My New Year’s Resolution: Sing Brave! #singbrave

Sing them a song you feel deep in your heart
Sing it with everything that you are
Sing ‘til your voice echoes all through the room
Pick a good one but whatever you do
Sing brave                 
~Brandon Heath

I love the whole story behind this song-how Brandon’s mom tells him to just sing for show and tell when he couldn’t find anything cool in his room to bring to show his class. Do they still do show and tell in preschool? I remember Marky did! One of my fave memories about her also involves show and tell, and her bringing a picture of GLORIA ESTEFAN for show & tell one week. Yeah…you read that right. What can I say…she liked her music back then too…  😀   And as an adult, my first instinct was to say no no NO must not bring a picture of Gloria Estefan…you’ll look… WEIRD.

But? I didn’t listen to my inner adult voice… I think it’s because I have a hard time BEING an adult to be honest, even now. I tend to ignore that inner adult voice most of the time. So… I let her do it. She brought Gloria. AND?! All of her little friends were intrigued actually. A lot of them went home and asked their parents to listen to some Gloria Estefan that night…Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga…I know you can’t control yourself any longer  😛

I let her be brave…be herself! And? It ended up being awesome.

Being brave is HARD. Really hard. Especially as you grow up. Most of us are taught from an early age to muffle that inner US. And I’m sorry, but that always makes you second guess who you are- your WHOLE DANG LIFE. I know it did for me. My mama, bless her lovely soul, was really good at quieting creative Tracy, unless it was about piano. That was ok for her for some reason?! Although, it was a strict, Royal Conservatory Piano…exams and only classical music…nothing was all that FUN and creative about it for me to be honest, especially as I got up there to grade 10. I ended up quitting before finishing my grade 10. The biggest reason why I quit? Was that if I told her that I wanted to be a music teacher, or something musical for a career, wasn’t gonna cut it for her. I had to do something SCIENCE to get a good job in her eyes and make her proud, even though she loved me playing the piano. There was no way in hell I was gonna be able to make a life out of that I was told every day.  🙁  And don’t get me wrong, as I love science and chemistry…but you know, I sometimes wonder IF I COULD HAVE DONE MUSIC INSTEAD.  🙁

So, That Gloria Estefan Incident made me NEVER stop my kid from doing something she wanted to do…to stop her from being herself…from being brave and… CREATIVE. I didn’t want her to also wonder at age 48- WHAT IF.

And she never WILL. ‘Cause she’s doing it at Mickey’s College, being brave every day, creating what she sees in her head. And I think that’s amazing. She’s wanted to do this since she was about 8 years old! I remember parents from her elementary school telling us that her dream of working in cartoons and for Disney was a pipe dream and that we shouldn’t encourage her. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. #winning


A layout design


Life drawing-



Character Designs

And you know what?  In my old age and as my New Year’s Resolution for 2016,  I am going to try to be brave, and do stuff that’s out of my comfort zone, like write about the stuff I think about, because I don’t think it’s too late for me…for anyone…to grow creatively, and be a better person.

SING BRAVE. You can be brave how ever you choose to! Maybe you want to take up running! Or maybe you’ve been too shy to take a Zumba class? Don’t be! I was scared for the longest time, but once I finally did try it, I haven’t looked back! Or maybe you want to learn how to build a chair? I know I do! Maybe you just want to talk to someone that you’ve lost touch with. Or maybe it’s just about going to the dentist, hey Gaelle?  😉  Maybe it’s wearing a bright red lipstick while you’re out and about getting groceries! Or maybe wearing a purple eyeshadow is brave for you! Or maybe you’re fighting a serious illness… the bravest fight. KEEP BEING BRAVE AND FIGHT MY FRIEND. You can do it. 

All I’m trying to say is…since the New Year is coming fast upon us, and a lot of us start thinking about making changes in our lives… BE BRAVE… in whatever you do…or have to do. And don’t let anyone hold you back. Ever. Be YOU. The bravest, bestest you! Because that? Is what BEING REALLY BRAVE is all about.

SING BRAVE my friends.


My New Year’s Resolution is to be brave as much as possible from now on. To try and do something I’m a little scared of, or don’t want to do, or just too tired to try. When I do something brave, I will post it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #singbrave  so JOIN ME! I’ve decided to do this in honour of my friend Noella Joy Eve, who lost her brave battle against breast cancer. She never gave up and was brave, right to the end. I can only hope to be as brave as she was.
Rest in peace lovely. 

