Not Friday, Friday Chat: California Rain, Family Time, Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek, And More

Yeah, so wow I’ve been gone for awhile, hey? After New Year’s we went back to California to take Marky to Disneyland before she started her second semester of college. Even though she lives about 1.5 hours away from The Happiest Place On Earth, believe it or not she rarely gets to go-she just doesn’t have the time. And since this semester will be even busier for her since she’ll be working on her second year film, we thought we’d give her a little happy happy joy joy before school started.

It rained pretty much every day we were at Disneyland this time though! And not just a little drizzle, we’re talking WOW it’s POURING rain! And that was ok with us since California desperately needs it.

But, boy all that rain sure made Disneyland rather spooky looking!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


All these crows descended on the park one afternoon during a rain break-at least a couple of hundred I’d say. Disneyland was still in Christmas/Holiday mode, but it sure felt like Halloween when that happened!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


My first Moscow Mule ever! It was raining so hard on Wednesday that we decided to duck into the Paradise Cove Bar for a drink and some Lobster Nachos for a rain break. I wasn’t fast enough to take a pic of the nachos as they got demolished pretty quickly! We even ordered a second order they were that good!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


Even though it was raining, we had a really nice time together as a family at Disneyland. In fact, Christmas was pretty cozy and amazing as well. Marky seems so much more grown-up this year, and more relaxed and confident. She even cut her hair shorter to just above her shoulder! Surprised me because her massive long red hair was her signature, but like I said, she’s really changed and had grown tired of the upkeep. I love her hair shorter! She looks more…professional! And part of me wants to cut all of mine off again now since I am growing tired of it as well. We shall see! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to my hair salon YIKES, so it’s time for a trim at least!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

My Makeup These Days

The makeup I took with me was pretty minimal. My makeup routine is pretty minimal these days anyways. I love the Algenist Repairing Tint & Radiance Moisturizer SPF30 for travel since it has some sunscreen in it. It’s light in coverage, but makes skin look brighter and better and has a nice glow without feeling heavy or tacky at all. I always set my makeup with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light, so that came with me. I really hate heavy under-eye concealers, so lately I only use a bit of Giorgio Armani Correcting Concealer #2 over the dark spots under my eyes. It brightens them up and is so thin that it’s pretty undetectable and I never have to worry about creasing. I don’t get all the heavy under eye concealing that’s the trend these days?! It’s scares me! And then they bake all that concealer with powder so it doesn’t crease?!! WHY. How about not put on so much dang concealer and then it won’t crease on you?!! Newsflash: Not having any shadow or a bit of colour under your eyes looks WEIRD and unnatural-like a doll-we are real people and that’s how we’re supposed to look. Ok, Tracy mini-rant over now 😛   The Clinique Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse is easy for brows, and I like easy. Benefit They’re Real Mascara isn’t my fave, but it stays put without budging so it’s my mascara of choice for travelling. And since I’m still a blush fiend, I like wearing Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera and layering Tom Ford Blush in Frantic Pink so that my blush lasts all day long. To be honest though, on the days it was pouring rain I didn’t wear ANY makeup because why waste my time.

The sun did come out for a bit and what’s better than pretty sunsets and palm trees!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peekjpg


Maybe yummy burgers from Umami Burgers in Pasadena are haha!

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Umami Burger

We came home this past Sunday night, but I knew something was wrong on the taxi ride home from the airport. I wasn’t feeling right at all. I’m so lucky the vomiting and diarrhea didn’t start earlier on the plane because WOW what a nightmare that would have been. Yup, I got food poisoning either in the Air Canada lounge, or from the Air Canada Business Class meal-WHY. ME. I’ve been sick ever since and today is the first day I feel normal. Still sore all over, but at least I can walk and function like a human now. I’m itching for a Zumba class, but I don’t think I should go until the aches are gone.

But this amazing package from Tatcha Beauty came the other day and boy it perked up my day for sure! Here’s my little Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek

It’s only been two days of using the products, but it’s pretty much LOVE I can tell you. Food poisoning sucked every bit of moisture outta my body, and I swear my new Tatcha regimen fixed that in one use, especially THIS:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist-Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek

If you have dry skin, just GET IT. Tatcha Beauty Luminous Dewey Mist is AMAZING and yeah I’m addicted in just two days now. I’ll get into more detail about ingredients and stuff once I finish testing everything out and post my review, but for me this one is a must have in the line and I can see why everyone loves it!

I bought a new cookbook! On my Kindle though-I hate actual cook books these days. I’d rather look at a recipe on my iPAD now.

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

I saw it at Chapter’s Indigo today and it looked really good! And since having food poisoning kickstarted my New Year’s Diet anyways, I thought I’d continue the detox-just in a yummier way LOL.

Although DUDES, this was the cheapest price I could find for a head of cauliflower today:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg


HOLY. WOW. Guess broccoli is it from now on, hey? Let’s hope the El Niño rain hitting California helps out the drought so that things like cauliflower can start to grow abundantly again.

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

Good ‘Ol Edmonton Sunset I’ve missed you!

And that’s pretty much why I haven’t been around! I apologize for not posting, but we were having such a good time and it was nice to not worry about blogging for once. I’ll get back into some kind of schedule in a couple of days now that I’m home and able to keep food down 😛 Also, I need to give my new buddy some love:

Tatcha Beauty Sneak Peek.jpg

New Camera! Samsung NX 300M

I bought this Samsung NX 300M Camera before the New Year but haven’t had time to play with it yet, so I plan on getting better acquainted with it this weekend!

