NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit Is Too Cute!

The NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit is probably my favourite Holiday set that’s out, but for some reason I can’t find it on Sephora Canada right now? Maybe it’s sold out I don’t know? But it is still available on Sephora USA, so if you can scoop one up for someone on your list that’s a Lipstick Addict-or for yourself-then DO. IT.

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit.jpg

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit

The NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit contains 3 mini Lip/Cheek Pencils in the shades Mystic, Sin, and a preview of the Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil in the shade Satan Red. You gotta buy this set just for that name-I mean, every makeup junkie needs a lipstick in the shade Satan Red I’m pretty dang sure. 😀

Swatchy Time!

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit.jpg

Sin, Mystic, Satan Red

Right? PRETTY. And these are so comfy on the lips! Even that new, bright red matte! No dryness at all and LASTS forever and a day. I can hardly wait for all of the Intense Matte shades to launch because this formula is seriously GOOD STUFF.

Mystic is a great, nude, MLLB shade that’s been one of my faves ever since NudeStix launched and it’s the most gorgeous cheek shade too!

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit.jpg

NudeStix Mystic


Sin is so PRETTY!! A rosy, pinky red that is my kind of lipstick shade! I love this one a lot.

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit.jpg

NudeStix Sin


And here’s Satan Red! It’s so bright! And red! And pretty perfect!

NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit.jpg

NudeStix Satan Red

The NudeStix #TooCute Holiday Kit is so CUTE and well worth getting. The tin is great because I can keep all three in it so that they’re easy to find in my purse, plus the top of the tin has a mirror on the inside so I can re-apply anywhere! Plus, the set comes with a sharpener as well that fits on any of the pencils. It’s just a genius little kit and would make a great gift for someone, or for yourself!

Hey? Am I the only one that believes in buying yourself a little Christmas Gift? We all need a reward of some kind for getting through the Holidays, right? RIGHT. 


  • I NEEEEED this in my life! I am in love with all the colors and judging by the swatches, they look super creamy!

  • Soooo cute! Looks like they will work for any sin tone too. I am definitely picking these up!

  • I’m all about buying myself a little Christmas gift, but I probably buy myself one too many of those 😉 I love this little set- so funny that a holiday kit includes a shade called Satan, haha, but it really is a fierce red! xo

  • Lily

    Oh I think I saw this on a site that delivers to me!! I have to see if this set is still available. All 3 look gorgeous!

  • Haha, I want a Christmas gift for me! I actually didn’t do that this year, but I usually do 😛

  • Beautiful as always. But what I want to know is where did you get that gorgeous hat???

  • the colours are TOOOO CUUUTE

  • Love your hair all smoothed out! Making a note to look at Nudestix when I go over to NY