L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

What happens when you get a pastry chef to create fragrances??!!


L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

L'Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances.jpg

L’Occitane Limited Edition Pierre Hermé Fragrances

Olivier Baussan(Mr. L’Occitane, incase you didn’t know 😀 ) invited his friend, pastry chef Pierre Hermé, to compose a collection of scents for L’OCCITANE. Which is OH so COOL, but first, I have to show you one of my favourite YouTube videos ever on how to pronounce L’OCCITANE-and you’ll get to see Monsieur Baussan tell us the meaning and how to properly say it!

Man, I wish I had a friend that was a pastry chef! Can you imagine?!! I’d probably weigh 300 pounds though HAHAHA! These fragrances are more living memories of the lands of the Mediterranean and the Island of Corsica so loved by both men, and not so much about….PASTRY… 😛  which makes me happy, yet makes my inner(slightly, well LOTSLY outer) fat kid SAD hahahahaha……   😀 😀

Wait, WAIT. You don’t know who Pierre Hermé is?! He’s only been called the Picasso of Pastry! He’s kind of the KING of macarons, been baking since he was 14 years old, helped with the expansion of Ladurée(yes THAT Ladurée YUMMM) into a chain of luxury pastry shops, and now has his own brand name Pierre Hermé Paris which is all over Europe and Asia.

Ok, let’s get back to the limited edition fragrances he created for L’Occitane! The first one is called L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Paris Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette($65):

L'Occitane Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette.jpg

L’Occitane Pamplemousse(Grapefruit) Rhubarb Eau de Toilette

I know…this combination is kind of WHAT and WHY, right? Especially RHUBARB…I love rhubarb and have fond memories as a child walking around the backyard eating it raw…but dipping it in a glass of SUGAR you guys because…HOOOOOOoooooWEE…it’s SOUR! It was a triple-dog-dare to get a kid to take a bite of raw rhubarb without sugar in our neighbourhood! And, I mean, we’re talking grapefruit too which is bitter as well, and then it’s mixed with Rhubarb which is UBER bitter?!! NO is what I thought. But, here’s Pierre’s reasoning for the pairing:

“A quivering accord that tantalizes the nose – and the taste buds… Citrus fruit clarity merges with Rhubarb sharpness.”

And it WORKS, by gosh by gum by golly! When you spray L’Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarb Eau de Toilette, you get a whole lot of grapefruit…and you can even smell the bitter, white of the inner skin I swear. Then it becomes more green and crisp thanks to the Rhubarb-who’d of thunk? And then it’s all anchored with some spicy cedar, so it’s a spicy scent with a tinge of bitter…like ME hahahahahaha   😛   I love it! It’s so different and I know it sounds like a summer fragrance, but it’s really not. The cedar makes it oh so cold weather appropriate. Sniff this one please!

And last, but not least there’s L’Occitane Pierre Hermé Paris Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette($65):

L'Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette.jpg

L’Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette

I just AHHHHHHHhhhhhh with this one! It’s so PERFECT.

“Luminous, angelic, sensual… The Jasmine-Immortelle-Neroli floral fragrance is both innocent and heady.”

If you love Neroli like I love Neroli, then you NEED this. Sure, there’s jasmine, but this master pastry chef Pierre Hermé balances that sweetness with some lemon and Orange Blossom. And then he adds the scent of Immortelle which is woodsy and mysterious, just like the magical flower that is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in L’Occitane skincare. But that whiff of Neroli shmexxxxy…that amazing buttery yet flowery scent that takes it over the top… LOVE. LOVE. LOVE L’Occitane Jasmine Immortelle Neroli Eau de Toilette!

Now, these are Eau de Toilettes, so the lasting power is a couple of hours…like about 4 hours I’d say? But they are so lovely and worth it. Plus, if you want to prolong the longevity of the scent, you can buy shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, etc., to extend that wear time and OH YEAH…I plan on it….next week in fact!

