Friday Chats! The Short and Sweet Tag

I saw this Short and Sweet Tag on my good friend Melissa @Kiss&MakeupBeautyBlog and loved it! So I’mma’ gonna do it because it’s FRIDAY WOOHOO and MARKY IS COMING HOME TODAY YOU GUYS!


So Stupid… shopping anywhere right now….seriously I hate this time of year. I just want to get some dang milk and it takes me half a day.

Even more stupid… when I’m waiting to pay for my dang milk, and some jerk is not agreeing with the price of the oranges he’s getting. WHY. WHY.

Best Day EverI’ve already talked about this one so, yeah I won’t do it again, but you can reread my thoughts on that topic right HERE.

On replay…The Nightmare Before Christmas. You know I remember when this first came out and I was WTF IS THIS DISNEY…but now? I can play it over and over again and I love it. I think I can sing almost all of it now! This is Halloween, This is Halloween…  😀


Totally loving…making all kinds of rice bowls!

Short and Sweet Tag.jpg

Rice bowl topped with ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, red peppers, chipotle dressing

It’s hard to feed just ME, so lately I’ve been throwing food on top of rice and calling it dinner. It works for me! At least it’s not takeout, right?

Never would have thought…I’d enjoy drinking BLACK COFFEE, but the Starbucks in Downtown Disney has Clover Coffee, and MAN OH MAN… it’s so good and not bitter? I wish there was a machine here in my area.

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Really enjoying…essences right now! I didn’t get the whole essence thing when they first came out, but boy, now that I’ve tried some that really work I am hooked people!

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Some Essence Waters I’m Loving

These two are pretty awesome ones that I picked up in California. And I also love the MIYU Beauty one that I reviewed yesterday. They’re all fantastic at adding a burst of moisture to just cleansed skin that I can’t live without now. I’ll do a more in-depth review of these two moisture morsels soon I promise.

Terrified of…High Blood Pressure? When I was at my yearly Neurologist appointment, she said my BP was high? And scared the crap outta’ me? So I went to my doc, and he said NO, you are FINE. My mama had high BP, so it’s something that scares me and I don[t want any part of it! It’s why I exercise almost every day.

HATE…that our Canadian Dollar is doing so poorly right now! Makes having a daughter going to a US College that more expensive…

Love the weather when… it’s cold and snowy! My favourite time of year is right now! I’m a January Baby, so sometimes I wonder if loving the winter and cold is just an automatic YES for us weirdos born in winter hahaha!

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Hoar Frost

 photo IMG_4297.jpg

Best age…is there one? I don’t think so. Just like I don’t believe in the whole Best Day thing too. You make your life what it is my friends…every day, every year can be the best one ever, hey? BE HAPPY. That’s what’s the best.

Regretting…making Marky do math HAHAHA…honestly the poor kid…she was horrible at it, and I’d have to tutor every night and MAN it was so frustrating to teach her! But I made her complete grade 11 level…just in case she needed it….and SHE DOESN’T in Disney’s college so I REGRET PUSHING HER to do something she’d never have to use.


No time for…cleaning?!! Baking?!! I’m so behind on everything and Marky is coming home today. I haven’t dusted or cleaned her room since she left late August. Gonna make Terry do it today because I CAN.  😛

Always hungry for…toast. Seriously, toast rules dudes. And my Zumba Buddy who is Dutch/German got me these and I didn’t think toast could get any better, but I was wrong hahaha!

 Short and Sweet Tag.jpg

Chocolate Sprinkles for toast!

Always ready to travel to…DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA of course! Easy answer. Going back in January actually. The American Border dudes always hassle Marky a bit, so we like to be there for her to say YA we be the parents here so…step off jerks. >:(

Short and Sweet Tag.jpg


So disgusting…pickled herring BLECHHHHHhhhh…it’s a Ukrainian Christmas traditional food and I just can’t!

Pushing myself to… do more moving around! I do Zumba as you know, but I want to move even more. I got a new FitBit and I love it. I am moving more because of it!

 photo IMG_4394.jpg

Really want to…Go to Iceland!

Kind of missing… my mama. She died at this time of year, so I have a hard time getting into the whole Christmas Spirit thing. When someone you love so dearly dies at this time of year, you kind of realize that Christmas is really just another day on the calendar.

Dancing to…my favourite Zumba Song is Megan Trainor’s Better When I’m Dancing! It makes me smile every time!

Happy Friday everyone! And one more thing:

 photo IMG_2788_1.jpg

Are you all ready for Christmas? We aren’t at all! Tree still isn’t up yet haha! Although, we don’t really put a whole lot of pressure on the whole Christmas thing. It’s more about spending some quality family time together for us! And that’s what we are gonna aim to do!

  • omg the people in the checkout lines who yell about the prices of things, especially this time of year. STOP. GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sometimes they give you stuff free if it’s marked wrong! Though the Sobeys here doesn’t even have a customer service desk.. like what? You have to yell at your cashier instead and hold up the line, argggggghhhhh.

    I’m not even done my Xmas shopping and money is tight 🙁 too bad I can’t give PR samples to everyone hahahah. Here, 5-year-old nephew, have some eyeliner!

    • RIGHT??!! LIKE WTF DUDE just whatever how much money you be losing, like a couple pennies?!!
      And hahaha, I know what you mean!