How are you all! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in ages! Hope you are doing well and having a great January so far! What’s new? What have I missed? What fun have you been up to?

  • Hi Hi!! Sounds like such a fun trip, and the rain here was insane and so so fun! It finally felt like winter to me! Yay for Marky and best of luck to her in her next year! Those Tatcha goodies look amazing, and I am SO bummed you got sick. Food poisoning is the worst 🙁 As for me, nothing super new other than catching some insane virus that actually temporarily shut down my completely healthy liver for a few days?! So just in and out of the doctors but thankfully on the mend. Sending hugs!

    • Yes it was fun! And I’m so happy you guys are having winter again! I remember it being like this when we’d come there 10 years ago-it’d rain and be cooler. You guys sure need the rain!
      Oh no! That’s sounds horrible Margo! I’m glad you are on the mend though-I don’t want anything happening to my Margo! xoxo Hugs to you too!

  • lol, yes, the rain definitely added to the spooky atmosphere, I kinda like that 🙂 And I’m glad to hear you guys had fun, despite the weather!

    • We did too! It was so COOL. You know, it was probably one of the best times we’ve ever had!

  • Lily

    Talk about heavy undereye concealing! I never get “baking”. I really think it’s silly to put such heavy makeup on, but to each her own. And you’re right, that place does look spooky! Isn’t Disneyland supposed to look all bright and cheerful? LOL! Aaw, sounds like Marky is fast becoming a woman of her own. You must be a proud mama!

    • I KNOW!! Baking and all that underlie concealing needs to STOP.
      I’m so proud of her! She’s so strong and pretty confident! I did a god job HAHAHAHA!

  • Angela

    Good to see you’re back and glad to hear you had a break (albeit a soggy one!). So sorry to hear you got sick but thank God for the timing at least!! We all got stomach flu the day before Christmas Eve and my 2-yr old daughter had gotten sick the day before, so my husband and I had to tag team to make sure she was taken care of. So crappy. But we’ve never ever had a stay-at-home Christmas, so that was great, aside from the flu and all, LOL. And then a day or two later, I ended up with a nasty headcold 🙁 Thank goodness we were off work but it certainly reduced our enjoyment, LOL. My undereyes are dark and I can’t get anything to conceal those beauties without drying and looking like the sahara under there. Oo and that’s after using an under eye balm/ cream. So my cheeks get oily and my undereyes look like the desert, making for a mess of a face at the end of a long day. #cantwin Also can’t wait to hear about the tatcha stuff but I’ve heard it comes with a pretty hefty pricetag. Ugh. I love your minimalist makeup routine up there (also not a fan of benefit they’re real). Hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks!! OH NO not you guys too!! I’m glad you are better now. I’m finally feeling better myself-it’s taken two weeks to finally feel like Tracy again.
      Yeah, it’s expensive and I’m taking that into account when I post my review. I’ll for sure say what I think is worth the splurge!
      Your poor under eyes. Have you tried the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream? It’s really REALLY heavy. Be good for night time for you!

      • Angela

        Ooo, I’ll check that one out! got a little bit of Christmas money I’ve been sitting on, wondering what would be the best value. My poor eyes. I’ve been using a clinique one and I don’t know that it’s doing much (or maybe it’s just THAT bad, LOL). Thanks for the tip 😉

  • Liz

    The inflated cost of cauliflowers is making headlines now, haha. Thank goodness I never got into it (all those pins about turning cauliflowers into fake steaks)! I thought that the supermarket had made a big typo with the price sticker when I saw it a few weeks ago.

    Have fun with all that TATCHA! I didn’t dig the rice enzyme powders based on samples. Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough to splurge on a lip balm or hand cream. 😡

    • I ove roasted caulifower! I don’t do all that other shit to it hahahaha. I made this one into a soup! Everything is like t least $1 more in the produce section I swear.

      I AM!! You know, I didn’t at first either, but I’m liking it now. It’s different than the Amore one that’s for sure. Stronger in the exfoliation department for sure. If you’re gonna splurge on something from them, the moisturizer is AWESOME. SO LITTLE NEEDED.

  • k r i s t e n //

    Sounds like you guys had a great time in Cali even though it was raining most of the time. Your pictures are BEEEEYOOTIFUL! I love the spooky looking one of the tree! I’m glad you guys got to go visit Marky and have some much-needed quality time. I’m sorry you got food poisoning! OH man though, what a blessing it didn’t hit on the plane! Oh mon dieu! Can you imagine?! I hope you’re feeling back to normal by now! Oh and on the baking tip – I tried it because I’m open to giving new techniques a whirl. It looked really good until you got up close. At about a 2 foot viewing distance, it looked like 100% pure cake face. I think baking may be best left to people on TV! Happy Monday, my friend!

    • We did thanks! One of the best we had actually! RIGHT? I would have had to just sit in the plane’s bathroom DYING. It’s taken me about 2 weeks to feel completely better in all honesty. It was a doozie. I haven’t had a two-ender in a LONG time LOL!!
      And hahaha-yeah that’s what I figured! Thanks for testing it out and letting me know!

  • It’s a GREAT mist. The smell though-I could do without that. It’s got that geranium scent going on that I don’t like in Pai skincare. But most people love that smell! I’m willing to put up with it because it’s so NICE.

  • I know! hahaha! It was SO rainy and wet, but we loved it!
    And you bet!! Gonna get that up next week for sure!

  • That cream is the other thing I say is worth getting! It’ll be there soon, as it’s going to be in store in Canada soon!
    and yeah, I’m thinking I will! It’s so HARD to do anything. BUT i just found a tutorial to do REY’s hairdo so….UGGGH