I just Can’t With This Crap Anymore I Will Take You Down

Avoid the “Holiday Bitch Face” is the title of an email I just got and I’m so DONE. DONE. Here’s the email in full text-no editing, because WHY shouldn’t I share this BULL CRAP with the world of blogging, the internet, and people who read blogs? Now everyone can see the crap I can’t take anymore.

Don’t get caught with a “Holiday Bitch Face” this holiday season. The Holidays are very stressful for many and the bitchy resting face is a common cause of family drama if you are caught looking annoyed or angry. Can Botox and fillers allow the face to appear more approachable and friendly? Will cosmetic procedures cause the face to freeze?

Andrew Miller, board certified plastic and cosmetic surgery with practices in New York City and New Jersey, states, “People may think you are a snob and while some people enjoy that feeling, the average person will not want to give up their social life just for a few lines on the face.” Dr. Andrew Miller can discuss the best ways to fix this problem and still allow plenty of facial movement by using Botox and fillers to correct the bitchy resting face.

Please let me know when you would like to speak with Dr. Andrew Miller and how he perfects the perfect face.

HERE’s My Response Email I sent:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! How about you guess what face I’m wearing right now?!!! OH-it’s my BITCH FACE.


Cheers! Tracy@Beauty Reflections

Hey, I always sign my emails with CHEERS… 😀  It’s my signature… and it works for every email response, am I right? Even this one. #mymadnessworksIswear

AND??!! SHE JUST ANSWERED ME:Relax – life is too short…. really…. Michelle

Hey Dr. Miller, and your asshole PR Michelle, you got the WRONG blogger dudes…WTF MAN. Just WTF WTF. WHO…tell me WHO decided this approach was a good idea??!!! YOU? You f##king piece of man crap that steals money from women, telling them it’s not ok to age gracefully, ruining their beautiful faces with your needles and lies…or you Michelle….you are a WOMAN….HOW WAS THIS APPROACH OK WITH YOU??!!! You need to hand in your female card dude….you are not welcome as one of us anymore. Women like you are the reason why we can’t get pay equality and respect in the workforce. NEVER EVER email me again.

AND I am done….DONE….no more bullshit PR are allowed to contact me….do not even try jerks…unless you are someone I know and work with all the time? DON’T EVEN TRY to contact me. Please. Unless you want to end up here with me berating you for all to see. Let this be a lesson to all PR reading this post: Don’t mess with a woman going through menopause… I will take you down if it’s the last thing on earth I do….in my PYJAMAS TOO.

Hey…I’m not the biggest beauty blogger out there…I don’t get a lot of high end stuff…and you know, that’s not why I do this. I do this to HELP people be smart….not tell them to BUY everything…and listen to assholes like this jerk….and yeah, this post? Might make me get less stuff to blog about…but I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.


Got any words to add to this…THIS?? I just WOW. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to quit blogging….and it’s also the stuff that makes me roll up my sleeves, take another sip of wine and say: MAKE MY DAY MOTHER EFFER. MAKE. MY. DAY.

  • Anat13

    Ok, you are the most awesome person EVER! 🙂

  • Anat13

    Also, Michelle is stupid at PR and shouldn’t be allowed to talk to customers.

  • Eyeshadow Addict


  • Kristi C.

    There are NO words! Wow, just WOW! And well written response on your part!

    • I just couldn’t believe it and like HELL I was not gonna tell them off! My Ukrainian Kozak blood can’t let this kind of BS go!

  • Vivella

    Well said!

  • Sheer stupidity!

  • Kudos to you for saying what most of us are thinking when we get BS like this in our inbox.

  • Man the harpoon .. jeesh bitchy holiday resting face.. you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Lily

    Hahahaha Tracy. I’m sorry I’m laughing so hard when you’re so cheesed off but you are totally awesome! Dude, I have a bitchy resting face since I could remember. I’m born with it! And proudly wearing it. Approach with care.

    • LOL hahahaha thanks Lily!! SAME. I have one and passed it on to Marky….and she LOVES IT TOO. 😛

  • Catherine Urbanski

    It is nothing more than a cheesy doctor trying to make a fbuck using the holidays as an excuse. I happen to ADORE my bitch face. ’nuff said!

  • Toya

    Bahahahahaha!!!!! That gave me the biggest laugh, Tracy!! Right ON!!! I got that email too, and I was also like ‘WTF dude?’ but I’m not as badass as you to tell them as much. A-MAZE-BALLS.

  • I’m sorry but I LAUGHED super hard at this. WHAT, pray tell, is wrong with having a holiday (and non-holiday) bitch face? YOU ARE AWESOME.

  • France Savard


    • Right? I was literally screaming at the computer-my poor hubby had to listen to me rant for a couple of hours hahaha!

  • got this email, looked at it.. laughed. deleted.

  • Received this email and laughed out loud. Then I looked at Dr. Andrew Miller’s photo and laughed even more that someone who looks like him has the nerve to tell women to botox their Bitch face (and suggest pepole give their mates plastic surgery to look better as a Valentines gift)
    Thanks for expressing how ridiculous this pitch was.

    • LOL hahahaha
      I just couldn’t believe it when I read it! I couldn’t let it go without a response.

  • I wish I’d received this email so I could yell at them. How stupid, and her response is idiotic. How is she in PR?! I get some weird pitches but nothing like this. Way to insult women as a whole and reinforce beliefs that women must always look happy.

  • Thank you for posting this!! I saw this in a Facebook group and it’s AWFUL. Her response is especially awful. Like seriously “life is too short” ???? WHAT???

    • She’s HORRIBLE and she told another blogger that she was too negative! This woman needs to be taken down!

  • That is absolutely ridiculous! And I loved your response. It takes some guts to reply like that but I am proud of you!

  • Even creepier is the frozen taxidermy NJ trophy wife sitting in a lower, subliminally submissive position as the example of his work in his Twitter profile pic @plasticsdocs

  • Angela

    That is unreal, Tracy! Good for you for speaking up about how ridiculous that was.

  • A FUCKING MEN. I also sent her an e-mail in total shock and she basically told me I was too negative and I should just delete it next time. Maybe yes, but like… someone’s got to point out how stupid and insulting that pitch is.

    • We ALL should point out how stupid it was so good for you! If we all did, then this crap might stop. MAYBE.

  • Everything about this is so spot on. I got this pitch, laughed, removed myself from their list (that I definitely don’t want to be on) and hit delete. Who has time for these ridiculous pitches and people who clearly can’t take 5 seconds to think something through before they hit send?

    • I just couldn’t let it go and HAD to let her have it. If I ever get something from her or that douche nozzle again I’m gonna flip a table HAHAHA.

  • This is funny but too much of stupidity for us to take.
    I feel bad for the doc (unless he has anything to do with approving this stupid PR pitch in some way). And the nerve of that PR! Unbelievable. -_-+

  • Liz

    Man, I sooooo don’t miss this stuff. And you might disagree but I find the beauty industry’s push for anti-aging to be almost as bad. I just really hate all of it now. Except for the colouring because that’s still fun, lol.

  • I will watch it for sure thanks!