Miyu Beauty & Teas Hydrate From Within!

MIYU Beauty believes that Beauty Is A Lifestyle. I agree! 20% of skin ageing is inevitable and genetic and WILL happen to all of us. The other 80%  of ageing is lifestyle and environmentally driven. Things like UV exposure, poor diet, lack of sleep and stress all have an effect on our skin and can make us age a lot quicker.

Connie Tai, the founder of MIYU Beauty realized that her lifestyle was having a negative impact on the health of her skin when she was living in New York. Skin sensitivities and breakouts were plaguing her, so she started reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine. The whole philosophy that lifestyle affects our health and our skin made Connie realize that she could clear up her skin by making some lifestyle changes-inside and out.  So that’s what she did! Connie is a true pioneer in the “beauty from within” movement-the ultimate goal is to match what you do on the outside with what you do on the inside. Tea is an easy way to achieve beauty from within since it’s naturally full of antioxidants and skin loving ingredients already. And so, MIYU Beauty was created! We can all benefit from MIYU Beauty’s philosophies that skin is a mirror of your lifestyle, complexions are nurtured from within, and that the secret to everlasting beauty is happiness.  🙂

MIYU Beauty is developed for ALL skin types, as it takes into account what your lifestyle is like and not just what skin care woes you have. The products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic dyes and fragrance too and of course, cruelty-free as well. All of  MIYU skincare products contain three signature Chinese Beauty ingredients: green tea for skin protection, white peony for radiance and pearl for preservation of youth.

Miyu Beauty Hydrate MI Duo-Enhance Your Skin’s Ability to Retain Water ($42)

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Miyu Beauty Hydrate MI Duo

I’m pretty sure MIYU was the first North American company with an essence which is hugely popular in Asia and is just now starting to get popular here. MIYU Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence is a spray serum that hydrates, tones and gets your skin ready for moisturizer. Wild pansies boost hydration levels by 20% in 28 days, and goji berries and mangosteen will give your skin some serious antioxidant protection. I LOVE IT. It’s one of the BEST essences I’ve ever used. If you haven’t tried an essence yet, this is a great one to start with. It gives your skin this light and effective burst of moisture you will love. My skin just loves it and drinks it right up, and it gets rid of that tight feeling right away. And it smells SO good too-not overpowering at all. I get floral and tea notes and it’s very soothing and calming. You can also spray over your makeup as well for an instant refresh any time of the day. Fan for life!

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MIYU Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea

MIYU Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea is an antioxidant loaded blend of green rooibos, goji berries, rose petals and sweet snow pear. It’s fruity and I look forward to having a cup(or two  😛 ) every day!  Who knew fighting free radicals could be so delicious?! Plus you get Vitamin C from the berries which helps make more collagen!

MIYU Beauty also has another duo, the De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence and Tea that soothes stress-induced aggravations. I plan on ordering that duo for Marky, because the lack of sleep and stress is showing up on her skin big time right now, poor thing. I feel so sorry for her! But mama can help get her skin all better over Christmas Holiday thanks to MIYU Beauty!

Do stress and poor lifestyle choices show up on your skin? I think they do for all of us! 


  • Right, so I’m gonna have to find a way to get my hands on this. That tight feeling you mention? I haz it! Despite being such a friggin’ oil slick my skin always feels tight and about to crack open when temperatures drop 🙁

    • Ok, you need to get some essences dude and I’d be HAPPY TO HELP. SHOOT ME AN EMAIL.

      • I am returning to La Suisse tonight, so I’ll get back to ya soon! Things have been kinda hectic these past two weeks, but prepare to be shot with that email soon!

  • I’m upping my tea consumption again but I’m sticking to green tea and anything with cinnamon in it. Keeps me warm 🙂

    • Hahaha, you know, I need to find a green tea I like…I always get all BLECH about them…I’m really just an Earl Grey Girl most days to be honest-which green tea do you like?

  • That’s some gorgeous packaging!

  • That packaging is so pretty! Sometimes the extra steps in skincare make me feel like T_T, but often I can see a difference, so ya know, whatever works. I’m not a fan of rooibos, but I try to get soothing chamomile and peppermint and stuff like that.

    • I know what you mean! Lately I’ve been using these essences and man, they’ve made a diff so I’ll keep at it now.
      Me too, I don’t usually care for rooibos teas, I find them so woody, but this one isn’t!

  • Lily

    That packaging is so feminine and so delicate! I think I about this brand a while ago, and again, it’s not available here. I love tea though. I drink all sorts of Chinese tea (there are thousands!) and since my in laws love their tea, I get to mooch off some really expensive ones from them too. Hahahaha!

    • The packaging is so pretty I agree. I think they ship worldwide though!
      LUCKY YOU!

      • Lily

        Nah even if they ship worldwide, our customs are way too unpredictable. I’ve been receiving emails from local readers saying their stuff have been confiscated. Then I read certain local blogs that say they got their stuff imported. I’ll just stick to what’s available locally. Too risky!