Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Will Chase Away The Winter Blues!

Sorry, I don’t get the Winter Blues. I used to though! But the last couple of years I’ve decided to embrace Winter and just decide in my mind that I LOVE WINTER. And it freakin’ worked I tell ya’! But I know that my weirdo ninja mind tricks might not work for everybody, so I really do understand that you can’t stand the weather right now. And February is particularly trying because mother nature and that freaky rodent who is scared of his shadow can’t decide if it should be COLD or if it’s time to start warming up and head towards spring. So where am I going with this hahaha? I’ll tell ya’ where: Get yer self one of these new Annabelle BigShow Lacquers and dude, you won’t CARE what the weather is doing or not doing!

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers .jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge drugstore makeup loving’ gal, but these Annabelle BigShow Lacquers WOWED me! And they’re only $9.95 each! Like HELLOooo that’ll make you smile in the middle of February, right? 😀 😀

Swatchy Time!

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers.jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers: Adore Simply, Caress Tenderly, Kiss Sweetly, Enchant Romantically, Hypnotize Deeply, Love Fiercely


Annabelle BigShow Lacquers are glossy, a little sparkly, have LOADS of pigment, and comfortable as heck! They’re kind of like a pigmented lipstick yet shiny like a gloss, with the lasting power of a lip stain. I call it the LIPGLOSAIN, 😛 ’cause that’s what it is.  😀  Hey, I calls ’em like I sees ’em.  😛

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Adore Simply is the perfect nude gloss!

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Adore Simply.jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Adore Simply


Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Caress Tenderly is a bright coral! It’s a bit brighter in person than the pic shows even. This shade will be so perfect come spring time!

Annabelle  .jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Caress Tenderly

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Love Fiercely is a bright true red.

 Annabelle .jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Love Fiercely

Kiss Sweetly is a baby pink that’s not too Barbie.

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Kiss Sweetly .jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Kiss Sweetly

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Enchant Romantically is a bit brighter of a pink. I’d call it an 80s pink, and trust me dudes-I know what an 80s pink looks like since I wore this shade on my lips, cheeks and clothes! I think I even had a pair of shoes in this shade!

Annabelle  .jpg

Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Enchant Romantically

Hypnotize Deeply is a deeper fuchsia pink, even a berry pink I’d call it. It’s really perfect for this time of year.


Annabelle BigShow Lacquers Hypnotize Deeply

I can’t even tell you which of these shades of Annabelle BigShow Lacquers is my favourite, because I love them all! The colours are so fun and bright! Although, I do think the pinks look a bit too close in shade, at least on me. It was hard for me to not get mixed up remembering what colour I was wearing when I took the pics, but hey-that could also be because I’m getting old, so… 😛 ! But, they all looked good on the lips, so that’s still cool with me! They feel so good on the lips too. Not sticky at all. They do have a slight fruity scent, but nothing overpowering like say a Clarins Lipgloss(WOW talk about fruit punch overload on those babies) and the scent doesn’t last for long, so yay for that! They do stain your lips a bit, but they aren’t transfer proof and won’t last through a meal. There will be a hint of colour that survives your burrito, but that’s about it. And that’s ok with me! To be honest, I’m not a fan of lipsticks that claim to last through a meal. That can’t be good for you or your lips, ya know what I mean?

Pick one of these Annabelle BigShow Lacquers! I promise it’ll help make dark, dreary, boring February fly right by! And before you know it, spring will be here!

Do you get the Winter Blues? What helps you get through this last bit of winter weather? 

  • Eyeshadow Addict

    These look awesome on you! Love that red.

  • You look lovely in all of them! So pretty!

  • Eugenia

    LIPGLOSAIN! Perfect, lol! I confess to being really surprised with these too – but in a good way! Loving the nude one and wearing it so often! They all look gorgeous on you, Lil Sis!

  • Toya

    Wowzers, your hair IS long! You look very bodacious, Tracy!

    These look great on you! I’m not in a glossy mood at the moment with lips but these would be great for those that are. And I do love a bright, fun lip color!

    • HAHAHA thanks dude! It’s longer than Marky’s actually, and she’s not impressed LOL!

      They are! I’m not into glosses all that much, but these are great for the price!

  • Lily

    I can’t concentrate on the lipsticks dude. YOUR HAIR looks AMAZING!