  • Amelia

    Markey is at a Disney college??? say whaaaaat (or am I just really not reading it correct lol). I hate shopping right now too..I gotta exchange something at Kingsway after work and I am already nervous to go. Iceland is beautiful, you must go:) and people who hassle about prices in line just KILL me ugh so annoying.

    • Yeah! It’s called CalARTS -Disney himself started it. He wanted a college where all the arts could collaborate under one roof and that’s what happens. And he wanted to train animators too. She’s taking Character Animation-the same program the like of John Lasseter creative ahead of Disney and Tim Burton took! They are alumni! Pretty much anybody who’s anybody in the animation industry went there, so hopefully she’ll be somebody someday too!

  • Carla

    Clover coffee! Life would be better if Starbucks hadn’t bought them out then decided not to expand their footprint… Transcend had a machine! Not sure if they still do but it was at the Garneau location.

    Where did your friend get those sprinkles? I would be the hero at my boyfriend’s family Christmas if I could bring some 🙂

    • TRUTH TURTH. And really??!! I need to go then thanks for that!
      She got them at K& K around Whyte? So sorry getting back to you so late I hope you have time to go still!

  • Funnnnnn! How do you keep up with rice? It takes so long to cook… how do you do it for one (that’s what it will be for me)?! And how are Amber and Noella?

    • The Slow cooker rocks for the rice! Always perfect you need one!
      And, that’s another story better left for another day….oh, and Amber is just Marky BFF, not Noella’s daughter actually-I think I didn’t clarify that enough in my post.

  • I love all the snoopy pictures! And I love that Megan Trainor song!! We have a dance to it in my Zumba class too! 🙂 Also, do you like the Raw Sauce? I mean, I’m assuming you do, but do you think its good for acne prone skin?

    • Thanks! ME TOO. I love how we bond over Zumba!
      And yes I love it-actually more than the Belif one. And I do-Marky has been using it and it’s been good! Doesn’t break her out at all! I say get the mini one first in the samples on the way to check out like I did at DL-best way to try it out first.

  • Yaaaaaay, you did the tag 😀 I feel you on the shopping chaos that’s happening at the moment. I did my groceries at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday and STILL the place was busy as fuck. As for the whole essence trend, unfortunately we haven’t picked up on that yet here. But I already know that once we do I’ll be alllll over it 🙂

    • I did! And right? Like WTF man…doesn’t anybody work during the holidays hahaha!
      Oh, it’s just starting to pick up speed here…you will love it! It’s just what your dehydrated skin needs I promise.

  • I soooo want to go to Iceland too. and year, shopping this time of year is INSANE! I really want to get a few things for myself in stores, but FORGET IT. ALSO I wanted to decorate my office room I share with a few people in Nightmare Before Christmas, BUT no one was on board with me! They thought it was “creepy!” 🙁

    • Iceland looks so freakin’ amazing….I’m going for sure some day.
      I want to decorate the house Nightmare Before Christmas some year…..ALL black and orange and stuff….I will do it some day!

  • k r i s t e n //

    I’m so glad Marky is coming home for Christmas! I’m so excited for you guys to spend the holidays together! I hope having her home will make it feel more Christmas-y even through remembering the loss of your mom around this time of year.
    Sending you much love and excellent blood pressure!

    • Thanks dude!! It will, she makes us smile. She’s such a good kid and we are so proud of her!
      Much love to you and your mom and J too! Happy Christmas lovely!

  • Lily

    Oh, I’m so happy for you that Marky’s home for Christmas 🙂 I saw this tag on Melissa’s blog as well, and already scheduled the tag to be up tomorrow. It sure is something different. Zumba or not, I love Meghan Trainor’s songs. So catchy.


    I LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas and the soundtrack, too! There is an alt version of the soundtrack that has modern bands covering it…it’s pretty fab. I think I’m gonna listen to it right now, LOL.

    And yay that Marky’s home!!! You must be so excited 🙂 Make all the foods! Also, I think it’s good that you taught her math, though! You need basic math skills to get through life, I think…money, interest rates, all that crap…and it teaches you logical thinking! Nobody needs to love it or rock it, but it’s good to have had the basics. You’re a fabulous momma!

    Also, dude, black coffee is it. I drink mine black every morning 😉 Frou frou drinks are a treat, hahaha. I like dark roasts, though, and I feel like everyone on the east coast drinks light/medium??? I can’t find dark roast at the store! WTF.

    And I like essences, too! The Laneige one is pretty good. That’s what I’ve got gong on right now. HAHAHAHA OK SORRY FOR THE ESSAYYYYYY.

    • That’s why I love you! Hahaha, man I love that movies so much! I made Terry watch it on the plane LOL!!

      YAAASSSS, all the happy! She came home all by her lonesome I’m so proud of her hahaha! Even had to change planes too!
      Yeah, It’s a good thing she had a mom that used algebra for a living is all I can say!

      I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT BLACK COFFEE WHY YOU NO TELL ME hahahaha! Yeah, east coasters are weenie about coffee-I remember my brother when he lived in NYC liking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee……WTF IS THAT.

      Laniege! I’m getting some to try and super excited! And never be sorry…I love you!

  • What a great post! I laughed at the maths thing, my mum pushed me to do it against my limited abilities and I have never ever needed it since. I can relate !