What brave thing are you going to do today? Share it please!

  • Lily

    That’s really beautiful, Tracy. It took me a long time to be myself, because I always did what my parents told me to do. Even until now, my mom still TELLS me to do stuff. I love her, and knows she means well, in her own way, but it did take me a long time to be brave, to do things I wanted to do, and live my own life. So I shall be brave, and BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME, the way I want to be. Stuff those who don’t like it.

    • You are brave Lily! One of the bravest I know for sure! You are an awesome mom, have done so much for your family and are kicking ASS in getting in shape! And yes! Be the best version of you! That’s all we can do, right?

  • Efraín

    I think you’ve just gave the best kick of reality I needed, being brave isn’t easier but not because it is the lack of fear instead it’s the power to overcome our fears and I think that’s the harder but most gratifying thing.

    So yes, I’ll be brave like you and do what I really want to do, doesn’t matter what other people tell me.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss.

  • This was so beautiful to read. I am so sorry for your loss Tracy, but for her, and for myself I will sing brave and be brave this year. I know what it is like to feel like if I don’t do a certain something I will disapoint people, but I gotta be happy too! Thanks for this!

    • Thanks Margo! You are such a lovely soul-one of the loveliest I’ve ever ‘met’ I swear! So you deserve to be happy! Be brave and be happy my friend!

  • Thanks for this beautiful read, and I’m sorry for your loss — what a great tribute to your friend! I love that story of Marky and Gloria Estefan, and I cracked up at the mental image of all her little friends going home to their parents requesting them play it.

    One of my goals this year is to create more. With my blog, with crochet (my new hobby!), with cooking and baking… I’ve always been an enthusiastic beginner but not very consistent, so I want to have fun but also tough it out with the hard bits.

    Happy new year Tracy!

    • Thanks Teresa, she was such a lovely, musical soul. The world will miss her.
      It was hilarious for sure…but I learned a good lesson that day!

      Great goals! I want to see some of your creations on the blog especially the baking-YUM!!
      Happy New Year lovely! xo

  • I think that’s an awesome resolution, Tracy! I think most of us could do with a little more bravery 😉 Happy New Year!

    • Thanks dude! It’s a simple thing, ya know? But a lot of us take the easy way. Here’s to being brave! Happy New Year!

  • And sometimes all we need is a kick in the ass from our friend Tracy. Hope 2016 is treating you well so far 🙂

  • Thanks, I kind of needed to read something like that today. I can be very passive and I think it has hurt me throughout my life. Time for me to be brave and do the things that I think are impossible!

    • Wahoo! I think a lot of us are passive in our lives, but being brave can open up new doors! Here’s to new things coming your way this year!

  • This is a lovely, beautiful post, Tracy! I want to be more brave, too. This comes at a good time! I love that story of Marky! That’s so funny and totally perfect.

    And I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

    • Yay to being brave dude! I know you’ve got lots to be brave about, and I’m here for you always. And thanks hahaha-it’s one of my faves about her.
      And thanks, I can’t believe how fast she went.

  • YES YES and YES! I totally agree about being brave. I kinda interpret it as being a form of “who gives a fuck?” and these days, i’m all about not giving any anymore and doing what I want to do and what I love. Marky’s drawings are AMAZING and you are an amazing mom for letting her be herself and do what she wants!

  • Angela

    Tracy, Happy New Year! This posting really resonated with me. I try hard (I am a control FREAK) to let my kids make their own choices instead of stifling their spirit. I waver between wanting to guide them too much and letting them make their own way because I don’t want them to be wandering as adults, never really knowing where they belong. Know what I mean? But as for myself, I have so much fear. I talk big, and if any of my closest friends or family heard me say this, they’d think I was crazy, but I have fear. I don’t want to ever fail and so I let that hold me back from doing things and… making mistakes. Thank you so much for this. I will try to be brave and do something that makes me feel scared and excited because there is nothing like that feeling where you’ve DONE something even though you were terrified. and holy MOLY your daughter is talented! OOO I’m going to butcher this because I can say it but NOT spell it: Cristos Hrozdiache!!

    • Happy New Year my friend! It’s so hard to not control everything our kids do-I know! I’ve been there! And thanks, I think she’s pretty talented too haha! And YAY to being braver-it’s hard to think of failing at something, but that’s how we get BETTER!
      And HAHAHA-not bad! You did good!

  • Thanks Kris!! xo