel like I should be baking bread, hard for me though as my brother is a baker and I know I’ll never compete! Loved this post, I’ll try and do one when I have time to sit down!

    • LOL! It’s never on the radio here either, I just have most of their songs.
      I need to start baking again-I miss it! And yes! Please do it!

  • grlnxdor

    You, dear lady, are an INFJ if you are the rarest type. I am one too and have found it to be a relief now that I know what makes me tick. Study up on it and your whole life will begin to make better sense

    • I know that actually! We are rare birds you and I! I do need to read more about it though you are right. Any sites or books you can recommend?

      • grlnxdor

        I’ve gleaned most of my info from Pinterest. Even though we are rare there are quite a few who have put general information and memes out there. I even have an INFJ board. My actual name is Jackie. We INFJ’S love our research so you should have a lot of fun, Tracy!

      • Pinterest! I will look! Thank you so much!

  • I had the best fun reading this! Marky is super talented!! Gosh, and I LOVE Pride & Prejudice!! The ending was so sweet I can watch the scene over and over again and never tire of it.


    I have so many on this list that I can check off, too! I ALWAYS have water with me, too. I keep a small Nalgene with me if I’m running errands, but otherwise at work I have a big Nalgene bottle and when we travel, yep, that’s the first thing I buy!!!


    • and I LOVE that version of P&P, too. And the soundtrack – it really is gorgeous. And the swipe of a brand new lipstick – that is a perfect moment!

  • Elizabeth V

    Great list. Although I might have to pass on the Truffle Salt. lol. I think I will sit and really think about all those little things that make me happy. ps. I like , no love, my alone time too.

    • Hahaha! It’s fun to sit and think about the things that make you happy.
      I love being alone, my brain loves the quiet.