Have you been so lucky to experience these amazing scents yet? If not…I urge you to find your nearest L’Occitane and SMELL people….  🙂

Happy Friday everyone!! We got a skiff of snow here yesterday and of course, everyone loses their minds and forgets how to drive when there is snow on the roads, which amazes me every year. Like WHY. All I can say is that I am so blessed to not have to endure any early morning commutes anymore…and heck…I’ve paid my dues having to drive all the way downtown for 6 years my friends, so I remember those 1.5 hour drives come snowfall! I hope the weekend is warmer here, and think it will be actually! I tell you, having the heat on in the house annoys menopausal me…I swear I get a hot flash every time the furnace turns on and I don’t LIKE IT.  😛



  • Lily

    Urgh, I really wish there’s a L’Occitane near me. I adore their stuff! But if I remembered correctly, they have an online shop here. Teehee! I’ll go have a look now 🙂

    • LOL Lily haha! It’s not that close to my house either…which is good otherwise I’d be in there all the time!

  • lol i watched the pronounciation video a while ago and i’ve been saying it wrong too! im liking the grapefruit one for sure. not sure i smell the rhubarb though but i like that one better than the neroli

  • Jasmine and Neroli, I’m sold! My husband keeps pronouncing it wrong, it drives me insane ‘L’okitane’ Grrrrr

  • rachlovespenguins

    I really need to get my hands on the grapefruit rhubarb one- two of my favourite scents!
    The weather people say we might be in for a few flurries this weekend, so I’m sure that the quality of driving here will be insanely stupid as well. I don’t understand. We always have snow in the winter. This is not new. Really people, WHY ARE YOU NOT USED TO IT BY NOW?!? Geesh.

    • You’d love it! And I just don’t get it with people and winter driving…like WTF DUDES.

  • Oh, I’m so intrigued to try the Jasmine Immortelle-Neroli (I wish the name was just one word, though)!
    L’Occitane actually does perfume very well, I think. Their scented body oil is one of my favorites, too. 🙂

  • They send me this entire bloody collection and the postman FORGOT to give me a slip to pick it up. They called me 2 days ago “hey, we still have a package here that’s almost been here a month, we’re suppose to send it back so can you pick it up?”. Turns out to be this entire collection, sitting there.. GAH!! So yeah, tonight I’m spraying that rhubarb one all over my fucking sheets to get ahead of my testing.

    I can’t imagine how lovely that smells, bitter/sour.. grapefruit.. citrus.. rhubarb.. Yeh that’s me 😀
    Oh and I can’t just find 1 ultimate pick for you know secret article, I got too many. We’ll have to pick of gather them up hehe.

    • NOOoooo JERK POST MAN!!
      You will love that one I think! It’s my fave of the two!
      LOL hahaha give em ALL to me then hahaha!

  • Sounds GOOOOOOOOD :-O

  • I love watching/listening to people trying to pronounce things. I find it so funny when they switch letters around or add some in that aren’t even there, lol!
    Both of these scents sound wonderful!

    • Me too haha it’s the best!
      They really are and I hope you get a chance to take a sniff!

  • I’ve definitely been pronouncing it wrong this time whole 🙂 Haha such a cute video. The fragrances sound lovely!

    • LOL hahaha well now you know! I’m glad I could help! 😉
      I hope you get to sniff them!

  • Eugenia

    OMG! I totally remember going into my best friend’s garden when we were little, plucking rhubarb stems right out of the ground and washing them at the hose, then daring each other to try and eat them without sugar!!! I really really like both of these new scents (and you already know how the wrong scent can trigger an instant 3-day migraine with me) – and that neroli one? Heaven!

  • I really want to try these 2 scents, they sound amazing. I’m big rhubarb fan (rhubarb jam forever!) so the Grapefruit-Rhubarb one sounds really intriguing!

  • BooBooNinja

    Dude, I used to work in a French bakery… all those buttery croissants, fancy pastries… mmmmmmmmm